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Genre: Romance/Action/Adventure/a little comedy/… Maybe some Drama

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Pairing: Legolas/Kagome

Summary: Before the final battle with Naraku, Kagome and Sesshoumaru became close like family with Kirara at their side and Shippo as our favorite miko's son. During the said battle, Kagome struck down Naraku. The jewel became whole and one with Kagome's body and everyone had a Happy ending. Now five years after that quest... You're going to have to find out on your own

Chapter One

Souls of The Shikon

Kagome woke up feeling as if she was floating in midair, above water. At opening her eyes, she was met with nothing but darkness. The only thing that came close to being identified, as light was the faint blue glow coming from below on the water's surface; making the water seem like it's glowing.

Close by, she could feel Shippó and Sesshoumaru auras, both calm with sleep. On her stomach, she could feel Kirara curled up, purring in content and fully relaxed.

Then she started to feel four more auras surrounding them, three of them she's never felt before but one she remembered from five years ago…

-------- Flashback --------

The battle against Naraku was over with the jewel back into her possession. It took a long time, but with Kagome's exceedingly sharp archer skills and purification powers along with Sesshoumaru's help using the Tokijin; with the two farces combined, they were able to take down Naraku without any casualties.

Miroku's Kazaana was lifted. Sango's younger brother was back to normal and alive thanks to Sesshoumaru's Tenseiga. The only downhill part was that he remembered what he had done, the lives he had taken in cold blood against his will. Sango had given Kirara to Kagome saying that she needed the neko-matta more than she. Shippó became Kagome's legally adopted son. And was adopted by Sesshoumaru… even though it wasn't really needed…

As for Inuyasha, he was nowhere to be found at the final battle. All that was left of him when they tried to find him at the Goshinboku was only to find a deep hole and the Tetsusaiga laying on the hanyou's Fire Rat haori, neatly folded and set at the foot of the sacred tree.

For some reason, Inuyasha's loss didn't bother Kagome as much as she thought it would. Yes, the thought of him being gone made heart sting… but it wasn't the harsh pain that she thought would make her break. Like the pain her mother went through at the news of her father dying from a car accident. But more like a pain of losing a dear friend. Kagome had shed silent tears, in knowing that Inuyasha had made his decision and only hope that he never regrets it. …Or comes to haunt her because of his mistakes. (Heh, I wouldn't put it passed him. I'm positive that my own mother would do that XP)

At the clearing everyone decided to meet for the wishing on the jewel, Kagome had finally made a wish that was unselfish on her part. To fulfill the desire of all those she knew and was close to. The young priestesses, as well as Sesshoumaru for some unknown reason were engulfed with a blinding white light and standing side by side. With the light came the image of Midoriko in all her priestess garbed and armored glory. She spoke that her friends' wishes would be granted but their wishes were all the same; Kagome's friends had made a wish for her happiness.

There was also another reason why Midoriko was there before her and Sesshoumaru. She was there to unseal Kagome and Sesshoumaru's true forms and to tell them that they were not from the Sengoku Jidai or Kagome's home era, but a world called Middle Earth. When she started unsealing their true forms, an ice blue light surrounded them, and their appearances started to change.

Kagome's hair began to grow longer, reaching mid-thigh and adopted platinum blonde and snow-white highlights. Her ears had stretched and molded to the top of her head, forming large triangular fox ears that were black and rimmed with snow-white fur. Her figure became slightly fuller, making her look like a slim college student rather than a high school student. Her eyes became a deep sapphire, no traces of her once blue-gray eyes. Her blunt human nails grew into finely manicured claws that were as sharp as any blade and as hard as dragon scales. Her top canines became sharp as well, but not noticeably. She also began to grow an ebony colored tail that was tipped with snow-white fur with the faintest strands of platinum blonde. The only thing that didn't change about her was her feminine yet strong muscle structure and her five foot one height. (XD She's small, I know. But that really is her height from what I had gathered)

As for Sesshoumaru, not much had changed for him except that his hair changed from silver to a very fine platinum blonde. His eye color changed from a molten gold color to and light icy blue, making them almost look an eerie white but still had that cat-like slit for the pupil. His magenta strips that adorned his face had disappeared, save the violet crescent moon on his forehead that seemed to be tattooed there. And lastly, his body became slightly leaner and his height changed from five foot eight to six foot. (That's taller than Gandelf's five foot eleven.)

