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Archie slowly opened the door and walked in standing there missing his usual welcoming. He took off his cap and coat and dragged himself to his chair where he flopped down onto. Sitting in the silence he took this time to let out what he had be holding back since he read the headline. He began to cry.

"Oh Edith, why'd ya have to go. Why'd ya have to that sunshine home? How am I gonna go on alone? With out the kids with I know I'd always tell youse, you were going first, but I never really wanted youse to. Geeze Edith, I wish I woulda know the last time I'd seen youse would be the last time I'd see you...I didn't even get to tell you that, I love you Edith." He continued looking up his eyes still watery. "Geeze wha I'd give to see youse again. To feel you slobber on me, to her you singing to see your smile, to hear you say Archie, to tell you I love you."

"Archie?" called a voice, a familiar femine voice.

Quickly Archie turned around to see his wife standing on the stairs in her blue robe, with a tissue in her hand. He quickly walked over to her. "Edith? How did you...Edith what's heaven like? I gotta know so I can tell the meathead."

"Archie I aint in heaven."

Archie started at her, "You aint? Geeze, don't tell me the meathead was right."

Edith looked at him confused, "Archie what are you talking about?"

"You and heaven. Where you are now..."

"Archie, I aint dead." Edith said wondering how he got that idea.

"You aint?"

"I don't think so..." she began to say.

"But I saw the headline, the sunshine home..." Archie started to say, he was totally confused.

"Ooohh!" she said in that classic way, as she walked closer to Archie. "Remember last week when you came home with that cold, and youse barley got over it the other day..."

"Ah geeze is this gonna be long?" he groaned although he was secretly happy to be able to hear one of her long stories once more.

"No. You see I musta caught your cold, cause this whole time I was home resting. I didn't go to the sunshine home at all." she said as she wrapped his arms around his neck, smiling trying to reassure him it really was her.

"But Barney came over, twice and no one answered." Archie pointed out.

"Oh I musta been asleep at that time." she said feeling sorry, about that.

"Ah geeze, Edith, do you know how worried I was."

"Oh Archie you were scared you lost me?" Edith asked

"Course I was, Edith. Don't ya know by now, youse are like the cream in my coffee you're the something in my stew; you will always be my nercessity I'd be lost without you." he said telling her a lyric from one of their favorite songs. Edith smilied. "Ooh Arrchie!!" she said in that classic way and Archie just had to smile as he wrapped hi arms around her waist, while she cuddled against him.

"You know Edith, I know I don't say this enough, but I love you..."

Edith moved a bit so she could look at Archie. She placed her hand on his cheek, "I know." she said softly, "I love you too Archie." Slowly they moved into a kiss.

Once the kiss was over the embrace wasn't, they still stood there Archie's arms around her waist and her around his neck, while Edith rested her forehead against his. "So how ya feeling now?" Archie asked, having something rolled up his selves.. "Oh I'm feeling much better, why?" she asked knowing he must be up to something.

"Well I was just thinkin' how about you giving your 'solider boy' a proper welcoming home." Archie told her but of course Edith was confused. She looked at him with that classic confused expression, "What do you mean?"

"I mean…" he began to move his eyebrows along with his eyes upstairs, until she understood.

"Oooohhhh!" she in that classic way, "Oh Arrchie." she said smiling and he smiled back.

Archie laughed before sweeping her off her feet and into his arms, she gave a surprised, cry as he did so. The two laughed, and then Archie began to walk but groaned as he did. Taking only two steps more Archie out her back on her feet, "Ok ya can make it the rest of the way." He said and she nodded before the two left hand in hand up stairs.

The End