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Chapter Ten
Escaping Moria, Final Farewell

At Gandalf's words of where they need to head next, the Fellowship hurried out of the chamber, the hobbits riding upon Kirara's back, and headed toward a hall of pillars that looked very similar to the one they came to when first entering Dwarrowdelf. Close behind them, they were pursued by more orcs and goblins that now seem to start coming in hordes almost no different than the hordes of demons Kagome, Sesshoumaru, and Shippó had once faced in the Feudal Era.

Their numbers crawled out from cracks and crevices of the floor and ceiling like insects that were disturbed and forced out of their homes.

Before the Fellowship could move any farther, they were surrounded by the enemy. And despite their numbers were so little against an army, the Fellowship was willing to fight to the death. Even Kirara was growling and snarling, threateningly swiping at any orc that dared come near her with her flames licking at her paws and tails. Despite that her paws had been pricked by some of their spears and blades, she continued to protect the hobbits on her back.

The orcs that surrounded them snarled and leered, trying to entice fear into their very cores before they decided to kill them. But before the orcs could raise their weapons, a thunderous rumble sounded throughout the hall startling the orcs before they scurried to where they came from, making almost high pitch sounds that showed how agitated and frightened.

Despite Gimli's laugh in believing he frightened the orcs, Kagome couldn't help but feel that something was very wrong as she heard another rumble, fainter than before, under the fading noise of the orcs. Glancing at Shippó and Sesshoumaru, she saw that they noticed it too and were thinking the same thing.

Soon the Fellowship was left alone in the dark with only two torches and Gandalf's crystal lit to keep them from being in complete darkness.

Noticing a weary Grey wizard stare off into the distance the rumble before echoed from. Everything and everyone was quiet before Boromir asked, voicing the question that was on everyone's mind, "What is this new devilry?"

Gandalf made no response as Sesshoumaru and Shippó tilt their head back a bit to take a whiff of a new scent in the air, a new strong scent that Kagome noticed too, smelling of smoke and something that was a mix of burning coal and bone. A strange combination considering how many funeral pyres she often attended to in the feudal era.

'Must be the absence of burning flesh…' Kagome absently thought to herself.

After a moment of silence, Gandalf responded to Boromir's question after another thunderous rumble echoed through the pillars, "A Balrog — a demon of the ancient world." Vicious growls followed as a fiery light of red and gold started to etch and crawl along the surfaces of the pillars and the walls just beyond the corner of a stone corridor. The mere sound of the creature's presence was enough to have even Legolas feel fear. "This foe is beyond any of you… RUN!"

No one questioned the wizard's command as they darted off, heading for a small doorway as Gandalf shepherded them through it and urged them to move quickly. After the hobbits quickly stepped off Kirara, since her larger form was too big for the doorway, and they stepped through, Gandalf took one last glance behind him before following with Kirara in his arms after she seemed to have collapsed.

After they entered a passageway and went down a flight of steps only to find the last few segments and maybe more to be missing. This unexpectedness almost allowed Borormir to fall, if it hadn't been for Legolas to catch him and pull back. The only thing that did fall was the torch Boromir had held.

Hearing the stone steps start to crumble and almost give out enough to have both men slide to their death, Kagome erected a curved wall of ice to prevent both men from falling.

Seeing the thick curved ice at their feet, keeping them from falling to the vast underworld below, both elf and man gave a relieved huff before picking themselves back up to join the others with Kagome and Shippó lending them a hand.

Behind them, Aragorn turned to Gandalf, wanting the wizard to tell him what to do.

Gandalf grabbed his shoulder, ordering, "Lead them on, Aragorn. The Bridge is near." The exile heir of Gondor followed the Grey Wizard's line of sight, seeing the bridge beyond the space connecting a hall and a cliff face. Behind them, the Balrog gave another roar, sounding a little closer than before.

When Aragorn made a move to go face the demon, Gandalf roughly pushed him away gaining a look of hurt and confusion from the ranger, "Do as I say! Swords are no more use here!"

With another roar from the Balrog, the Fellowship quickly descended another flight of massive stairs before coming to a gap. After a momentary pause, Legolas gave a leap and landed on the other side before the Balrog rumbled again. The force from the vibrations was enough to make the foundations splinter and crumble, sending huge rocks tumbling below.

After Kagome gave a light leap after accepting Kirara from Gandalf, landing softly next to Legolas, the Elven Prince beckoned Gandalf to follow. Before the wizard could do so, Sesshoumaru wrapped an around his waist and leaped over just before arrows whistled through the air from a far ledge and striking at the steps.

As Kagome helped Shippó and Sam across, Legolas fired a few arrows back, even had one hit dead center through an orc's head before its body fell over and to the depths below.

