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Metal Gear Solid: The Massive
By Sanoon

Chapter 1: No Search Warrant Needed

"I'll get you Zim," the boy shouted from inside of the alien's lab. "You won't be able to hide on Earth much longer."

"Oh, I don't believe that to be true, Dib-stink!" Zim shouted to his opponent who was only four feet away. "This time you won't be escaping. Now, Mini-moose!" The small moose flew down from the ceiling, dropping a net over the small boy. Zim's laughs filled the room as he tied the net around the confused Dib.

Three days later

The household would have been quiet on the bright afternoon, had it not been for the TV. It was blaring some commercial about Bloatie's Pizza Hog. The person watching the TV was lying on the couch, enjoying the tranquility of the uneventful house. It had been a while since any rants flew through the home. A while that would not have been willingly switched for what normally goes on around there.

The door opened up, and a tall individual walked inside. He glanced around the house, only to see the only other person in the house lying on the couch, just as the scene had been for the previous three days. Secretly, he was worried, but he couldn't show it. It could ruin everything if he showed worry.

"Gaz, do you know where your brother is?" Prof. Membrane asked nonchalantly. "I haven't heard from him in three days."

"Last time I heard, he went to Zim's house," Gaz replied without diverting her attention away from the TV.

"I don't like how he is spending so much time over at his foreign friend's house," Prof Membrane stated. He walked over to the couch, standing behind it so that he was viewing the TV as well. A product developed and produced by the Membrane Corp. was being advertised. "Gaz, I want you to go and get your brother."

"But I don't want to," Gaz moaned. "I like it better when he's not here."

"I know you do, honey," Membrane said as he picked up his daughter, "but your brother is a part of this family. He needs to come home."

Gaz scowled and crossed her arms. She didn't want too, but she couldn't say no to her father. "Fine," Gaz grumbled irritably. "I'll find him."

"Very good of you, Gaz," Membrane said happily as he set her on the couch. "If you need me, I'll be in the lab.

"Yeah," Gaz mumbled as her father walked away. She turned off the TV and put on her boots. With a swift leap, she was off of the couch and walking to the door.

The sidewalks were full of kids running around and enjoying their day off from skool. Gaz was sorely annoyed due to the increased traffic. It made avoiding people additionally harder.

The strange house rose over the horizon, standing out from the apartments around it like a sore thumb. The crowd dissipated around the cul-de-sac, making Gaz slightly happier.

The little girl walked down the front path of the house, and knocked on the men's room door. The door opened up, and there stood Zim's robot parents, staring dolefully into the distance with fake, metallic grins.

"Hi there," robo-dad said, extending a claw forward.

Gaz grabbed the claw, and ripped it off of robo-dad's body. "Don't give me any of this crap," Gaz answered irately. "Where is Dib?"

Robo-dad moved into the background screaming about his arm while robo-mom replied, "Just wait a minute, darling." She rode off into the kitchen, lifting the toilet seat lid and shouted, "Zim! Honey, you have guests!" That should be weird, however, since the toilet was actually a lift to Zim's underground labs, it wasn't…oh, lets face it. That's still freaking weird.

A hand came out of the toilet, raising at an even pace, pushing robo-mom out of the way. A fully disguised Zim was now standing on the toilet, staring angrily at Gaz while he adjusted his wig with his free hand.

He marched over to the door, dismissing his robo-parents in the process, and asked his guest, "What are you doing at the house of ZIM!"

"I'm here to get Dib," Gaz answered. "He has to come home."

"I have no idea where the Dib-beast is," Zim answered, crossing his arms. "He never came here."

"Zim," Gaz said angrily. "I don't want to waste my time here when I could be at home relaxing." The girl's arms were shaking in anger, her hands already curled into fists.

"But the Dib is not here, Gaz-human. Leave the house of Zim."

Gaz's hand reached forward with lightning speed, clutching Zim's collar. "Zim," she seethed, "I know Dib is here. Now bring him out or I'll go in and get him."

"Let me down and I'll show you that the Dib is not here," Zim replied calmly. Gaz released his collar, after which Zim waved the girl inside his house. Reluctantly, Gaz stepped inside the green house. Zim showed her the living room. Nothing too out of the ordinary for an alien's home. Next was the kitchen. No trace of Dib.

"Satisfied?" the alien asked as he glared at Gaz with his arms crossed.

"Show me the labs," Gaz answered.

"You just won't quit, will you?" Zim asked angrily. He could have denied her request, but he knew firsthand what Gaz could do to him when she was angry.

"Take me to my brother, Zim. Last time I'm going to ask you nicely." What's ironic is that her tone wasn't 'nice' in any way. Zim grunted in anger and led Gaz to the toilet. They descended into the base, not really saying a word to each other throughout the entire ride in the lift. The lower levels were filled with technology that far surpassed human technology, but Gaz didn't care the least. She had only one goal.

"Impressive, I know," Zim gloated, looking quite smug.

"Meh," Gaz mumbled, shrugging.

Zim continued the 'tour' of his base. Room after room, no evidence was found that implied Dib was ever in the base. However, one room became interesting. When Gaz was examining the teleporter room, she noticed a computer screen that displayed 'Dib capt-'

"Gaz," Zim said, jumping in front of the girl, holding his arms out and shaking them wildly. "You've seen the entire base, now don't you want to go home and relax…or something?"

"What's that computer saying?" Gaz asked, pointing at the screen. Zim turned around and 'accidentally' pressed a few buttons, causing the screen to turn black.

"Really Gaz, haven't you seen enough?"

Beep. Gaz glanced at her watch. "Damn," she muttered to herself. Zim raised an invisible eyebrow in confusion. "I'll be back later, Zim." Gaz turned and actually ran out of the lab. She really had to get home.

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