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Chapter Nine
City of Dwarrodelf, Orcs and Cave Troll Attack

The Fellowship was very quiet while waiting for Gandalf to remember with path to take. As they waited for Gandalf, the hobbits were talking among themselves while Legolas and Shippó kept a lookout and the others were sitting around a small fire.

As she was resting her eyes, sitting next to Sesshoumaru, Kagome could hear Pippin asking Merry if they were lost before Sam reminded them that Gandalf was thinking before Pippin told Merry that he was hungry. She then heard Frodo quickly make his way to Gandalf's side.

Kagome sat up, feeling a sneeze coming and tried to stop it. Her expression caught Legolas' attention as he asked, "Kagome, are you all right?" this caught the attention of everyone but Gandalf and Frodo who were speaking to each other. Holding a finger up, mutely saying 'one moment', Kagome started inhaling, trying to stop the sneezing that was supposed to come.

Turning to her left, opposite of Sesshoumaru, an almost off and delicate sneeze then came to the female peredhil(half elf, I'm not sure this is correct), alerting the rest of the fellowship (minus Gandalf who glanced back curiously for a moment), only to see that the rock she sneeze on was covered in white frost.

Blinking owlishly as Kagome was rubbing her nose and sniffing, Pippin spoke, "Ooh, that's new…"

Aragorn looking to the only female of their group curiously as Shippó spoke, "Whoa, 'Ká-san, I didn't know that you frosted things you sneezed on. I'm surprised your snot didn't turn into snot-cicles."

Kagome gave a half-hearted glare before pointing out, "I'm gonna ignore that last part. Just be glad it wasn't you or anyone else sitting next to me… or else you'd get a bad case of frostbite." At this, Sesshoumaru chuckled with Kirara making a hissing sound that sound like a cat laugh.

"How bad?" Merry asked with Sam, Pippin, and the others curious to hear.

After a moment of thinking, Kagome replied in an offhanded manner, "Oh just bad enough to where you'll have to amputate whatever limb I had sneeze on."

The men of the group grew uneasy before Kagome reassured them, "don't worry, I hardly sneeze unless I get a cold or have alergies. But if I ever do, just stir clear."

"From what I remember, Snow Elves can't freeze anything with a simple sneeze." Legolas spoke.

Sessoumaru gave an almost unnoticeable upturn of his lips as he handed his sister a piece of cloth to blow her nose before he answered Legolas, "The Snow Elves do not sneeze like this, but it's the younger, inexperienced Snow Foxes that are able to do this since their power over snow, water, and ice fluctuates for a moment. Thus, the momentary lax of control of that power caused by the sneeze; the air forcefully exhaled combined with Kagome's power makes any object freeze to the point where it can cause frostbite, depending on how big or small the sneeze is."

"What do mean? How big the sneeze is…" Boromir asked.

"If the sneeze is as small as it was now… it'll be enough to freeze most of your leg or arm. If the sneeze was big and loud… most of your body would be frozen, leading close to death. But this only happens when a sneeze sneaks up on her." The young hobbits gulped at Sesshoumaru's answer as Kagome looked sheepish and pointed out, "No worries, boys. Just stir clear when it looks like a sneeze sneaks up on me."

Legolas turned to hide his smile as Shippó and Aragorn chuckled at the vixen's reply before Gandalf caught their attention, "Ah! It's that way."

"He's remembered!" Merry grinned as he and the rest stood from where they sat.

Once Aragorn and Boromir put out the fire they had going when the Fellowship had stopped to rest, everyone made their way to Gandalf's side as he replied to Merry, "No, but the air doesn't smell so foul down here." At this, Kagome, Kirara, Sesshoumaru, and Shippó scrunched their noses in disgust when they caught a whiff of the scent coming from the opposite tunnel as the Gray Wizard added as he rested a hand on Merry's shoulder, "If in doubt, Meriadoc, always follow your nose."

"… Where've I heard that line before?" Shippó muttered as everyone followed Gandalf down the dark stone stairway as he lit the way.

At her son's question, Kagome muttered back, low enough so that not even Legolas could hear, "You had watched way too much American TV back home, Shippó."

