Smart. Beautiful. Dead.


Sam's eyes darted between Dean and John, the tension in the room seemed thick enough to suffocate him.

Dean had some idea of what his father was thinking, and if he was right, bringing back Eve would be very costly.

"Yeah, how?" Jo chimed in quickly "Maybe you can bring back my dad too, oh and how about you bring back Joplin and Hendrix while you're at it" Jo added sarcastically.

"They can't bring her back mom, she's dead, and Dead people don't come back, period." Jo professed angrily.

Ellen's hand slapped hard across Jo's face. A look of shock flashed onto Jo's face before tears started to fall.

"Don't talk about your sister like that" Ellen growled harshly, tears still plagued her face.

"I know you can save her" said Ellen without doubt.

She tripped and fell with a thud. The three stakes that she had been holding rolled out of her hand and across the dusty dirty ground.

"Eve!" Sam called as he watched a vampire prey on her. Its eyes gleamed with joy as she squirmed and scurried away from it.

John had his hands full with a ravenous vampire inches away from biting his ripe neck. Dean clambered to his feet and rushed toward his father. Fangs shone with greed as they protruded eagerly, ready to ravage. Dean's mind ran a million miles an hour but his body refused to do the same. He heard Eve screaming, his dad calling for help; saw Sam struggling to his feet.

"Dad!" Dean yelled with panic. The vampires eyes fell upon Dean, fell upon the bloodied stake gripped in his hand and fright set in. It quickly swung its arm hitting him severely, square in the chest. All the air in Dean's lungs rushed out in a gust. He flew backward, clutched his chest, and braced himself. With a crash he collided with Sam, knocking his brother out cold.

"He can't" Sam interjected "He can't bring her back Ellen, she was bitten by a vampire that means if you bring her back she'll be a vampire she won't be Eve" Sam added smoothly.

"I don't care, I don't care, I don't care, you can fix that, you can save her, you can bring her back and save her" Ellen began to ramble on.

"He's not a miracle worker Ellen" Sam added.

"But he can do it, he has to do it, I need her" Ellen retorted "Please" she pleaded desperately.

Eve's eyes darted frantically for something, anything that could help her in her time of need.

"Relax" soothed the vampire as it bit its bottom lip "It won't hurt for too long"

"Get away from me" She sneered. Her leg jerked back and her foot sprung forward smashing into its shin and causing a loud crack. The vampire screeched and roared in pain.

"Come here!" it bellowed furiously. It reached its rickety fingers down and yanked Eve up by her long brown hair.

She struggled and fought, screamed and pleaded, wondered when someone was going to save her. But her savior never came.

Fangs dug deep into her neck and the vampire was right, it didn't hurt much. Blood rushed from her body and spilled into it's mouth, the feeling caused her head to lull to and froe and made her eyes roll back.

Immediately the feeling subsided. Dean had been that little too late in vanquishing the vampire.

"Im sorry" he apologized clutching her body toward his "Eve, Im sorry"

"I can fix this"

"I can fix you"

"I can save you"

"Im going to save you"

"I promise, I'll save you"

"Dean, don't make promises you can't keep" she shushed.

"Sam" John said signaling for his son to pull back.

"Ellen, will you accept her for what she is if I bring her back? Can you accept her as a vampire? Can you accept your daughter as a blood hungry cannibal?" John asked frankly.

"Tell me John, What would you do if it were Dean or Sam, would you do anything to save them" she asked in return to his question.


"Could you accept them?" she added.

"Yes" John breathed reluctantly.

"Then you have your answer" Ellen declared.

John nodded slightly then turned to his sons "Let's go make a deal then"

"How? where?" Sam asked exasperated and utterly confused.

Dean knew exactly where they were going "A fork in the road" he sighed.

"A crossroad" John added and suddenly Sam's mind clicked into gear.

"A portal between the worlds" Sam professed.

"Theres just one problem..." Sam pointed out.