But what came with the changes were memories that had seemed like they came from a lifetime of long ago…

To Sesshoumaru, he knew what the memories were of. They were of his old life from when he lived in a world called Middle Earth where he was still of royal blood. He had a caring elvish father, a beautiful Fox maiden Stepmother (his real mother died giving birth to him… sad, I know T-T), and an adoring little half sister. In the memories that he had lost when he and his little sister, who was really Kagome, were trying to escape from "The Massacre And Downfall of The Snow Elves." And with the memories came the knowledge of him being a Snow Elf/Snow Dog hybrid and his ability to speak Elvish.

For Kagome, she remembered most of her memories when she lived on Middle Earth. Everything before "The Massacre And Downfall of The Snow Elves" became lost to her when Kun-loon and her husband adopted her. But she did remember the faces of her true family members and her godfather who was a well-known wizard, even if they were faint and clouded. One of the reasons why she didn't react immediately to Sesshoumaru's appearance when she was within Lord InuTaisho's tomb to get the Tetsusaiga was she couldn't remember her older half brother's face clearly and because he had that glamour spell placed on him to make him look more like a youkai; a spell that was InuTaisho's work, of course. Along with her memories, like Sesshoumaru, with them came her knowledge of being a Snow Elf/Snow Fox Maiden of The Valar hybrid and the knowledge to speak Elvish.

Soon, after the changes were completed, Midoriko had told them that what was to become of the two would become clear in five years, in Kagome's era. And with that, the Legendary Priestess vanished until the appointed time came.

Everyone's reaction to Sesshoumaru and Kagome's changes were amazed and in awe because the both had become more ethereal-looking and far more elegant. Kagome had become so elegant and beautiful that Miroku didn't even recognize her until after he had asked to bare him a son. Which had earned him a slap in the face by Kagome, a punch in the kisser by Sesshoumaru, and lastly a crack to the head from Hiraikotsu by Sango that knocked the said "holy" monk out cold.

There wasn't much of a Victory Celebration, aside from the occasional claims of undying love from Kouga who had come by the village to try and take Kagome back to his pack to be him mate with Sesshoumaru scaring him off after a fight with the wolf demon that had prove the said youkai's worth. But there were tearful goodbyes as Kagome was about to leave for home through the well. But not without Sango giving her sister-like friend Kirara, the Taijya's long time partner and friend to the changed priestess for protection, she says.

Before Kagome went home for good with Kirara in hand, Shippó told her that he decided to stay with Sesshoumaru for would meet her at her shrine in five hundred years. Not as the little kit she raised for time she spent in the Sengoku Jidai, but as a full-grown Kitsune able to protect his mother. Kagome, although a bit worried how her kit would fair without her, was proud of her son in taking responsibility at his young age and deciding to become stronger. After saying her goodbyes to her son and older brother, she left the past for the last time.

Six months after Kagome came back from the Sengoku Jidai for good, with Kirara in toe, the now young Snow Fox Maiden had soon met up with Sesshoumaru and Shippó again. The one difference she saw when she took a better look at her Kit was that he wasn't the little Kawaiiko-chan (Cutie) she had taken care of in the Sengoku Jidai, but he looked older in features, looking about maybe in his early twenties but only reached her shoulders in height. (Remember, Kagome is 5'1". And that's very short.) But if you looked at the kit from behind, if anyone had known any better, he would have looked to be in his early teens; maybe about twelve or thirteen years of age.