Reaching the end of the stairway after what seemed like an hour, Gandalf spoke again, saying that he could risk a little more light. Once he increased the light, illuminating a great stone hall with tall magnificent pillars and archways, he announced, ""Behold: the great realm and Dwarf city of Dwarrowdelf."

The fellowship marveled at the architecture as Gimli gasped at masterpiece of his cousin Balin's.

"Now there's an eye opener and no mistake." Sam said with Shippó, Merry, and Pippin nodding in agreement.

'This underground civilization's architecture could rival that of the Egyptians back home…' Kagome thought in complete awe as Sesshoumaru kept close to her, not trusting the old scents of death and orcs that remained in the empty hall of the Dwarf city.

Walking through the great hall, Gimli caught a glimpse of light shining into a chamber before suddenly running off towards said chamber.

Gandalf''s call to the Dwarf fell on def ears while Kagome called out to him and followed close behind, not hearing Shippó or Sesshoumaru call out to her. Once inside the chamber, Kagome saw Gimli fall to his knees before the crypt that was built in the center of the chamber. Scattered about the chamber were dried and decomposed corpses, dressed in armor and weapons; wielded by the dwarf warrior when they were alive or were impaled by them or even scattered on the floor of the chamber.

Kagome reached up to pull her hood back and softly made her way to Gimli's side before resting her hands on the shoulders of his sobbing form, offering what comfort she could in his moment of mourning as she heard the others come into the chamber. Boromir did the same as Gandalf came closer to the graying alabaster stone tomb, translating the runes chiseled into the stone, "Here lies Balin, son of Fundin, Lord of Moria." As if more pained by the confirmation of whom the tomb had belonged to, Gimli lowered his head with his helmet-clad forehead resting against the ledge before Gandalf continued, "He is dead then. It's as I feared."

The Dwarf's wail of sorrow echoed within the chamber before the gray wizard a thick battered book. Passing his staff and pointed hat to Pippin, who was closest to him, and took up the battered book from the corpse that was holding it.

Through Gimli's sobbed and what sounded like his chanting a prayer that seemed to be in the language of his people as Kirara offered her comfort- nudging her head against the side of his helmet, Kagome, along with her son and elder brother, heard Legolas say to Aragorn, "We must move on, we cannot linger!"

At this one of Kagome fox ears swerved toward them before her attention was caught by Gandalf as he read the writing within the tattered pages of the book he had picked up, "They have taken the bridgeand the second hall."

The haunting tone of his voice brought in not only the female peredhil(half elf), but also the others of the fellowship as well as Gimli who lifted his head once his sobs had stopped but gained a blank expression.

"We have barred the gatesbut cannot hold them for long." Pippin backs away, almost clutching the staff and hat, effectively unnerved by how haunting Gandalf made the words sound, "The ground shakes. Drumsdrumsin the deep." Gandalf slowly looked up to everyone as he turned to the next page which was smudged and bloodstained.

As the elder continued to read, the others started to become uncomfortable, glancing to every nook and cranny with unease.

"We cannot get out. A shadow moves in the dark." Pippin had stumbled back and was met with an armored corpse of a dwarf impaled by a goblin arrow and sitting on a stone well before turning towards it.

"We cannot get out…" Gandalf then looks up to everyone, increasing the unease after glancing at the last line of the scrawling there the ink was fading and looking like it was hurriedly written, "They are coming!"

The uncomfortable silence that increased in intensity was soon broken when Pippin, out of the famed curiosity of a Took, curiously and softly twisted the arrow that impaled the corpse that was near him, which in effect caused the skull to slip off and fall into the well and reverberate a loud crash within the silent depths of the well and the rest of the mines.

The sudden sound startled everyone on alert, making them whipped their attention to Pippin, while also almost making Kagome yelp of fright; her and Shippó, as well as Kirara had their ears perked up, their tails sticking up, and their eyes wide like they were caught in the headlights.

Pippin turned to the rest of them with a guilty face before the corpse followed its head down the well with a long chain and bucket following it, the mummified corpse's fall creating a loud crash of bone and metal hitting the stone surfaces of the well's walls before crashing to the bottom. As the noise continued, Pippin winced at each wave of sound, even after they had hit rock bottom with the sound of metal and bone to stone echoed within the endless mines.

