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Chapter 6

Zack was still as the final stitch was put in his stomach. The surgery was complete. Morgan nodded as she looked over her young patient. Zack was doing very well now. The sheets were taken off of Zack. Morgan quickly put the stomach tube back into Zack's belly button and cleaned off his stomach. The next part would be tricky. Zack was still under and waking him up would be tricky. Morgan carefully peeled the tape off his eyes. She checked his pupils to make sure they were OK. Now to get the tube out of his mouth. Zack gagged and spit up as the plastic support was taken from between his lips. Morgan covered his lips in antiseptic cream. Then she and the anesthesiologist removed the tube from Zack's throat. Zack instantly started breathing on his own.

"Perfect. Take him back to ICU so he can rest," exclaimed Morgan. Nurses busied themselves with moving Zack as Morgan went to talk with Carey and Cody. Aidan Fields was waiting for Morgan outside the operating room.

"How'd he do?" asked Aidan, as he followed Morgan towards the waiting room.

"Good. He's breathing on his own. I'm just going to update the family," replied Morgan.

"Is he ready for the big surgery?" asked Aidan as they rounded a corner. Another patient was being wheeled out of surgery. Aidan and Morgan stepped aside to let the nurses move the young patient past. The patient was a boy of about ten. He had blood in the corners of his mouth. Probably just had his tonsils removed.

"I'm worried about the girl," exclaimed Morgan as she and Aidan started walking again.

"Kelsee Forrester?" asked Aidan.

"Yeah. She needs her surgery badly," explained Morgan.

"Well I'll operate on her first then," offered Aidan. Morgan nodded as she arrived at the waiting room where Cody and Danni were waiting patiently. Cody shot up.

"Zack's surgery went very well. He's breathing on his own and back in his room," began Morgan. Cody sighed and smiled.

"Can I see him?" asked Cody.

"Of course. Follow me," replied Morgan. Cody followed Morgan to Zack's room as Aidan headed to Kelsee's room. Danni sat back down and continued to patiently wait.


Aidan met with Bryan and Janet Forrester outside of their daughters room. Kelsee was still sleeping off the surgery.

"Mr. and Mrs. Forrester, my name is Aidan Fields. I've been asked to perform surgery on Kelsee's stomach," introduced Aidan.

"We were told that surgery is happening later on," replied Bryan, worry strongly evident in his voice.

"My concern is taking care of Kelsee and making sure she gets better," explained Aidan. "Performing the surgery early may be necessary." Janet and Bryan sighed.

"What's wrong with her stomach?" asked Janet.

"Fluid near the intestines and a possible tear in the abdominal wall. Fixable but could lead to problems if not treated right away," explained Aidan. Janet sighed but nodded in understanding.

"There is also some infection growing," exclaimed Aidan.

"Infection?" asked Bryan. Aidan led the concerned parents into Kelsee's room. Kelsee was still dead to the world and was lightly sucking on the gauze between her lips. Her arm was bandaged tightly. Aidan carefully pulled the sheets off Kelsee and held up her gown exposing her stomach. Janet cringed at the sight of the surgical scar going down her daughter's belly. Aidan put some gloves and motioned for Bryan and Janet to stand on either side of him.

"Fluid in the belly can lead to exterior infection. Skin lesions. Rashes," explained Aidan. He pointed towards Kelsee's belly button. The small knob of skin sticking out of her stomach was enflamed and infected.

"Infected navel. Not good," groaned Aidan sadly. Bryan and Janet were horrified.

"How soon can you perform surgery?" asked Bryan anxiously as he stared down at his sleeping daughter. He could clearly see the raw and bloody wad of skin that was Kelsee's belly button. His poor little girl.

"Right now. I can have her prepped and on the table in twenty minutes," replied Aidan. Bryan and Janet instantly agreed.


Cody watched as Zack continued to sleep off the surgery. Although he was breathing on his own, he was still dosed up to the eyeballs with drugs. He wouldn't be awake for at least another two hours. Cody turned as someone knocked on the door. It was Danni.

"Hey. Thought you should know that Kelsee was just taken back into surgery," explained Danni. Cody shot up in a flash.

"What? Why?" asked Cody in shock.

"Her belly is in bad shape. Doctors didn't want to wait," explained Danni as she sat down next to Cody. Danni took Zack's hand in hers. She smiled as he squeezed a little.

"He's doing much better. That tube will be coming out of his belly button soon," explained Cody.

"Finally," groaned Danni as she wrinkled her nose in disgust at the unsightly tube.

"So is Kelsee's surgery underway?" asked Cody. Danni shook her head, not once taking her eyes off of Zack.

"It will take awhile to prep her. Surgery won't start for at least twenty minutes," explained Danni. Cody sighed.

"It's not fair. How can something like this happen to someone like Kelsee?" asked Cody, his eyes watering a little.

"The world can be an awful place sometimes, Cody," reminded Danni.

""I know, but for this to happen to someone like Kelsee, someone who only cares about helping other people. It's just not right," cried Cody. Danni nodded in understanding. Danni put a hand on Cody's shoulder.

"Kelsee is going to be fine. She's a strong girl. She can get through anything," whispered Danni. Outside a light rain started to fall from a bleak sky. To Cody it seemed appropriate.