Love and Lust

Jude is and famous singer. She is 25 and her husband, the hottie Rick is the perfect man. They have a daughter, the little Michelle. She is 4. They have a happy life, til tommy gets in the middle…

First chapter: changes

Jude POV

Sunny days. I love this kind of day. I woke up in the morning being kissed by Rick, the most wonderful man in the world. Then we go for breakfast with our little girl. She's so beautiful, and so smart, is like Sadie when she was a kid in a lot of ways. Then I say goodbye to my husband with a kiss and go to the studio with Michelle. I know that she should be in daycare, like all the kids. But she is just so…mine. I want to spend all the time with her so she's always with me. We were at the studio in a split second, like always. But this time, I had a bad feeling

Jude: hi everyone on D-major. How are my favorite people in the world?

I greeted, but nobody answer me. Right, I'm scared now. A black cat crossed in front of me on the street and now this?. Something has to be wrong.

Kwest: hi Jude, hi Michelle. How are you?

Kwest never greeted us like that. And the secretary always has some candies for Michelle. And Darius, where's Darius?

Jude: Kwest, what's going on here?

Kwest didn't say a word

Jude: c'mon Kwest, tell me what's wrong. Why everybody is so weird here?

Kwest: hey Michelle, I have some candies on studio c. go for them

Michelle: mom, can I?

I nodded to my blonde hair blue eyed kid.

Michelle smiled and letting my hand, she went for the candies.

Jude: so, tell me Kwest!!.

Kwest: well, you know that D-Major have some money problems, don't u?

I nodded.

Kwest: so Darius had to take hard decisions

Jude: and?

Kwest: and he sold the record Jude.

Wow, I'm officially in shock. Darius took his hands off the record. Well, she liked Darius but he was always interested on the money.

Jude: that's a bad new??

Kwest: it's not that Jude. I think I have to tell you, like you brother in law…

I laughed.

Jude: you married my sister and now take care of me like I was a child. Tell me now Kwest?. What can be so bad?

Kwest opened his mouth to talk, but an annoying noise coming from studio c took our attention

Jude: what was that noise?

Kwest: I don't know, but it was from studio c

Jude: studio c?? What…omg, Michelle!!!

I ran to the studio. A lot of thoughts crossed my mind in just a second. My little girl. If something happened to her, I don't know what I would do. But when I got in the studio, Michelle was laughing, sitting on the desk. I went directly to her so I didn't notice who was the person that was laughing with Michelle.

Jude: baby, what happened? We heard a noise coming from here and…where did you get that ring.

I said, taking the little hand of Michelle and looking at the beautiful ring of gold that I had never seen before.

Michelle: it's not a gring mum, it's a magric loop so I don't cgry anymogre!

I laughed. She was so innocent.

Jude: and who gave it to you?

Michelle laughed and pointed to the person that was in the room before I came in.

Michelle: Tommy gave it to me

I almost fainted. In front of me there was the guy I would die to see years ago, when he left me because god knows why. Tommy Quincy didn't seem to be affected for the time. But there was something in his face that made him look older.

Jude: what are you doing here?

I ask coldly.

Tommy looked at Michelle before answering.

Tommy: I just came here and she was trying to take some candies and almost fell. I took the candies for her but she was scared and started to cry. I tried to calm her down giving her my lucky ring. I always wear it on my pinkie, and it works.

Tommy smiled at Michelle and she did the same. How he dare??!!

Jude: I wasn't asking that. I mean, what are you doing at D-Major after, what, 8 years?

Tommy: what?, nobody told you?

I shook my head, afraid of what he was going to say.

Tommy: Jude, I'm the new owner of D-Major, sorry T-Major from now.

Jude: what???!!!

First chapter…I promise real Jommy on the next