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It was the birth date of Princess Aurora, and lots of people were invited to the celebration, including three good faeries. However, they ran out of chairs, so they couldn't invite the evil faerie. The evil faerie got really pissed off when she found out, so she decided to crash the party. When she got there, two of the good faeries had already given the princess blessings, so Maleficent got even more pissed off because clearly the king and queen did not want their daughter to receive her blessing.

"When this brat turns sixteen, something bad that I haven't decided upon yet shall befall her and she will die!!!!" She screamed and ran away.

So of course, then the other good faerie decided that the child wouldn't die, just go into a coma until her true love woke her up.

Sixteen years later, Aurora was wandering around the castle being bored. "I'm bored!!" she shouted. She opened a random door and went into a random room. The room had a bunch of baseball bats in it. "OOO...whacky stick objects..."

She started poking the bats and didn't see Maleficent behind her pick up a baseball bat. "YOU GO DIE NOW!!!!" Maleficent shouted as she whacked Aurora in the back of the head. Then, just because she hated everyone else in the castle, she hit them with a bat too.

Flora, Merryweather, and Fauna sighed. "Now we have to get things ready for the prince..." Flora said. So the three good faeries walked around, arranging bodies and cleaning up blood. Finally, everything was ready for the prince to show up.

One hundred years later, a random dude was listening to some old people talk about the 'enchanted' castle up the road. They said it had a beautiful princess there. He, being a prince who needed a wife, decided he would go there. He got there rather easily, despite the dragon. (In his day, all the new technology made dragons a snap to kill!) So, he went to where he figured the princess would be hiding. He found her room after an hour of searching. (He thought she would be hiding in the bathroom...) When he found her, he thought she was beautiful. However, instead of kissing her, he reached for the bucket of stagnant water. Pausing for maybe a millisecond, he tossed the entire bucket on her.

She woke up sputtering and coughing. "What on earth did you do that for?" She shouted.

"You've been like this for 100 years. In all that time, you haven't bathed or brushed your teeth. Do you really think I'm gonna get near you?!?!" He replied. "Now, come marry me so I can become king!"

"NO!!! Get lost wierdo!" Aurora shouted.

So the prince went away rather dejectedly, and Aurora wound up marrying the next guy who showed up at the castle, who just so happened to be an insurance salseman.