Once even the echoes faded, the Fellowship relaxed slightly with Boromir, Kagome and Shippó softly exhaling their breath they weren't aware of holding before Gandalf slammed the book shut, speaking to the hobbit with anger in his voice as he took his staff and had from Pippin, "Fool of a Took! Throw yourself in next time and rid us of your stupidity!"

As Pippin awkwardly stood still when Gandalf turned away, Kagome was starting to sorry for the little hobbit but that was soon put to a halt when her fox ears twitched, picking up a sound in the abyss of the dark and abandoned mines, through the well. While she, Kirara, Shippó, and Sesshoumaru had picked it up first, the others started to hear the deep and loud booms of the drums.

The same drums that were mentioned in the thick book that Gandalf and just read.

Sam turned to Frodo, noticing that his sword, Sting was glowing blue; a sign that showed that orcs were near.

The cries of the orcs soon followed after the rolls of the drums, putting everyone on alert and Sesshoumaru and Boromir rushing to the doors. When Boromir was looking around to see if they were coming, Sesshoumaru heard the hiss of an arrow in flight and moved the human next to him out of the arrows course.

Aragorn then dropped his torch, making his way to the male snow elf and Boromir after ordering the hobbits to get back and stay close to Gandalf.

Kagome then told Shippó and Kirara to protect Gandalf and the Hobbits before helping her brother and the two humans to seal the door.

As the door had shut, she heard Boromir say with sarcastic relief, "They have a Cave Troll." As if to confirm his word, a bellow could be heard from outside the chamber.

Legolas tossed weapons to Boromir and Aragorn to blockade the door before Kagome told them to get back and reinforced the blockade by freezing the boarders and cracks of the door with thick layers of ice. Once she had finished her task, she formed her ice weapons as the others drew their own weapons as Gimli leaped atop of Balin's tomb, brandishing his axe, "Argh! Let them come! There is one dwarf yet in Moria who still draws breath!"

The orcs then could be heard trying to break the doors down and their weapons almost splintering through the old wood that wasn't frozen. As Kagome was about to rectify her beginner's mistake and cover the holes the creatures made, Legolas and Aragorn stood poised to shoot their arrows and released them; the Elvin prince making the first shot once the orcs could be seen through the opening they had made before Aragorn shot another, making their enemy give a shrilled cry before they fell dead and more took their place to break through.

Even when Kagome had started to reinforce the blockade with her ice, the orcs still managed to break through with the force of their numbers.

Battle ready, The Fellowship did not hesitate to clash their weapons with them. Aragorn and Legolas piercing all they could with Boromir all that came his way with his sword. No sooner than when Gimli caught one in the stomach, Gandalf and the Hobbits joined the fray.

Meanwhile, Sesshoumaru fought them off with claws that seemed to freeze any injury he dealt and ultimately killed any orc that fell under his wrath; his Ice Claws, Kagome fighting all that came near her and cut them down with her Ice Sword and freezing groups with the same technique that she used to try sealing the down. Shippó used his own claws to kill off the ones that tried to take him down and also used a deadlier version of his Fox Fire while Kirara tore all orcs within her path with her claws and teeth.

When it looked like one of the orcs had decided to play dirty and try cutting Kagome down while her back was turned, Legolas caught sight of this and released an arrow just before the orc made a fell swoop that would've severely injured his female comrade.

Hearing the agonized cry of an orc behind her, Kagome quickly turned to see the stiff before falling to the ground. Catching sight of the arrow imbedded in his back, she looked up to see Legolas notch another arrow seemingly aimed at her before releasing it as it whizzed passed her kitsune ear by a hair, killing another orc.

Despite her instinct telling her to continue fighting, Kagome still gave him a nod of thanks before the both of them went back to fighting off the orcs while hearing the hobbits give their own battle cries with Gandalf before they too joined the fray.

When Shippó had burned another orc to a crisp with Aragorn not too far behind in beheading another, the ground shook making the fellowship pause in their fighting for a split second before most of them looked up to the doorway to see a Cave Troll burst through wielding a huge mace.

Legolas shot an arrow at its shoulder but it only seemed to irritate it a bit as it gave a growl while clasping the small wound.

Seeing Sam just looking up and frozen in place while the Troll looked ready to swing its weapon down on him. The hobbit managed to make a dive between the troll's legs before crawling away as quick as he could as the beast was turning.

