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Limitless Love

Ununlimited Choas in the Beauty

Two Year Later:

Eric looked up at the plane with a sigh. He really was leaving everything behind, Chelsea and Misty both. He had loved Chelesa as a childhood love, but someone once told him you could have many loves, but only one true love. That girl was Misty, he just didn't realize it. Poor Misty…he been such a fool. You can't go back into the past. No matter how much was the same between him and Chelesa, one factor changed everything: Misty. He had fallen in love with her, but hadn't realized it because he had been too set on getting something he never really had in the first place. Chelsea and him had thought it was love, but after all this chasing around, all he could think was how much he ignored the one person who gave her his life fully. Misty had found him when he was completely lost, she was the one who held him when things were falling part, but she would also wrap her arms around him when things were great or completely boring. Now they would never be together. Never.

Just as he was about to board the plane, he heard a loud shrill scream. As he turned, he saw Misty trying to break from security.


"Eric," The security guards let her go, and she ran up him. "Don't go! Don't, please!"

"Misty, I…"

"Please…I love you."

"You what?" Bright violet eyes widened in shock, looking into her brown ones.

"I love you. You are a complete jerk at times, but I love you…I don't know what is going on between you and Chelsea, but…I…" She grabbed his arm. "I won't just let you run, if you can't choose. I won't…I need you -even if you are with someone else. I need you near."

"Misty," he ran a hand through her brown locks. "I love you too." A bright smile beamed on her face, as tears poured down her cheeks.

Haruhi shut off the T.V. and glanced over to her boyfriend. He looked a little nervous about something, which was an understatement for him. He was biting his nails, his violet eyes moved side to side, "Just tell me. What is you want to ask?"

Tamaki retreated towards a corner becoming white. Haruhi just sighed. She was used to his antics. She walked over to him putting a hand on his shoulder then leaned in to kiss him on the cheek. "Tell me what I want to know."

He pulled a small box from his pocket. Then he turned around looking at her with puppy eyes and propped himself up on one knee. She gasped as she opened it.

"Marry me?" Haruhi wasn't sure how to approach this situation. She knew what she wanted to say, but wasn't sure how to say it. Most girls would shrill in joy, but she was not like most girls, so she had no clue. She knew she have to answer soon, because Tamaki was starting to look seriously upset, heartbroken. She took the hand that held the box and grasped it as she gazed into his eyes.

"Yes," she finally answered calmly, though she hadn't felt like that at all. He gazed up at her, making sure he heard her right. Screw being in character, "YES!" she screamed as she fell into his arms. He simply smiled and held her. It had turned out much better than expected.

Haruhi let her hair loose as well as her collar as she walked down the street. Work was done for work for the day. She had landed a job as an intern for a well known attorney in the area. She mainly studied him while she assisted him with his cases. It would only be a couple more years, and then she would be able to be a lawyer herself. It was a difficult task by itself, and dating a movie star and model didn't make it any easier, especially if that person was Tamaki Suoh. However, she wouldn't want it any other way.

Now she was off to go see her friend, Arisa who was the head of a small chain of coffee shops. The place was well-known in the city for its service and great variety of coffee. It had everything, including variety of instant coffees. Oddly enough, Tamaki wasn't the only one who had a fondness of it. So even though it was mainly to appease the blonde, it had done great service for the black haired woman.

Tamaki had much more to do with her coffee shops than that. He had helped train many of the servers. Teaching them some techniques he used in the host club, mainly flirtatious ones. He also helped teach them to get along with different personalities and to respect space. Although, Haruhi couldn't see how he could teach something he never learned himself.

She walked into the back entrance of the place, and glanced at the main area. It was completely full as usual, and outside the front door Haruhi was more than sure there was a long line of people waiting to get in.

Arisa always hated crowded shops, so she only allowed so many customers in at a time. This made the place seem spacious and comfortable, even at full capacity, which it always was. It was not a place for a quick visit at all. Even if you tried you couldn't leave quickly; the sweets would do you in.

Hunny and Mori both had shipped several goods specifically for the shops. There were some deserts that could only be obtained by buying a coffee there. While the two men made lots of sales through Arisa's investment, several of their deserts were free for customers. It had made people come back, time again and again.

If the sweets didn't take you over, the service would. Your coffee arrived in a time;y manner, of course, while waiting you could eat the sweets. If you requested, you could have one of the servers keep you company.

The uniforms had been designed by the twins. The women wore black pants or skirts, (which ever they preferred) along with a silky green shirt with little black hearts; the coffee shop logo on their left breast traced in silver. While the men wore black pants with blue sleeveless shirts with little black roses, some of them wore black jackets with the logo outlined in silver. They appeared somewhat casual, while being able to be identified by everyone.

Haruhi went over to where the offices were located, finding Arisa on the phone, "No, Sharon you can't do that, it's illegal. I don't care how much you want to see him shirtless, it still doesn't make it legal to stalk him. What do you mean its not stalking?" As she looked up to see Haruhi standing in the doorway, she waved her in. "Listen I got to go, Haruhi's here. Uh no, I'm not putting her on the phone." The black haired girl hung up on her.

