Final chapter: i just wanna be with u

I woke up in a hospital bed. Tommy was sitting in a couch, reading a magazine. Sadie looked at me and ran to the bed.

Jude: what happened to me?

Sadie: you fainted. Well I'd fait too if the lawyer gave me the complete custody of my children.

Jude: what, really??

Kwest: yes! The judge said they have to stay with their mom and dad.

Tommy got closer to me and kissed me lightly on the lips.

Tommy: I was shocked too when I heard I was Michelle's dad, but then I understand that if you made that was for us.

Jude: what?

Tommy: to fake the papers, of course. Because is obvious that I'm not Michelle's father.

Sadie and Kwest looked each other and went out of the room.

Jude: Tommy, I didn't do anything. But I think I know what happened.

Tommy looked at me, serious.

Tommy: tell me.

I sat up on the bed and sighed before speak. It was a long time ago and I always wanted to tell this to Tommy.

Jude: This happened six years ago. I was with Rick and it was the eve of our marriage so I went to a costume party with Sadie and Kwest. All the people were with masks. I met a guy, but I never saw his face and he never saw mine because we were all with masks. We danced and got drunk quickly. I just felt something special in him. We went to a Motel and…he took my virginity. I never saw him after that, so I thought it was just a game. But a month later, I knew I was pregnant. By that time I was married with Rick and he thought the baby was his. I never told this to anybody because I knew it was a mistake and I was married.

Tommy was pale. He looked at me but he couldn't speak. After a while, he opened his mouth.

Tommy: so, you were that girl. I always dreamt with her. I felt so bad because I thought I was cheating on you. But it was you!! And you got pregnant!!

Jude: so, I was right. You were that guy! Omg this is great. I thought it was a mistake, but now…I know that it was the best of my life.

Tommy: so, that means Michelle is my daughter, for real.

Jude: I'm sorry for not telling you the truth, but I was scared. I can barely remember that night.

Tommy: I can't remember it too. But now, I have a daughter. That's the most wonderful thing I could've imagined!!!

Tommy kissed me again when I felt terrible again. I went to the bathroom and threw up. When I came back to the room, Tommy wasn't alone.

Doctor: well, I checked all the exams we did to Mrs. Harrison.

Jude: what exams??

Tommy: they did you a blood test when you were sleeping.

I nodded.

Doctor: well, like I said, I checked those exams and I found out something very important.

Tommy: this can't be happening.

I started to cry immediately, and even I didn't know why.

Jude: I know I should have care about those bloods problem when Matt born, but…

Doctor: calm down Mrs. Harrison, that can be bad for you.

Tommy was pale.

Tommy: why??

The doctor stayed in silence.

Jude: please doc, tell me. am I going to die?

The doctor laughed.

Doctor: yes, but not because of a disease. You'll die of stress.

Jude: what??!

Doctor: Mr Harrison, you're going to be a mom.

I was in shock and so was Tommy.

Tommy: that is kind of impossible. We have a baby now…

Doctor: but did you have sexual relations after the baby born.

We nodded, still in shock.

Doctor: and did you use preservatives?

Jude: well, we never use them...

Doctor: so, it's official. You are going to be parents, so be thinking about their names.

Jude and Tommy: their!!???

The doctor laughed again.

Doctor: of course, I forgot it…it's not just one baby…they're twins. You have almost two months. It's weird you didn't realize before

The doctor got out of the room and we stayed there, both shocked. Suddenly, Tommy looked at me and smiled widely.

Tommy: I'm going to be a dad!!!!! And of two babies!!!!

He started to jump like a little boy around all the room. I laughed happy after all.

Jude: now, we'll be together forever. Isn't that great?

Tommy nodded and kissed me on the lips.

That night we got to the house. Everybody was there. Michelle was the first that saw us and ran to Tommy's arms. Sadie followed her.

Sadie: hi Jude, hi Tommy. Jude, are you ok? What did the doctor said?

We went to the living room.

Jude: he said I was sick.

Sadie's face faded.

Sadie: what??

Tommy: the doctor said she'll be fine in seven months.

Kwest put his hand in his mouth.

Jude: but it will have consequences.

Sadie: what kind of consequences.

I smiled and Tommy too.

Tommy: well, the consequences are two. And they're your new nephews!

Sadie sighed and Kwest laughed and congratulate us.

Kwest: that's great. Twins?!, awesome!

Sadie hugged me and then looked at Tommy.

Sadie: that's...weird. I've never heard that before.

Tommy: what?

Sadie: a couple like you. Never been married and with dozens of kids.

We all laughed.

Sadie: seriously, you two are like rabbits.

We were talking about names and other stuff then.

Michelle and Kathleen were happy too. They were playing when, suddenly she looked at me

Michelle: mom, what the man in that room said…it was truth?

Jude: that Tommy is your daddy?

Michelle nodded.

Jude: yes, magically, is true. I it can be another person happier in the world than me now.

Michelle smiled and ran to Tommy's arms. She kissed him on the cheek.

Michelle: but, I want to see my other dad too mom. I love him too.

Jude: that's no problem honey. You can see him whenever you want.

Michelle jumped to the floor and went with Kathleen again.

We looked at them. They were finally happy, just like us. I was holding at Matt, who was happy too. Later, all we went to bed. It was a long day and we need some sleep.

I got into the room and I couldn't even close the door because tommy grabbed me by the waist and put me against the wall. I laughed seductively

Jude: Tommy!, are you crazy?

Tommy started to kiss my neck.

Tommy: yes, you drive me crazy. And now, that you're all mine, I can be all the crazy I want.

Tommy roamed his hands all over my body and started to unbutton my shirt, kissing the skin in the way.

Jude: c'mon Tommy, somebody can catch us. And besides, I'm tired and pregnant. Did you hear?, there are two kids inside of me.

Tommy: I think I can with that.

Jude: and if one of the girls get in. what are we going to say?

Tommy laughed.

Tommy: we just love each that wrong?

I smiled and kissed him hard.

Jude: I love you Tommy. You were my first, and you'll be my last. I promise.

Tommy: I love you too baby.

He kissed me again and closed the door

We made love that night...and all the nights after that. Because we were the only ones that could combine love and lust in that way.

The end

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