Dinner Date Chapter 3

Pairing House/Wilson

Rated T

Summary: AU-Daddy's Boy... What if everyone went out with House and his parents?

Disclaimer: I don't own it, just toying with them...

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Chapter 3


House's parent were sitting at a large table, also at the table sat Chase, Cameron, and Cuddy.

"Why did you invite them?" House said as they walked into the door.

"I didn't. I just told Cuddy that I wouldn't be avaible tonight. She was the one who decided that it would be best if they all came. That it would be good for you to have people to care here with you."

"To eat with my parents? No they just wanted to make me uncomfortable. Good try though."

"Come on," Wilson grabbed House's arm and began pulling him towards the table.

"You know if we leave now then we can get out of here before anyone sees us." House begged.

"Come on." Wilson grabbed House's shoulder and started directing him towards the table.

They finally go to the table where everyone was sitting silently.

"Sorry we're late." Wilson apologized.

"No, problem at all." House's mother smiled.

"Hi Mom." House hugged his mother and kissed her on the cheek. He then turned to his father, "Sir". The word were void of emotion. Then he and Wilson sat opposite each other at the table.

"So Greg, what's going on in our life these days?"

"I bought a bike. It's orange and has a big scrap on one side."

"Is that the one we saw parked in front of the hospital. In the handicap spot?" House's father asked.

"That'd be the one." House said already prepared for the next comment out of his father.

"Greg, you don't know how lucky you are. You still have two legs..."

"Three!" House lifted his cane.

"You know..." House's dad was getting angry which wasn't unnatural for his father. Everyone else at the table were almost wishing they hadn't tagged along, Wilson included. "Do you really think that feeling sorry for yourself is going to make you better?"

"No, but I get way with a lot more." House smirked.

There was silence at the table. Chase took a drink of his water enjoying the drama in front of him.

"So House tells us you are going to Europe." Wilson tried to change the subject quickly.

"Oh yes," House's mother was happy for the change of subject. "I'be never been. This is going to be like a second honeymoon for us."

"You know, I'm tired of you makeing me feel like a dissappointment all the time." House was getting angry.

"Greg calm down." Wilson placed his hand on his lover's shoulders.

"Oh yeah and if you really want me to be that disappointment for you, here more to show just how much of a failure I am." House stood his face was red and he was screaming by now. Everyone in the resturant was looking at their table. Chase sat back in his seat smiling to himself, For once House was yelling and it wasn't directed at him. "Let's count my flaws why don't we... I'm an addict, I'm gay, I'm not a very nice person, hell I am a down right bastard."

Everyone gawked at him with open mouths, except for Wilson who held his head in his hands and was staring at the floor.

"You're a what?" House's father's face was just as red as House's.

"Not a nice person? Oh you mean gay. Yeah this is me coming out as your GAY, HANDICAP, DRUG ADDICTED son."

Still noone moved.

"Greg, are you sure?" House's mother questioned. He sat back down and calmed his tone before addressing his mother.

"Yes mom. And I've met someone." House spoke before he thought.

"Who?" Everyone inquired.

"You don't knwo him." He said like a little kid.

Wilson looked up and finally joined the converstaion. "Just tell them."

"I don't want to..." House fought back.

"It's me. Greg and I are together."

"Oh sure, steal my spotlight. You always have to be center of attention." House pretended to pout as everyone looked on in disbelief.

House set back and looked at each person. The only person who didn't look uncomfortable was Chase who was sitting back in his seat laughing to himself about the fact he almost missed this.

"Well this was fun. Must do it again sometime. I"m leaving, Jimmy?"

"I guess I'm going too." Wilson opened his wallet and l put enough money on the table to pay for everyone, and then he followed House out of the resturant.

"You didn't have to tell them."

"Why not you already did. Now we don't have to be so secretive." Wilson reached over and grabbed House's hand as they walked. It felt good holding House's hand in public. Whilson knew he could get used to it.


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