His absence was so hard to recognize recently. Months had passed. His things had been shoved to the backs of the drawers, jackets pushed to the back of closets, odds and ends cornered somewhere not visible.

My apartment was mine again.

In a sad, depressing kind of way.

The minute he returned, it was like everything came back with him.

The random blonde strands of hair on my pillow.

The light murmuring and snoring by my ear at night.

The strewn bits of leather clothing, sword pieces, and unrecognizable materia.

The damp bath towel thrown over my worn wooden chair.

His little green toothbrush.

The precious Fenrir's easily stolen keys.

Dirty dishes piled in the sink, remains from failed, but appreciated, attempts at breakfast in bed.

The sleeping form on the couch, attempting to stay up to greet me back from work.

The faint sound of off tune singing in the shower.

The hard punches to the arm after making public innuendo.

His scent.

It seems that you can be completely unaware of an addiction, until it is reintroduced into your life.

I knew I always liked his scent. I seemed to notice it ebbing away from the house, mostly when I slept at night, trying to hold on to the last bit of scent on his pillow. Once it was gone, I started to not notice its absence.

The moment he walked back into my life, dripping wet, sullen eyed, and as lonely as I was, I began to remember all these things. The things that made us. The things that made our home.

The morning after, I woke up to smell his scent on my pillow, and I knew it was real.

That intoxicating, indescribable scent, unique only to him—my newest addiction.

I couldn't wait to remember all the other things I'd longed for and forgotten, while he was away.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and all that shit, right?

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