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Rory Gilmore sat in her bathroom reading a book.

No she wasn't going to the bathroom. She wasn't playing hide and go seek. So why was she in the bathroom? Simple. No Windows. No one, or rather, Dean, couldn't see that she was in the bathroom reading and not at her grandparents. Yes, Rory Gilmore lied to her boyfriend. She didn't want to. But she had to. He had become almost stalker like. He wanted her to be doing everything with him. Every second that she wasn't in school or at her grandparents was to be spent with him. She didn't like it but she didn't know what to do. She lied and told him she was spending the weekend with her grandparents so she could get some quiet time. And besides it was peaceful in here. Whether it was the bathroom or not.

Lorelei had noticed about Dean's stalker like behavior. She had asked her daughter several times about it, even making fun of him for it. But Rory had brushed off her mothers concerns not wanting her mother to worry about her. Little did Rory know, this made Lorelei worry even more. Lorelei studied the way Dean was when he and Rory were together and while there was something different about his actions Lorelei knew he couldn't be hurting her daughter. He loved her too much. Even if he was a stalker.

The Bathroom door opened and in walked the elder Gilmore.

"Oh! I'm-" Lorelei stopped. Rory was only reading. "What are you doing?"


"Why are you in the bathroom? I mean hey, usually you find people reading in a comfortable chair by a window or outside, why the bathroom?"

Rory hesitated "It smells nice?"

Lorelei smirked. "Nice try." She squatted down. "What's up?"

"Nothing I just like the bathroom"

"You like the bathroom"

"It's peaceful"


"No" Rory shut her book and sighed. "I told dean I was spending the weekend with Grandpa and Grandma"

Lorelei nodded. She knew it! Her daughter was hiding from Dean. "So your hiding?"

Rory smiled sheepishly. "I didn't want him to see me"

"Rory, darling, listen to mommy" Lorelei placed her hand over Rory's. "If your to the point where your hiding from your own boyfriend then things aren't working out, and you need to break it off with him"

Rory nodded. She knew that. She did. She just didn't know how.

Rory waited by the tree Monday Afternoon. This was her and Dean's meeting place. she looked at her watch. 2:21. He should be here any moment she thought. She saw him walk out of the building with a couple friends. At this sight she almost felt mad. How come he could hang out with his friends and she couldn't? She sighed. He walked over leaving his friends.

"Hey babe" He kissed her. She pulled back. "Hi"

He smiled and leaned to kiss her again. She pulled back and smiled. "Can we talk?"

"umm sure"

"Listen, umm" She sighed and looked down. what now?

"Is everything okay?"

Rory shook her head. "No. Nothings okay"

"Well what is it?"

"I think we should break up"

The anger in his face rose quickly. "WHAT?!"

"I think we should break up" she whispered

By now, he was steaming. literally.

"It's just, things aren't working out."

"What are you talking about? Everything's working out fine!"

"For you!"

He slapped her. It happened as fast as the speed of light. well not really but pretty fast nonetheless. She never saw it coming. He acted impulsively. She fell to the ground. Her hand racing up to her cheek. It stung. She stumbled to get off the ground.

"Rory, I'm-"Before He could apologize she was running.

She Ran to the house. She went inside and got the keys left a vague note for her mother and drove off. Where to, she didn't know. She was just driving.

2 hours later, 15 missed calls on her cell and she found herself in Hartford, at a lake. She didn't know which lake. but it was pretty and it was taking her mind off of dean. She didn't know what to do. Tears were streaming down her face. She was hiccupping. She knew she could never go back to him. But how does she tell Lorelei? Does she just skip this incident altogether? Her mom would have a fit if she knew. She'd go after Dean with a butcher knife and she'd get the whole town to go with her. She sniffled. Her thoughts were interrupted by footsteps. She turned.

And there, Standing at the other side of the dock was a face she never thought she'd see again.




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