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Chapter Three: Class

The semester was about to end soon, and we were all going to change classes. Before I looked down my paper, I glanced over to Naruto. I wonder what classes he's taking. It's been a couple of months getting to know Naruto. And come to realize, he isn't such a bad character.

He was a friendly person, who was willing to include anyone to whatever events. I still don't know him that well but we were more than simple classmates, I guess you can say we became more acquainted with each other. So long he doesn't bother me within my studies I am fine.

As I looked down the sheet of paper, I noticed that only two of my classes changed. I now have gym class and was a student helper for the library. I don't have health class this semester. It was the only class I had with Naruto. I don't know why, but inside I was hoping that I would still be in his class. In a way, he brightens the mood of the classroom and it wasn't always as stressful. He made everything look fun and easy.

I shrugged my shoulders and gave a sigh. Why did I care? This was my last year of junior high school. I have to focus on studying to get into a good high school.

The bell rang, awaking me back to reality. I gathered all my belongings and was ready to leave the campus until I heard my name called out. "Yo, Hinata!"

I turned to the familiar voice. It was none other than Naruto himself. I turned towards him waiting for him to catch up to me.

"Why are you in such a rush?" Naruto asked, breathing through heavy breaths.

"It was time to go home." I answered.

"Without letting me know which classes you're taking? I thought we were friends." Naruto stated. I arched an eyebrow. Friends, when did that happen? I shook the thought off.

"Just know we are not in the same class again." I answered. Why didn't I want him to know which classes I'm taking? Why didn't I just tell him? I let the thoughts go and was about to continue towards the direction of my house. Suddenly, Naruto grabbed my arm, stopping me. I looked down, confused then eyed towards him.

"Come on, let me look. Why are you being so distance all of sudden?" He asked. That's a good question, what came over me? I pulled my arm from him. I grabbed the paper out of my pocket and handed it towards him.

"Here." I said quietly. What was in the harm of letting him know? Besides, I probably might not be in the same class as him. I gave a sigh, and then looked up towards him. All I saw was a big grin with bright blue eyes. Don't tell me…

"Are we in the same class again?" I asked loudly. Everyone around us could hear my voice and my voice was never noticeable. I covered my mouth then looked towards him with bewildered eyes. He gave his large, dumb grin again.

"Yep!" He excitedly said, and gave me the piece of paper back.

"Which one?" I asked, questioning which of the two classes he was in. Gym will be okay but if it was the student helper, I would have to be alone with him for an entire hour.

He leaned in close to me. My face grew warm as I instinctively backed away. "That's a secret. Have a good break Hinata; I'll see you in class in a week."

He ran off leaving me alone. I was speechless. He was going to leave with that? I thought to myself, Which class was it?!

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