When the troll caught sight of the hobbit once again and was about to strike at him once again, it sudden fell back a step as Aragorn and Boromir were pulling on it's chains from behind it.

The troll then suddenly twisted its arm and whipped Boromir across the room before he landed in the recess of a wall. His composure dazed after the sudden departure from point A to point B.

Seeing an orc ready to strike the human while he was still dazed, Shippó and Kirara jumped in just in time as nekomatta grabbing a hold of the human by the leather of his vestment with her teeth. As she was pulling him out of the way, Shippó sliced the orc down with his claws.

The sudden tug Kirara's teeth on his vest brought Boromir out of his dazed state long enough to see Shippó staring at him with claws covered but the orc's blood and the fox demon telling him with a deadly expression, "Quit sitting around dazed like you're daydreaming of a woman and start getting back on your feet and fight."

With that, both fox and nekomatta demons left the human to fight off more orcs while Boromir started to stand again with his wits back with him before started to fight off any orc that crossed him once again.

While that was happening, Gimli, while standing on his cousin's tomb, slung one of his smaller hachets at the troll piercing its shoulder. This only caused the troll to swing its mace at the dwarf, shattering the tomb and knocking the dwarf off. Back on his feet, Gimli started to hack his weapon at the troll. When it was going to swing its mace at the dwarf, Gimli ducked just in time troll to hit a goblin instead before the dwarf fell and the troll struck another goblin.

In a corner, Legolas shot two arrows at the troll and making it reel back with a cry of pain.

After seeing Gandalf knock an orc out with his staff, Kagome watched in trepidation as the troll swung its chains above its head and at Legolas. Cutting through the orcs and goblins in her way with her ice sword, Kagome raced over to the elf's aid.

Luckily, the chain had missed him after quickly dodging it.

When the troll tried to strike him again, its chain wrapped around a pillar, allowing the wood elf to quickly run across it to the troll's shoulders and gave an opportunity to shot an arrow into the back of its skull. The arrow shattered on impact before Legolas jumped off the troll, making it cringe and stumble a bit.

While on her way to Legolas' aid, Kagome was held up by an orc that attacked her head on. Although she was relieved that Legolas was okay, that relief was short-lived when she saw Frodo, Mary, and Pippin were in danger. With a quick swing of her sword, she made her to the three hobbits as she heard Aragorn yell out to Frodo.

As Frodo dodged around a pillar, it was obvious that the troll was after Frodo and the ring.

With Kagome held up by an orc that tried to attack her from her blind side, Aragorn managed to fight his way through the orcs and goblins that got in his way and get to Frodo much faster than she. The same went with Sesshoumaru as the troll managed to grab the hobbit when he found him. The Snow Elf Prince started to attack the troll with an ice version of his old poisonous whip as Frodo slashed at the Troll's hand before it let him go, dropping him in an alcove.

The troll cried out in pain from Sesshoumaru's attacks but only seemed to stare at the wounds on his hand it got from Frodo before it raised its mace to smash him but Aragorn comes in, leaping into the recess before grabbing a spear and stabbing the troll in the lower torso with it.

Although it didn't penetrate its flesh, Aragorn was managing to keep it at bay and away from Frodo.

From behind the monster, Merry and Pippin were throwing stones at its head to draw it away from their friends.

It only made the troll swing its arm down and hit Aragorn. The action sent the man flying across the room, hitting the rough surface from the side of the alcove he and the hobbit were in. Frodo quickly raced to the ranger's side and tried to rouse him but Aragorn was too stunned.

With the troll closing in on him, Frodo tried to make a run for it but the troll blocked his path with the spear Aragorn used to impale it and threw the hobbit back.

All across and around the chamber, time almost seemed to stop as Frodo felt the pain that came when the Troll stab him in the chest with the spear. The force behind the attack drove the air right out of him.

When the attack happened, Gandalf had instinctively turned while Merry and Pippin stared in shock. Kagome was able to see all this as she impaled the orc she was fighting in the heart.

Her eyes were wide with shock despite hearing the troll gasp in surprise at how quick it dealt the hobbit.

As Kagome and Gandalf looked on in shock, Merry and Pippin gave each other a glance. With resolve, they both gave a battle cry before leaping onto the Troll's shoulders and started stabbing at it mercilessly.