When it came to be Boromir's turn, he wrapped his arms around Merry and Pippin before taking a huge leap and another onslaught of arrows was fired between Legolas and the orcs and more segments of steps fell. As Aragorn reached for Gimli to pitch him across, the dwarf stopped him with his hand, "No one tosses a dwarf."

Though Gimli had made it, he nearly fell back and would've fallen if it hadn't been for Legolas grabbing his beard to pull him up but also made the dwarf cry out almost painfully, "Not the beard!"

To spare Gimli even more pain – or worse, losing a handful of his beard to Legolas' hand, Kagome leaned over and grabbed the dwarf by his belt and pulled him forward, getting him out of danger of falling or losing his facial hair. Although this didn't stop more of the stones on the foundation from crumbling and falling, losing more of the steps at Aragorn and Frodo's feet.

After Aragorn pushed Frodo to safety, they started to climb back up as more steps started to crumble, widening the gap between them and the rest of the group.

After Kagome's reply, the Balrog released another roar that once again vibrated throughout the cavern while its steps made the stone structures throughout the mine start to collapse the closer it became. A particularly large one fell from the ceiling and smashed the rest of the steps behind Frodo and Aragorn, creating another gap and trapping them before the stairs they stood on began to wobble.

Seeing the gap between them, Boromir turned to Kagome and almost frantically asked, "Can't you create steps out of ice to close the gap?!"

"I can't! There's not enough moisture here for me to do that. I was lucky to even get enough before to make the ice that saved you and Legolas from falling!" She answered, not liking to admit but it was the honest truth. She had to have enough moisture in the air to make ice to seemly appear out of nowhere. "and Kirara's injured. The orcs must've laced their weapons with some sort of poison!"

"Lean forward!" Shippó cried out, almost at his wits end while not wanting to lose his friends.

As they shifted their weight forward, the stairs started to tip forward across the divide and slamming onto the steps the rest of the Fellowship stood on.

After leaping to safety, they continued their way down the rest of the stairs that the structure from the tilted steps Frodo and Aragorn were just on began to collapse.

Once they made it to the end of the stairs, they came around a great pillar and into a fiery hall with Gandalf leading the Fellowship as the walls of flames whirled behind them.

At seeing these flames, it became no wonder why Kagome couldn't gather any moisture to make her ice.

Gandalf gave them the order to keep running to the bridge but does not follow. He only turned to the wall of fire before the outline of the Balrog's form made of shadow, smoke, and flame appeared beyond the tall ember wall. Its eyes glowed of white fire and had a great ash-black horns curling around its demonic bull-head.

After leaping through the flames, opened its maw and let out of a rumbling roar that emitted the heat of its flaming body. The dry heat blew into Gandalf's face, so dry it was almost like standing in a smithy's on a hot summer.

Noticing that her Godfather was still behind them and standing before the Balrog. Running back, she grabbed a hold of Gandalf's arm before pulling him to run and catch up with the rest of the Fellowship. As they ran, the Balrog's great, black, cloven foot stomped into the hall in a burst of flames.

Within the fiery light, the Fellowship finally came to the Bridge of Khazad-dûm, making the hobbits cross first before the rest started to cross. Seeing how close the demonic creature behind them was, Gandalf forced Kagome to cross the bridge before him.

Once he was certain everyone was across as he reached the center of the bridge, Gandalf turned to face the Balrog. His voice carried out very strong and commanding, "You cannot pass!"

This made everyone turn back to the bridge and Frodo crying out to him as the old wizard continued, "I am the servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the Flame of Anor… The dark fire will not avail you! Flame of Udûn!" As the wizard spoke, the light of the crystal on his staff grew brighter.

In a display of intimidation, the Balrog allowed its flames to engulf it before striking down on Gandalf with its sword that was swallowed up in flames and looking like hot iron. The wizard parried its blow with his own blade, shattering the Balrog's sword. The glowing embers were run off from the circle of light that surrounded Gandalf before the monster bellowed.

From the other side of the bridge, Kagome and the hobbits gasped at the display of Gandalf's magic as Aragorn tried to run back to the bridge.

"Go back to the Shadow!" The wizard commanded though clenched teeth.

The Balrog took steps onto the bridge, brandishing a flaming whip before cracking it against the cliff face it stood over.

Gandalf then raised both his staff and sword into the air with a final command echoed throughout the cave, "You — shall not — pass!" before driving his staff into the bridge and creating a bright flash of blue light. After a moment of pause, the Balrog's nostrils flared before stepping forward onto the bridge. As it moved closer to Gandalf, the bridge collapsed from underneath the creature and broke before the Grey Wizard's staff. The monster of shadow and flames plunged into the chasm below still wielding its whip that glowed of firelight.

Exhausted from the feat of the spell he cast, Gandalf leaned on his staff as he watched the Balrog continue to fall. Just as he turned to walk to his relieved and smiling goddaughter's side and follow the others out, the Balrog lashed its whip in one last attempt to attack the wizard and had it wrapped around his ankle, dragging him over to the edge.

