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His Favorite Flavor

"Shit," Troy Bolton let out a curse as he wrapped his leather jacket tighter around himself. He paced the driveway in front of his L.A. Home, silently cursing the weather. The first real temperature drop of the year, and his very pregnant, very hormonal wife had to choose this night to kick him out of their house. He continued to pace while rubbing his hands together, and staring up at the sky. The clouds were hanging low in the sky, warning people that rain was near. Troy sighed again while pulling his cell phone out of his pocket, and dialing the familiar seven digit number.

"Hello," a feminine voice answered on the second ring.

"Please let me in," Troy begged his wife, his voice taking on a pleading tone. When she didn't say anything, Troy sighed quietly. "Kels, please baby, let me in." He was met with the sound of the phone being laid in it's cradle, followed by a dial tone. He was about to try again when he heard the sound of the front door being unlocked, followed by his wife stepping out of the doorway where she leaned her body against the door frame. The slight bump in her belly could be seen through the blue sweater that she wore, and a pair of jeans rested low on her hips. Her small frame had gotten bigger during the five months since she found out that she was pregnant, but Troy definitely wasn't complaining.

Troy placed his cell phone back in his jean pocket, before walking up to his wife and stood in front of her, his tall frame towering over hers. He ran one of his hands through her light brown hair that fell a little bit past her shoulders in soft curls, while the other hand rested on the curve of her hip. Bringing his face closer to hers till his forehead rested against hers, he asked her softly,

"Are you still mad at me?" Troy gave her a charming smirk in hopes that it would help his cause. Kelsi's blue eyes met his, while she subconsciously licked her lips, a habit that she picked up whenever she was this close to her husband, and he was touching her as if she was made of glass.

"Yes," she answered stubbornly, but she didn't put any real force behind it, so Troy new that she didn't really mean it. He just grinned as he moved the hand that was on her hip up to small bump in her stomach, gently rubbing the back of his hand over the soft material of her sweater. He untangled the hand that was in her soft hair and brought it down to cup her chin, before he gently lowered his lips to hers. Kelsi moaned into his mouth, and Troy took the chance to dart his tongue in her mouth and taste her.

'Cookie dough ice cream,' Troy though in amusement. The ice cream flavor had become her favorite craving during her pregnancy, and Troy was beginning to see why.

One of Kelsi's arms made it's way up Troy's broad chest, then latched it's way around his neck. She laid her other hand against his chest and gently tugged on his white button up shirt, successfully deepening the kiss. After a couple of minutes, Troy pulled away from her lips, followed by placing light kisses down her jaw and neck. He placed a single kiss on her earlobe before whispering,

"You taste like cookie dough." Kelsi laughed in amusement and buried her face in his neck. "Still mad?"

"No." Troy gently pushed her back inside the house and took possession of her lips once again. Cookie dough was definitely his favorite flavor.