The cry of the two hobbits brought Kagome out of her shocked state before letting the orc she stabbed fall with her ice sword still imbedded in it before quickly running at the troll and managing to also leap onto its back between the two hobbits. Balancing her self on her feet, Kagome formed two ice daggers in her hands before impaling them into the troll's eyes.

The troll's cry of pain seemed to have brought everyone out of their shock as they started fighting again to get to the downed hobbit.

In the troll's blinded state and in impeccable pain, it started to thrash around almost throwing the three on its back off. With its hands, it also tried grabbing onto one of said three on its back.

With Kagome being the tallest on it and still holding onto her now bloodied ice daggers, she was easy to grab onto. But with her strong grip on the daggers that were still within the troll's eyes, the troll had a hard time getting her off even with its claws digging through the fabric of her clothes and almost into her skin.

At its grip, Kagome gave a grunt while trying to hold on as Merry went to slashing at the arm trying to grab the Snow Elf-Fox as Pippin continued to stab at it.

As Kagome, Merry, and Pippin continued to hang on, the others had already dealt with the orc and goblins and were now trying to bring the Troll down.

Through her struggle to hang on and when the Troll managed to grab Merry, Kagome noticed Legolas take aim at the Troll's head like he was waiting for the right moment to shoot a killing blow.

With one more tug from the troll at trying to get Kagome off, Kagome pulled at the ice daggers in a desperate attempt to stay on. Losing her footing, she was now almost sitting upon her shoulders while making the troll bring its head back with her and ultimately giving Legolas the shot he was looking for.

After the release of the arrow, it shot through and true to its target within the troll's open mouth. And right through the roof of its mouth, the arrow had pierced into its brain.

Despite the pain it felt from Kagome's ice weapons impaled into its eyes, the troll started to groan as its great hand fumbled towards its mouth where the tail of the arrow protruded from before it blindly looked up in shock. The melting ice daggers, colored in its blood, still embedded in its eyes giving a grotesque image.

Then, with a long pained groan of its last breathing moments, the troll collapsed to its knees and fell dead throwing Kagome and Pippin off of its shoulders in the process.

A long silent pause stretched out at the fellowship before Shippó and Kirara rushed to Kagome to help her and Pippin up while Gandalf, Sesshoumaru, and Aragorn rushed to Frodo with Sam slowly coming from behind. Kagome looked over to where Frodo laid as Aragorn rolled him over to see if he was okay.

After the ranger turned the fallen hobbit over onto his back, Frodo gave a groan while gasping to regain his breath.

A wave of relief swept over the fellowship at Sam's vocal confirmation of their Ring Bearer being, indeed alive; this relief eve more eminent by Gandalf.

Unable to contain herself, Kagome made her way to Frodo, dropping to her knees before bringing the hobbit into her arms. Within her tight embrace, Frodo reassured her and the two on either side of him that he was all right and unharmed.

Pulling away from the hobbit, Kagome asked, "Are you sure?" as she looked him over to see otherwise.

"That spear would've skewered a wild boar. It should've killed you instantly!" Aragorn added, still amazed yet relieved that the young hobbit was still alive.

Gandalf, with Sesshoumaru, stepped up with the old wizard sparing a word of wisdom, "I believe there's more to this Hobbit than meets the eye." Sesshoumaru gave a sound of agreement as his eyes stared at said Hobbit, seeing something peek from under his shirt.

After glancing at her brother, Kagome looked back to Frodo following the elder Snow Elf's line of sight. With Frodo, she opened his shirt to reveal a shimmering shirt, and not just any shiny shirt… "Mithril?" she muttered questioningly.

"Like… the same Mithril we all saw while making our way here?" Shippó asked before Gimli said good-naturedly, "You're full of surprises, Master Baggins."

"Indeed." Sesshoumaru agreed with a barely noticeable upturn of his lips as Kirara, still in her larger form, came up to Frodo, licking his cheek.

The atmosphere then turned to that of dread as they heard Orcs in the distance. The fellowship looked to each other, as if hoping they were just hearing things after the scuffle they just had. But that wasn't the case at all as Gandalf gave them all one simple yet firm order, "To the Bridge of Khazad-dûm!"

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