"I see she's still causing problems as usual."

"Of course. Although ever since she got that new roommate things have been worse. I can't believe there is actually someone who is more of a fangirl then she is."

"That is a pretty horrible fate for this world."

"Yes, it is…so what brings the lovely Haruhi to my humble office?"

"Well…do you have something to restrain Sharon with?"

"Naturally, why?" Arisa raised an eyebrow examining Haruhi to see what she could possibly be talking about.

"Because you are going to need it when she sees this," The brunette put her hand right in Arisa's face trying to not blush.

The black haired woman grabbed her hand, looking down at the small but very expensive diamond on an even more expensive platinum band.

"He proposed!" Her jaw dropped looking at it. "It's so…beautiful!"

"Yes, it is." Haruhi admitted looking at it for the fiftieth time that day. "And it isn't too flashy at all…I must admit my idiot made a good choice at picking the ring out. I wonder…" She pointed a finger up in the air in thoughtful gesture, "if he had help."

"Yeah, that is great and all Haruhi but…," The brunette looked up to her friend.

"But what?"

"Is this what you want?"

"What do you mean?"

"To get married when you are so close to starting your career. You would have to deal with the stress of the wedding preparations."

"Well…actually I'm sure I would get plenty of help on that. Most of it unwanted of course, but I would have plenty."

"Yeah, but what about once you are married? Could you put up with Tamaki all the time?"

"I would have my work; it would give me a break."

"What if you get pregnant?"

"Oh?" Haruhi stopped. She really had never thought of that. Sitting down, she stared at the diamond.

"I'm not trying to ruin your moment, but I think if you asked him to wait he would." Arisa came from behind her desk to sit next to her and patted her back.

"I know but…" she looked up to the woman "I…would you have told Kyoya no?"

"I…No." She admitted.

"I wanted to say no at first, really it seemed so unreal, but I…I love him. I really do and we've been together for two years. And I know he really cares about me, he has gotten better at listening to me. When he purposed to me it was a little romantic but not overly. He purposed while watching Limitless Love."

"Oh my goodness, you are going through with it, aren't you?"

"What?" Haruhi hadn't realized she zoned out.

"Look at you! You are some love sick girl!"

"Oh my gosh, I shouldn't commit, I should be committed." The female business owner laughed.

"What's so funny?" Sharon asked, and then grabbed Haruhi's hand. "Ah! He proposed!" The brunette checked her hearing while the blonde jumped up and down for joy. "Oh can I try it on?" She stopped moving to stare at it with great envy.

"No!" both girls exclaimed.

"Who says you are even invited?" Haruhi asked.

"What!? But I have to be!" Sharon began to pitch a fit.

"Okay! Okay! You are invited."

"Tamaki you can't be serious!" Lionel began to twirl around in circles.

"Oh my dear friend, I am! I am quitting this life to be with the loveliest lady in the whole world!"

"What I am going to do?"

"Work for me, of course! I'll need some one with your skills to help with the new severs. Yes indeed! It will be so much fun!" He clapped his hands in a fit of joy.

"Are you sure you're ready to quit, even if Haruhi doesn't marry you?" Kyoya asked, presenting himself in Tamaki's spacious apartment.

"Kyoya, what are you doing here?"

"Oh, I came to see you."

"Oh mother, I missed you." Then the blonde proceed to attack Kyoya with a hug. "Haruhi IS going to marry me. She said yes."

"Yes, but I will let you know women change their minds all the time. Even one such as Arisa does it about 3 or 4 times daily. So even a woman as steady as Haruhi could still change her mind on such issue, especially since it involves being in the way of her dreams."

Haruhi's jaw dropped at the sight before her, there were balloons, streamers, and flowers all of the café.

"Did you?" Kaoru put an arm on her shoulder.

"You think that you…," Hikaru took her other side.

"Get away without an engagement party!" Yoko was in front of her, a bright smile. She was starting to show a little.

"Uh…," Haruhi had no clue what she just gotten herself into. Hunny had a big grin, splattered with cake crumbs, and his was gripping on to a cart with a huge cake. Mori stood behind him.

"No Tamaki didn't plan this," Kyoya stated adjusting his glasses.

"We did," Arisa stated with Sharon standing behind her.

"You two!" The former host girl was more shocked that Arisa had helped, Sharon wasn't a surprise at all.

"Haruhi! My darling!" Tamaki exclaimed coming in the shop, "Who created such a masterful party."

"Tamaki!" Sharon squealed attacking him.

"Ah dear sister, you are taking my breath quiet literally."

"Sorry big brother! I just haven't seen you in such awhile."

"Yes, you all will be seeing me more often." He looked over Haruhi, then to everyone, "I'm going to quit my acting career completely and only do photo shots near by!"

