Disclaimer/Warnings: They're not mine. Nope. If they were, do you think any of them would be straight? Well...maybe Tifa and Rude...yes, this is yaoi, so watch out if you're not into that sort of thing. If you're one of my lovely Reno/Cloud lovers, read on!

a/n: I took a page out of one of my favorite fanfics by one of my favorite authors, Roxal. The fanfic in particular is Kingdom Hearts related, and a large collection of short Axel/Roxas drabbles (it's particularly limited to 100 word drabbles), and it's absolutely beautiful. Look it up: For You. This is my way of using such a brilliant idea with Final Fantasy, mostly cause I know I havent found enough inspiration to write a whole story of these two. I'm trying to keep it under 200 words, but I'll let it do what it will. Enjoy!

You know, it's kind of funny. The obnoxious, loud Turk is in love with the quiet, mildly depressed (and that's puttin' it goddamn lightly)'hero'. I mean, it's bad enough that he used to be the enemy, but hey--how am I supposed to help it? Who doesn't think Strife's a fox? I mean, you have to be sexually dead if you don't think about jumpin' that kid. It doesn't quite fit, though.

When people think of me, they usually think of a few things: red hair (well, it is pretty noticeable), my mouth never fuckin' stops moving, the drunk to sober ratio is pretty high, and that I've got a libido that never quits. Reno and love would never go hand in hand, right? I'm trying to convince myself that. Yeah, all I really want is to screw his brains out, right? The thought of post sex cuddling is not there at all. I mean, cuddling is for girls!

Reno Sinclair is no fuckin' girl…right?