How? How could this have happened? It was never meant to end like this! Thought a certain Nine-Tailed Demon Fox by the name of Kyuubi. He possessed the legendary tails of his kin, the Kitsune. Should he die, his offspring would continue his legacy of ruling the Forest. Kyuubi felt pain unimaginable shoot through his body.

The one responsible for this was also suffering. The man had been riding on one of his old enemies, Gama Bunta or the Toad Chief. The man was the 4th Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. But why did the guy have to seal him inside a newborn child?! It wasn't his fault that he attacked!

No, the blame should be laid on the one who killed his mate and week-old kits! If it weren't for the Hitai-ate headband bearing Konoha symbol, he would never have assumed that they were responsible! But one thing still bothered him about the headband; it bore the strong scent of SERPENTS. Why this was so is a mystery.

It became all too clear that this was the end of the Forest Lord Kyuubi of the 9 tails. But this did not matter to him, as his children would carry on his name. The one comfort that Kyuubi took in this moment was that he would join his mate and kits soon. This was not to be, as the case turned out. He wasn't dieing, his spirit was being transferred into a child, whom Kyuubi suspected was the fourth's only Son.

The moment Kyuubi realized what the Hokage was doing, he roared for the last time in his original body. The shinobi thought that his cry was one of fury and hate. The truth is his cry did contain some anger, but mostly it was of sorrow and sadness. But the ninja of the Hidden Leaf would never understand this unless they found the true cause of his attack on their village.

Kyuubi slowly sank into the ground, his spirit already removed and placed inside the child. While he was contained, the only thing he could think about was his life before this. Though most of the time, he tried to figure out who had killed his mate. When he found out the truth, retribution wouldn't be swift and painless. The fool would feel the same pain that Kyuubi felt many times over.

Little did he know that this would be difficult to do, as he watched over the child he was imprisoned in. He may be considered an EVIL DEMON, but he wasn't as heartless as people think. He does have some compassion for victims of circumstance. He'd spared many a life when he wreaked havoc on villages. And he did NOT tolerate those who abused people and animals. It didn't matter whether the creature was one of his kin or his worst enemy. He would protect those who are unable to protect themselves when he could.

The tale you are about to read is Kyuubi's Point Of View and his involvement in Naruto's life. He would actually help and even talk to the boy. Though why the kid ate some much instant Ramen and wore the clothes that practically screamed "KILL ME" Kyuubi would never understand. Kyuubi would be what may have been Naruto's first real friend.

Kyuubi isn't evil; he's just misunderstood by many people. Not all demons with red eyes and strange fur are dark. (That's just the majority, hence the idea that all Kitsunes are evil and merciless killers.)

But this will begin in the next chapter titled: Naruto's so called IMAGINARY friend.