This one's a lot lighter than last chapter's. It's taking the hat-scene from the musical, where they discuss giving Elphie that hat, and me putting different dialogue into it. Why? Because I was bored at the end of fourth block, and felt like it, that's why! Hehe. A little Gelphie friendship in there. (Not Gelphie slash. I'm sorry if you like that but just...ew. Sorry, but just...ew.)

And SECONDLY, if y'all read authors' notes, I have some spiffy announcements that I want to share with you people because I just have to gush about it to someone! #1: I'm going to be in my school's production of The Music Man! It's the first musical I've ever properly auditioned for, and I made it! I'm so excited! Okay so I'm only a "River City Kid" but whatever! I get to dance the Shipoopi and some other stuff! I'm still in the musical! Lol yeah. And we just had our first rehearsal. At the end of Ya Got Trouble, the sopranos are supposed to go to high C, two octaves above middle C, and then in Wells Fargo Wagon we're singing "ah" on high A to high B back to high A. That is not happening! Lol I sing soprano mostly but good luck past high A! Luckily he at least changed Ya Got Trouble for us sopranos who don't have the C, so we drop from A to E. And guess who's just mouthing along to the 'ah's on B in Wells Fargo Wagon? Haha. Now is when I go beg my choir director/part-time voice coach for help...hehe. #2: I'm getting a solo dress made for Irish dance (one of those big, heavy-looking dresses, y'know?) and it's going to be completely based off Wicked. I'm just waiting to hear back from the dressmaker. I can't wait! Lol I'm such a dork. #3: I get to see the tour of Wicked in Baltimore in February! Can't wait for that either, haha. I'm depressed because Shoshana Bean and Megan Hilty quit the tour at the end of 2006, but oh well. Beggers can't be choosers, eh? Okay well now I must run and you're probably grateful for that by now, haha.

Disclaimer: I don't have enough money to buy a box of girl scout cookies, do you think I have enough money to buy Wicked from those lovely folks down at Broadway and/or Gregory Maguire?

#42 - triangle - musicalverse - 129 words

"Ew, why do you have this ugly hat?" shrieked Pfanee.

"Oh!" cried Galinda, her cheeks turning pink as she surveyed the odd black hat with a wide circle brim and high, triangular crown. "My granny sent it to me! She sends the most ugly hats!"

"I know!" gushed Shenshen. "Give it to that green girl, Elphaba!" She and Pfanee giggled.

"I don't even hate her that much!" Galinda giggled with them, half thrilled and half scandalized by the idea.

"Yes you do!" Pfanee chirped.

Do I really hate Elphaba? Galinda thought to herself. Well, of course I do! She's disgustifying! With a last grin at Pfanee and Shenshen, she marched resolutely out the door to give Elphie – Elphaba, where'd that other name come from? – the ugly old black hat.