Frodo rushed over to try and help but Boromir held him back.

Being closer to the wizard, Kagome passed Kirara to Shippó and rushed forward before Sesshoumaru could grab hold of her and dove for Gandalf's hand, grasping it tightly and gave a struggling attempt to pull him back up.

The half snow elf gave a grunt in her struggle to pull Gandalf up before felt him stop struggling after hearing the stone beneath them crumble.

After Gandalf stopped his struggling, he looked to Frodo and gave what he believed was his one last order, "Fly, you fools!"

When he let himself go, Kagome gave a stunned cry as she almost fell with Gandalf but still hung onto him.

Seeing her still holding his hand tightly, Gandalf ordered sternly but softly, "Let go, Kagome. The bridge won't hold out if you keep holding onto me."

"No, Gandalf! I'm not letting you fall! We're all going to get out together and in one piece. I'M NOT LEAVING YOU TO DIE!" Kagome cried out almost in desperation. She had seen death too many deaths in her short life and although she never once lost an ally, Kagome was not going to lose one now if she could help it.

Despite the situation, Gandalf smiled at Kagome's determination in wanting to save him but he would not let her suffer the same fate as he. Feeling himself slipping from her grasp with her just barely hanging on, Gandalf spoke again, "Let go, Kagome…" and just as she was barely hanging onto him by the tips of her fingers, he softly said one final time, "Let go…"

Tears began to blur Kagome's vision as she felt and saw Gandalf slip from her grasp, falling to the to chasm with his arms spread as the light of the Balrog glimmered far below.

Kagome faintly heard Frodo cry out as her tears fell into the chasm, hand still reached out to the fallen wizard and feeling numb and cold all of a sudden. She couldn't hear Frodo's cries any more or Boromir calling out to Aragorn. The sound of the stone underneath her giving out brought her out of her shock enough to bring her self to quickly get herself to the other side, barely making it as the stone fell just a split second after she leaped to a more stable part of the bridge and avoid the orc arrows that started to fly toward them.

Coming to Aragorn's side and noticing that he wasn't moving from where he stood, Kagome deftly grabbed and pulled him to follow her and the others up the stairs.

Aragorn was drawn out of his daze at Kagome pulling him and urged her to move ahead of him. At the top of the stairs that still allowed him to see the bridge, he still in disbelief that his wizard friend was gone and that said wizard didn't allow Kagome to save him.

Dodging what arrows flew towards his head, Aragorn ran on up more stairs until him and the rest of his companions broke though the gate leading out of the mines.

After they had all exited out of Moria, Kagome fell to her knees, staring at nothing and panting from the exertion of all the running they had all done. Despite the numbness that took her body, she was aware of the sorrow, shock, and disbelief from all of the Fellowship. She could faintly hear Gimli being restrained by Boromir and Shippó, to keep the dwarf from running back into Moria to face to countless orcs. She was also aware of Legolas standing behind her as he looked on in shock, disbelief, and puzzlement at his companions and Sesshoumaru standing next to her, silently giving her comfort with his strong presence despite the loss he was also feeling now.

But most of all, she could hear the hobbits crying from the loss of their wizard friend who had been a constant presence in their lives since childhood.

Momentarily leaving his sister's side, Sesshoumaru went to Aragorn's side, "We must leave now before the orcs come. There will be plenty of time to mourn once we reach to safety."

Nodding in agreement, Aragorn replied as he finished cleaning his blade, "Lothlórien is not too far from here. We can make it by late afternoon, maybe dusk if we move quickly." Moving past the male Snow Elf as he sheathed his sword, the ranger called out, "Legolas, get them up."

At Aragorn's words, Kagome lifted her head as Legolas moved to help her onto her feet and Shippó when to the hobbits. But before the Elvin prince could offer his hand, Boromir spoke, "Give them a moment, for pity's sake!"

Aragorn soon replied, his voice showing that he's taken command, "By nightfall these hills will be swarming with Orcs! We must reach the woods of Lothlórien."

Before Boromir could talk back, Kagome's soft voice stopped him, "He's right…" Boromir's and Aragorn's, as well as everyone else's attention landed on her as she continued, "If we continue to stay, we're just setting ourselves to an early grave. First get to somewhere safer, there will be plenty of time to mourn after." Getting up on uneasy legs, she added, "Besides… Kirara was poisoned so we must get her help as quick as we can."

Seeing no one rebuke her words as Legolas helped steady her on her feet, Sesshoumaru spoke, "We must leave now. Boromir, Legolas, Gimli, Shippó, get them up."

After Aragorn helped Sam up and Shippó got Merry and Pippin on their feet, the ranger turned to a hillside where Frodo stood alone. When he had called out to the Ring Bearer, Frodo turned to him from his silent weeping as a single tear ran down to his chin.

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