As for Sesshoumaru, the once thought-to-be demon but Snow Elf Prince hadn't changed at all. Except he had gained a greater knowledge than he used to five hundred years before and had a lot more grace.

Ever since that day they had met up with each other, Kagome had moved in with Sesshoumaru and Shippo in Sesshoumaru's mansion that had bought a decade ago and had lived together for close to four and a half years.

-------- Flashback End --------

Now that five years had already passed, Kagome guessed that Midoriko chose this time to tell them what was going to become of them- Sesshoumaru, Shippó, Kirara, and herself, since the jewel was complete and now forever dormant with her body.

After opening her eyes, she met the legendary miko's gaze looking down at her from where she lay. Sighing, Kagome carefully sat up as not to wake Kirara just yet. Tucking her legs under her self while setting Kirara in her lap, Kagome asked, "So what is to become us, Midoriko-sama? And who are the other three I sense with you?"

Though Kagome's voice sounded almost as softer as a gentle breeze, her eyes show great curiosity.

Over the years after she had returned from the Sengoku Jidai, Kagome had grown distant from her matchmaking friends and the majority of her other peers from school, only talking to Eri every now and than out of all of them. Yes, she even told the shorthaired girl with her trademark yellow hair band about her adventures in the past. Along with the truth about how there are still very few youkai living in the modern era. Surprisingly, the ex-matchmaker of her friends had taken all the information the Miko spilt quite well.

When Kagome had voiced her question, Sesshoumaru and Shippó soon came too. Shippó awoke groggy and looked a little ruffled with his Kitsune ears drooped a bit- something you would see in your everyday typical modern teenage Kitsune even though he was supposed to twenty or older in appearance. 'That's to be expected. He did stay up late partying with his drinking buddies.' Kagome thought with a light humorous smirk.

Sesshoumaru awoke looking as perfect as he always had since she had first met him in the Sengoku Jidai and much more… ethereal, as you could say since after his glamour was removed.

All Midoriko did as she gazed at her successor as well as her successor's family was smile with a gentle sparkle in her dark emerald eyes as the three others with her just chuckled at the adorable display Kagome showed with her head tilted slightly to the side and her Kitsune ears were fully erect on top of her head.

"What is to become of you and your little family, Kagome, is that you will be able to go home… to Middle Earth. And will be able to take your son, Shippó and Kirara with you." Midoriko's smile widened as she saw the excitement enter Kagome's eyes as well as Sesshoumaru's except his was more concealed than his younger sister's. Shippó was just confused and didn't catch what was going on while Kirara just woke up at the sound of her name. "And to answer you second question, the other three who are with me are Nefarious, The Black Wizard. Mótsognir, the first lord of the Dwarves, and Urúvion, the first king of the Snow Elves- they are the other four souls who reside in the Shikon no Tama with me."

Nefarious was an aged man with long, sleek black hair and flowing black robes. His facial features were much like any aged old man- narrow and wrinkled with high cheekbones and had a long black beard. In his hand was a black staff with an onyx jewel at the head of it. Despite his dark look and the empty feel of his ancient magic, Kagome could tell he was a very kind being by the look in his dark amethyst eyes. And by his smile of greeting, Kagome couldn't help but smile back.

Mótsognir was, like any other dwarf Kagome remembered, short with a long frizzy beard and hair. His mustache was in two graying auburn braids, much like his beard that was in three separate braids. His eyes were crinkled showing that he was smiling warmly. His clothes were dark green with gold leaf embroidering and chestnut brown vest, belt, boots and gloves.

And Urúvion, to Kagome, was truly a sight to see. Despite that Midoriko said that he was a Snow Elf, his hair was as pitch black as Nefarious', reaching to his knees as his sideburns reached to the end of his ribcage and his bangs almost covered his piercing ice blue eyes that resembled Sesshoumaru's (Remember that here, Sesshoumaru's true eye color was ice blue). His robes were of light powder blue and white with sliver snowflake embroidering.