Haruhi just looked over to him, and everyone was just as in shock.

"Cake!" Hunny held up a plate to Haruhi. This brought everyone out of their state.

"Oh Haruhi…," Kaoru began.

"We brought more…," the other twin added.

"Dresses and makeup," Yoko finished with a grin, "Oh, I wanted to show you the clothing designs for the baby."

Haruhi gazed over at her fiancé, then towards her friends. My life is about to get turned upside down again, isn't it?

Author's Note: Okay, not a perfect epilogue, I may revise it later, be honest with me people how disappointed are you in the last chapters…hmm. I need to know if I need to revise it. Anyhow that epilogue probably is bumpy. It took a lot longer expected to, my editor helped me a lot on this project!

I'm pretty sure there is going to be a sequel! The writer is my editor for last couple chapters, who was a big help on this stuff! Though, I'll be supervising it, someone else is going to write it, I'm sure if I wrote it would be horrible, since this story went a tad downhill. I think it ended alright, I think just the last chapter and epilogue weren't very good. The revisions of the other chapters were pretty good.

So what is everyone's favorite chapter? Mine was Chapter 3, I just love bringing Tamaki in that way.

Can you feel the love tonight?: I do plan on finishing it, so I'll look at it hopefully this weekend. Yes, I will try to give it more attention, but everyone was wanting to finish this, instead of working on that one.

I suppose people are wondering about the new story well…I'm started it, but I guess I need to select an editor, please remind me if you wish, if you were thinking about editing for me.

Original Character Profiles

Dolls of original characters, can be emailed or hopefully will be posted on livejournal. My penname is Estellestafford and they are under my scarpbook in a gallery label :Limitless Love, of course.


A fangirl through and through, she goes through phases of stars. Of course, her Tamaki phase seemed to last quiet awhile, though she liked other stars in between. After Tamaki and Haruhi got together she is currently obsessed with another famous person. Her persona can get on anyone's nerves considering she is a lot like Tamaki, only worse in some ways. She does get depressed easily in the same Tamaki does, and she freaks out quiet easily. Cheerfulness and clingyness seem to be her strongest traits. She has a good heart, and isn't as stupid as she appears, having the ability to read her friends pretty well. She typical wears bright clothing, some what fashionable, though she is just into to cute things.

Love Life:

Really little is known about her love life that is something she is surprisingly not very opened about. It is rumored that she had been in love with one of her brother's friends, and got hurt pretty badly, making her retreat her hometown.

She is originally from a small town in Missouri. She has an older brother, an older sister and younger sister. She was raised by her mother, and spent most of her life there, until one day she decided to move to the city to go school. Not being a very tough person, she had a hard time, but Arisa helped her through it.

She is currently living with a roommate, who seems to be her twin in personality, only she is worse.


A very wise woman for her age, yet a little bitter towards life and love, she is strong willed. Sharon makes her see life a little brighter. Though the girl does get on her nerves, she really cares for her, though she doesn't always show it.

Love Life: Her heart was broken at age seventeen by an older man who was only using her. Then she dated a couple of other guys, but found she preferred being single until she meet Kyoya.

Former Home Life:

Arisa grew in a city much similar to where she is living now. Her mother had abandoned her and she wasn't adopted until she was 12. After that she grew up four brothers, a mother and a father. This explains why she is kind of rough around the ages.

Her dream was to own her business. She just didn't what until she started working for a coffee shop while supporting her self in college.

She currently owns a chain of coffee ships and is dating Kyoya. She lives alone, but many speculate that won't be for much longer.

Alice Cannon:

Clever and witty, but very much a lady, she lives in the high class world with her own style. She is nice, a little manipulative, and easily gets involved in things she shouldn't.

Love Life: Being an actress she has several boyfriends, Tamaki breaks her heart, though her feelings weren't as serious as she thought. She gets engaged the next year.

Former Home Life:

Alice grew up in a normal family. She always loved acting from the first time she got to be on stage at age five. It only seemed natural that she was going to be a star someday. To her it was just a matter of when.


Sweet and full of life, she is very observant which sometimes is her problem. She usual does what her family wants and the only thing she ever really wanted for herself was to be a model and there was a little resistance from her family.

Love Life: Of course, she is Hikaru's wife, but before that Yoko had a couple boyfriends that her family set her up, but nothing was serious until she meet Hikaru.

Former Home Life:

She grew in a world of money. She has two parents who are a bit controlling, but she loves them dearly. Sometimes making it hard for her to tell them no, when she doesn't agree with them.


She is married to Hikaru and living with him in a nice house in the United States.


A man who panics easily because he wants everything perfect.

Love Life: Do you really want to know? He was married once, but his divorce is part of the reason for his obsession. She left him because he always forgot things, though there were more reasons then that. That was the one that stuck with him.

Former Home Life:

He grew up in France.

Current: He is still working for Tamaki only now he is helping him train new servers for the Arisa's coffee shop.