Complete! Hope everyone enjoyed! A sequel is in the works :)

Not entirely happy with the ending- it seemed to be the right place to end it with the end of Steve's house scenario, but it just left too many questions in the air. Also, I haven't explained how Doctor Cox/ the police got there or anyone else's reactions, which I intend to do in the sequel.

Anyone else enjoy the abject Steve abuse? It was quite fun to write!

Hope everyone liked! You have been wonderful reviewers! Special mention to Sireniris (drak path!), PlayWithRosie, Elise Davidson, Saltoftheearth, MeghanthePagan, Purple Pebble, The pills go in your mouth, OmgFunSize, Silver Acorn and SpiffyPerson. Also pretty much anyone who reviewed, especially those of you who stuck with me through the fiction and my many unfortunate delays due to my stupid university work.

After I've caught up with my reading (there's a lot of new fics out there I'm going to treat myself to reading… currently I'm very impressed with Elise Davidson's and Taelyn Hawker's. Both slash and I haven't given either the attention they deserve). I'll begin Captive Audience 2, which is still untitled. I'll try writing a bit and see if a name emerges.

Also probably another one chapter fic that's bugging me that I don't think anyone else has done. Hmmmnnnn… interesting…

Little Tiger Stripes.