If Tomorrow Never Comes

A cars horn went off, and Archie appeared on the porch. "I'll be right there youse guys." he called before going back inside. "Ok Edith, my bag ready yet?" he asked walking over to his wife. "Almost Archie." she told him as she continued to pack his bag.

"Geeze Edith, I'll tell ya this convention is gonna be one of the best ones yet!" he told her excitedly.

"Oh I hope ya have a good time." Edith told him as she kissed his cheek and handed him his bag.

"Well I'm off to fight the Nazis!" he exclaimed as he headed toward the door, with Edith smiling away while following him.

"Come Arch! We're gonna be late!" Hank yelled.

"Yeah kiss your wife goodbye and let's go!" Pink agreed.

"Hey there don't go trying to wreck all marriges you two, it aint my fault Edith here aint left me."

"Give it time." Hank whispered to Pinky

After hearing that comment, Archie frowned at his friends, and blew a raspberry. "Hey she aint going no where's when she knows she's got this here." he said before doing something none of them expected.

Archie quickly pulled Edith into his arms, dipping her, and giving her an unexpected kiss. The scene resembled the kiss of the sailor and the nurse, when World War two ended.

Pulling Edith back up and pulling away, Archie looked over to the vehicle full of his buddies who had all rolled their eyes and then over to Edith who had a shocked and breathless look covering her face. Archie smiled. "Alright boys I'm coming!" he called as he quickly walked off the porch while singing an old War song. After finally getting back to reality Edith waved goodbye to her solider boy.

Days later the convention was over and all the men were coming home to their families some with hangovers, some still drunk, and some still in a good mood. Archie was one who was still in a good mood, but that would soon change. Faster than Mike eating a whole sandwich.

"We'll meet again don't know where don't know when But I know we'll meet again some sunny day" Archie sang as he made his way up the stairs and took out his key.

"Arch!" Barney yelled from across the street as he jogged over to the street.

"Barney, wha are youse doing here?" Archie asked,

"Archie, you better come over to my place there's something I gotta tell you." he told him serious all in his voice.

Archie frowned, "Wha is it?"

"No I Arch I think you should come over."

"Alright alright..." he said still frowning, wondering what his friend had to tell him.

"Sit down Arch, there's something I gotta show you." Barney told him and Archie did as he was told and Barney left to get what he had to show Archie.

Only a few seconds past and Barney was back. When Barney came back in Archie looked over at him to see that he was holding a newspaper... "Hey Barney that's just a news paper. Now there's your answer to your problem. Now I'm going home..."

"Archie read this." Barney said putting the paper in front of him.

Archie looked at his friend and then over to the paper. Pulling the paper back to read, and then read out loud. "Sunshine home burns down..." Archie drifted off after reading the first line. "Barney you aint trying to tell me...Edith...was in...there..."

"I'm sorry Arch." Barney said as he placed a hand on Archie's shoulder, "I went over to your house as soon as I heard, and no one answered." "But she..." knowing what he was going to say Barney interrupted and shook his head, "I went the next day too. I'm really sorry Archie." Barney told him.

Archie snuck into the chair he was sitting on before, "Ah geeze." he said taking it all in. "I shouldn't a gone to that convention thing," he said as he put his head in his hands.

"Come on Arch don't blame yourself, you know Edith would have gone even if ya didn't go." Barney told him trying to comfort his friend, "Cause you'd be at the Bar."

Archie glared at him but then shook his head, "Nah but your right, she would go anyways. She was always running off to help some one...and running over to me when I'd come home, sobering me with kisses. And then on them days when I'd come home and she'd be singing 'Moon river.'..."Archie looked up at Barney.

"I'm really gonna miss her, Barn...I really nothing with out her." he said his blue eyes becoming misty.

Barney just stood there with his hand on Archie's shoulder not really knowing what to say. Archie got, up "I gotta go home..." he mumbled in a low voice. It really wasn't a home anymore. Gloria and Mike were gone as well as Joey and Stephanie. But Edith had always been there, to help keep 704 Hauser a home. But now it was only a house.

"Alright Arch, be careful. Don't do anything to drastic, you know Edith wouldn't want you too."

"I know." he said as he walked out f the house not really listening.