Kagome's excitement about going home to Middle Earth was cut a bit short when Sesshoumaru asked stoically with a mix of suspicion, "What reason do you have for returning us to Middle Earth? I can only half believe that it's in reward for defeating Naraku when his demise only happened five years ago. Five years on Kagome's part and five hundred on Shippó's, Kirara's and mine is quite a long while just to return home."

No matter how much Kagome usually hates when her brother was right, she had to admit that he had a really good point. I mean, after making a wish on the jewel Midoriko could of easily just send them to Middle Earth rather than have them wait five/five hundred years. Especially when the majority of their wait consisted of training to keep up with their skills as well as sharpen them. So why have them wait?

'I'll bet 'Ká-san's favorite demon saké (rice wine) that we have to fight another battle concerning the fate of the world.' Shippó thought to himself with a groggy-like scowl on his face as Kirara decided to make herself comfortable on his head after moving from Kagome's lap. The tired Kitsune could only wonder if his hunch was correct, who and/or what they had to fight and what cause they have to fight for.

With a sigh of reluctance from Midoriko and her companions, the snow Elvin king, Urúvion answered with a smooth British accented tenor voice, "another reason that we decided to return you to Middle Earth now is because there is a war coming determining the future of man and every creature of Middle Earth."

'Aw, damn.' Shippó cursed while deepening his scowl and Kirara making a sound of displeasure. The one thing that he had come to hate over his years of experience in the past five centuries is his hunch always turning out right. He usually hated being right but hated being wrong all the more.

At what Urúvion had said, Sesshoumaru and Kagome had made an exasperated sound that showed their displeasure at the news. As if tracking and fight Naraku for the jewel shards, now they had to fight a war against some sort of evil that could be worse than the damned half-breed himself. Kagome, caught up in her irritation of the matter, spoke without thinking, "Now how are we suppose to keep this war from expanding? Or at least delay it?"

With a gentle and understanding smile, Nefarious answered in a deep aged voice, "Lady Kagome, you, Lord Sesshoumaru, young Master Shippó, and Kirara are to help a half-ling by the name of Frodo Baggins take a ring of power to Bree and then escort him to Rivendell. What you should do after that is entirely up to you."

Kagome, Shippó, Sesshoumaru, and Kirara all had their eyes narrowed in irritation (Much like how Naruto has his eyes whenever). The Fates really needed to stop being cruel… because after a very long while of giving twists and turns in their journey concerning the Jewel shards, was really starting to get old and just downright annoying.

First is was the Jewel of Four Souls that could grant any demon power and any wish a mortal desire, and now it was a ring that possessed such power? 'What will they think of next? A bracelet that possesses that same power as Pandora's box?' Shippó thought a bit peeved. For as much as he's concerned, there should've been a universal law that should ban jewels with the power to destroy worlds or grant them power and wishes.

After taking a deep breathe to calm herself- Sesshoumaru, Shippó, and Kirara doing the same- Kagome asked, "After doing escorting this Frodo Baggins to Bree and then to Rivendell, what to do afterwards is entirely up to us, eh? What do you guys think?" She turned her attention to her family for this. At the moment, she didn't mind doing a little escorting job but if her family wouldn't do it even if it were in order to go to her true home she wouldn't take the job. But if it was in order to stop or at least delay a war, Kagome had no doubt that they would come with take the job.

Sesshoumaru, even though it had been a very long time since he'd seen his true home, decided to go with Kagome in this. He had no doubt that Kagome would do everything in her power to help and he was more than willing to be right there for her when she needed help.

Shippó knew that since his mother would go, he would go with her to wherever it is she had to go. Kagome was his mother and he had been separated from her for five hundred years so there was no way he was going to be separated from her now. Not when he has been reunited with her after so many years. Plus while going with her, Shippó would be able to see he and his uncle's home world. So Shippó was more than willing to go wherever his mother saw fit.

