Smart. Beautiful. Dead.


"Now Dean, do it, you have to" John yelled as he stuck a wooden stake through the heart of a vampire which consequently turned to dust.

Blood ran down her neck thick and glistening. His hand wrapped around her to rest on the small of her back, her body pressed toward his to keep her standing. The bites marks on her neck stung.

"He's right, you have to" she encouraged him pushing the wooden stake that she had been holding toward him signaling for him to use it on her "Now Dean"

"Dean! Do it now!" John yelled once more as he began to tend to an unconscious Sam.

"No!" Dean bellowed. He couldn't, he couldn't kill her to save himself, maybe he could save her, he had to save her, he couldn't lose her. His actions were a stark contrast to how he usually was when his father ordered him to do something.

"We can fix this, I can save you" he begged tears welling in his eyes.

"You don't have time Dean, this is the only way" she squeezed out in pain feeling her body changing.

"I can't" he cried "I love you" it was the first time he had said it, the first time he could push himself to say it.

Her face eased, the pain drained "I love you too" she murmured before kissing him softly. Her eyes closed, tears fell as she felt the stake enter her back with huge force. She turned to dust on Dean's lips. Gone forever.

Dean's eyes flashed open and widened at the sight. She was gone. He fell to his knees in front of his father who had a bloodied stake gripped in his hand. Dean buried his face in his hands, wiped the dust from his lips the only piece of her that he had left.

"I had..." John started.

"Don't, just..." Dean shook his head in disbelief "Get away from me now before I do something I regret" Dean ordered. John opened his mouth to protest "I did this to save you Dean"

"LEAVE!" he screamed before getting to his feet and glaring at his father.

John put his hands up in surrender "Your brother needs help" he pointed.

Dean kneeled down next to his brother, felt for a pulse. "Where have you been all the other times we've needed help? Chasing revenge that you'll never get. You've given us enough help for one day" Dean hissed tears drying on his cheeks. Dean shook Sam softly, tapped his face a couple of times before his eyes blinked in pain and he let out a labored moan.
Sam's large hands clutched his throbbing head as he sat up. "Are you guys ok?" He asked worried as his eyes darted around the leafy forest floor.

"Where's Eve?"