Limitless Love:

Neither time nor distance can stop love; we are together forever through it.


Haruhi sighed as she watched Tamaki give his famous puppy dog face. There was just no way of telling him no. "Fine," she replied.

"Really Haruhi!" he questioned jumping up and down with excitement. She gave him a smile.

The twins came up behind Haruhi, each wrapping an arm around her from behind "What's the lord so happy about?" they wondered looking at him with great interest.

"I said yes," she replied.

"What! Haruhi," they questioned, "Haruhi, you know how the lord is…," the twins pointed out to her in unison.

"I know, but he used those eyes," she pointed out. They noted this and nodded in unison.

"Well, then," Hikaru began, "I'll go too,"

Tamaki turned stopping his happy moment to look at the twins. Haruhi blinked, "Okay,"

"Me too," Kaoru stated, and then the rest of the gang said so as well. The shadow king had begun making the arrangements. Tamaki smiled. Though he was a bit sad he wouldn't be alone with Huruhi. He had just recently understood his feelings for his daughter. He was falling in love with her. He hoped this would be an opportunity for him to see if Huruhi might sharing so of those feelings, but he was happy if she was.

Haruhi loved horse back riding, deciding to come; instead of studying was a great idea. She was glad Tamaki invited her. She smiled at the other guys. She was happier because everybody else had decided to come as well. Tamaki was surprisingly, an amazing rider. Hikaru and Kaoru rode side by side. Hunny rode with Mori so he could eat his cake. Kyoya opted to just watch.

She smiled at them and the view. It was a lovely day. The sun's rays warmed her pale skin, the blue skies brighten the world, and the beautiful flowers were blooming. Then suddenly she heard a crack sound. Her horse jumped up for a moment, she held on tight as it took off running. Haruhi tried to calm it down, but it wouldn't. Tamaki looked over, Hikaru and Kaoru tried to come to her rescue. The horse galloped swiftly across the fields.

"Hold on," Tamaki shouted. He then kicked his horse and went after her. "Hikaru and Kaoru cut her off," he told them. His white stallion running at the fast pace it could.

"Yes Lord," they replied taking off to find a fast way to the front of the horse. Mori and Hunny rode in pursuit as well. Kyoya was checking his map, to see where she was going. He called the King.

"Kyoya, this isn't the time," Tamaki told him.

"There is a cliff nearby," he replied simply, hanging up. The host king froze for a moment, but then determination hit him. He kicked his horse again.

The twins had managed to get in front of Haruhi. Tamaki came swiftly behind trying to grab the reigns. Half his body was off the horse as he lunged forward. He missed his target, instead was greeted by the ground. He tried to get up again, but a pain had taken over his arm. He looked to see Haruhi was nearing the cliff.

Mori had mange to catch the horse by the reigns. He gave them a firm yank, stopping the wild brown mare. "Haruhi," Tamaki said in shock. She could of…if Mori hadn't…she could of…I couldn't. Pain hit him even harder, but it wasn't the pain from his broken arm.

"Senpai," Haruhi called. Kyoya had run over to his aid. Everyone was getting off their horses heading to his side. Tamaki stood up, cradling his arm. Haruhi tried to help him, but he pushed her away, tears in his eyes. She was surprised as she watched him grab his horse and walk back.

"Tamaki," she whispered she started to run to him.

Kyoya held her back, "leave him be," he commanded.

"But," Kaoru began, "Lord…is,"

"He needs to be alone," he told them. After that day, Tamaki went back to his normal self, yet Haruhi could sense he seemed a little sad. Nobody would know for the longest time what had upset him.

The year Tamaki and Kyoya graduated she knew nothing would ever be the same. They were in the music room and this was the last day everyone would be together. Well, at least in the music room, anyhow. Haruhi was pretty sure she wasn't getting get rid of all them, especially the twins and Tamaki. Tamaki, she smiled fondly. She almost lost him once, when he almost left with THAT girl! She still doesn't know if she was jealous. She never really understood the feeling of jealousy. So how would she know?

"Oh Huruhi," Tamaki exclaimed as he hugged her from the side. "Oh you poor child, what shall you do without me and mom," he questioned. Kyoya just gave a small smile. He then went back to calculating a few things for the last event. It was pretty pricey, but it was what the King wanted.

Kaoru and Hikaru pushed their lord away, each taking a side of Haruhi. "Haruhi," they said in unison, "Yes, what will do without our lord and Kyoya," they leaned in close to her face. She was slightly annoyed, "I think," Hikaru began looking at Tamaki. He kissed her cheek. Tamaki began to loose it, exclaiming that it was his daughter. He was not happy to be leaving her behind with THEM. "Well think of something" Kaoru added kissing her other cheek. She just rolled her eyes, as Tamaki began to try to pull his hair out. She then smiled a small sad smile. No more Tamaki and his antics, some would think she should be relieved, but she would honestly miss him. His mood swings and all.

"Oh bothersome," she walked away from the twins and hug Tamaki. Shocking everyone, except Kyoya who just gave another smile, "I'll miss you too," she hugged him.

"Oh Haruhi," he shrilled with happiness hugging her back. Then Hikaru and Kaoru joined. Then all the guys joined, along with new host club members who were going to take over the old ones spot. Haruhi was going to be in charge of course, nobody trust the twins to be in charge.

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