It didn't matter to Kirara because wherever her mistress gone, she was going too. It was by Sango's word to always be there for Kagome and to follow her orders, as well as protect her even with her life if it was necessary.

It was soon settle in agreement that all of them would go to Middle Earth to escort Frodo to Bree and Rivendell.

Curious as to what this ring of Power is, Kagome asked about its origins and who made it.

The Dwarf lord, Mótsognir answered her with a lengthy explanation as to who made the ring and why the maker of the ring made it. He even told them war that the making of the ring had started, a war where elf and man joined to destroy the maker, Sauron and the ring. He also told them how Isildor kept the ring after Sauron was destroyed and how the ring itself managed to survive after so many years and end up in the Shire because of a hobbit named Bilbo, Frodo's uncle. And lastly how Frodo was appointed the task of Ring bearer until he was able to get the ring to Bree first.

Before they could set off to Middle Earth, Urúvion and Nefarious used their magic to change their nightclothes into suitable elfish clothing fit for traveling. Sesshoumaru and Shippó wore clothing that were very similar to each other but were of different colors and embroidering. They wear beautifully made shirts and pants that looked as if they were made of silk yet also made of durable material suited for travel.

Shippó had a murk green over-shirt with dull gold leaves embroidered on the collar, down to around the end of the shirt, and the cuffs of the sleeves with darker murk green pants and same colored boots that reached below his knees. To finish the look, he had a very dark greed cloak that reached to his ankles to hide his tail with a hood to cover his auburn Kitsune ears.

Sesshoumaru's clothes were similar in style but had different colors and embroidering. His attire's color and embroidering was similar to Urúvion's clothing with the same powder blue, white trimming, and silver snowflake embroidering. His boots were the same as Shippó's but were powder blue in color. Completing the look was a faded light blue cloak with a hood.

Kagome had dress suited for travel that had the same silver snowflake embroidering but was sapphire blue and light blue material. The pants she wore under the dress were a sapphire blue as well as the boots that reach below her knees, like Sesshoumaru and Shippó's. Her cloak was a midnight blue; almost black reaching to her ankles so as to hide her tail with a hood to hide her ears, like Shippó.

When Shippó got a look at his mother, he was amazed at how beautiful she was. She looked far more elegant in elfish clothing than she did when wearing the formal kimonos that he and Sesshoumaru usually give her for her birthday and Christmas. Sesshoumaru had to agree fully. Never in all his life had he ever seen his younger sister look so beautiful.

Kagome liked the outfit she was given and voiced it to the Black Wizard and Snow Elf King.

After Kirara was settled in Shippó's arms, the four of them stood together as Midoriko and the other three men stood in a circle around them to perform a spell that would transport them close to where the ring bearer was supposedly head but still within the Shire.

And within a blue flame that was very similar to Shippó's foxfire, Kagome, Kirara, Sesshoumaru, and Shippó were gone.

After a few moments of silence, Urúvion turned to Midoriko asking worriedly, "Are you sure it's all right to send them to Middle Earth now while Sauron is still a threat? I don't want my descendants to…"

"It's all right, Urúvion. One of the rewards your great granddaughter was supposed to receive will arrive in Rivendell after she and the others arrive there. This is also a fine opportunity to show Middle-Earth that the children of Ovorion and Mantheniel, the last of the Snow Elves Royal bloodline are still alive. With their experiences that they had in the Sengoku Jidai, they will be a valuable asset to their home world and man's last chance of Survival against the armies of Mordor." Midoriko answered. Even though that she didn't want them to go to Middle Earth just yet, she knew that sending them while the threat of Sauron was still at large was unavoidable.

"Midoriko is right. This is how it was meant to be. It is their fate." Nefarious spoke with (Dwarf name) in agreement. Sending them to Middle-Earth now was necessary for the sake of winning the upcoming war.

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