"Don't you dare drop your wand, Severus. Don't you dare!" Hermione screamed.

His eyes darted back and forth between Bellatrix, who was holding her wand to Hermione's throat, and Lucius, whom he had at wandpoint.

"Listen to her. She believes you'd save her over killing me. How...charming," sneered Lucius.

"Shut up!" Severus growled as he dug his wand deeper.

"Please," cried Hermione.

Her faith in him almost caused him to hesitate, but in the end, he did what he knew he had to do all along.

"Avada Kedavra!"

Two lifeless bodies dropped to the ground. He would mourn her later.

A/N - Inspired by a scene in last night's Lost. Although the scene is just about ubiquitous in movies, tv, and literature, it almost never ends this way. For those who are confused, it's Hermione's belief that he would be tempted to drop his wand that makes him almost hesitate.