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Metal Gear Solid: The Massive
By Sanoon

Chapter 6: Not So Easy After All

Snake barely dodged the laser beam that was discharged from Kerek's gun. The beam hit the pillar behind Snake, which erupted in a violent explosion, sending the human flying forward, separating him from his M9 as well.

Kerek laughed as he watched Snake fall to the ground. "Very impressive, human." He aimed his cannon at Snake. "I wish you could tell me what it's like to get shot by one of these things."

In an instant, Snake pulled out the USP, and fired off a round at Kerek, but the Irken barely jumped out of the way. The human took this valuable time to get up. "Damn you!" the Irken shouted as he aimed his cannon at Snake, and fired. The explosion sent debris everywhere and filled the area with gray smoke and dust. He must have hit something important to create this kind of mess. When the smoke cleared, there was a large hole in the wall. Snake was nowhere to be seen. Kerek smirked as he lowered his weapon. "I thought you'd put up more of a fight."


His eyes widened, and he stumbled back. His cannon fell out of his hands, landing on the floor with a loud Thud! He fell to the ground, failing to hold himself up any longer. Snake glanced out from his cover behind one of the pillers, only to see the Irken lying on the floor as a pool of his bright green blood started to form under him. "You…beat me." Kerek grunted, glancing down at his chest. Three bullet holes in his chest allowed pink blood to stain his Elite uniform. His head dropped to the floor, a vagrant smile on his face. "You're the first to get the honor of defeating Kerek; Second in command of the Irken Elite Guard."

Snake cautiosly stood out from his cover, and slowly advanced on the dying creature. "That's quite an accomplishment." The alien grinned at Snake as he kneeled down next to him. "I started training for this posistion when I was only mere smeet. Tallests Miyuki personally selected me and my bretheren to be the Elite Guard. I was sent to Devastis, where I trained my body to withstand limits few others could handle. I faught creatures that seemed near impossible to defeat. After I graduated, I became an official member of the Irken Elite Guard.

"For over 150 years I served faithfully, and I eventually earned my rank as the second in command. But this was all my mistake. I shouldn't have relied so much on my gun. Were it in the past…I wouldn't have. I've gotten rusty. That's the only reason you won. But you'll be in trouble. Oh, so much trouble. Dirge will be angry, he will.

"Oh yes, I met Dirge during our training on Devastis. We were so similar, so alike. We stuck together. We became brothers. We looked out for each other. When he hears about what you have done to me…you'll be in trouble."

The door to the hallway slid open, and Snake reached for his gun, but didn't pull it out when he saw that it was just Meekret, holding two of the belts she said that she went to grab. Her eyes widened when she say the fellow Irken lying on the ground in a pool of his own blood. "Kerek!" she yelled as she ran over to his side, kneeling next to him.

"Y-you're a traitor," the Irken mumbled. "You're helping this human to rescue Dib…and you've been giving information to the Resisty."

"But do you know why, Kerek?" Meekret asked, a tear welling up in her eye. "Do you know why?"

"Let him talk," Snake said, holding a hand in front of the girl.

"I knew you've harbored hatred against the Tallests for quite some time now, Meekret." Kerek coughed, sending a few blood droplets flying into the air, landing on his forehead. "You two will not escape alive. There's no chance of it." He coughed again. "Dirge will find you, and he'll kill you." His eyes started to grow dull, losing their bright blue hue, and fading to a worn navy blue. "I'm cold." Fear became present in his dull eyes, and his voice showed it. "I…don't want…to…die…." Quietly, his breathing stopped. A few tears strode out of Meekret's eyes, and she tried to hide a sob. Snake put his hand on the girl's shoulder and gave a nod of condolence.

She shook off his hand, in which Snake decided to take a few steps to the door, while the girl closed Kerek's faded eyes.

Snake picked up his M9; scattered amongst the rubble. He holstered it and glanced back to Meekret. She was just kneeling next to Kerek. He slowly shook his head and put his hand up to his right ear. "Otacon, I just had a run in with this guy named Kerek. Second in command of the Elite Guard."

"That's not good. Wait…you…didn't kill him did you?" Snake didn't reply. "Oh…that's not good."

"On top of that, the M9's tranquilizer rounds seem to have a strange affect on one of the Irkens. It seemed to have a seizure before passing out."

"Again, not good," Otacon replied. "They are aliens, so the tranquillizer could easily have very different affects on their bodies than a human, or any other creature from Earth. You might want to refrain from using that weapon."

"This is my only non lethal defense if I get spotted," Snake replied. "I can't ditch it."

"Then you'll have to try harder to avoid getting spotted."

"Of course."

"Do you know where the prison section is yet?"

"No, but it appears Meekret wasn't lying after all. She brought the belt."

"I guess she's trustworthy. But still, be careful. It could still be a trap."

"I know."

"Oh, before you go, would you like to save?"

"Yeah. I'd like to save."

"Okay, one second." Pause. "Done. Snake, do you remember the Titanic? Well, the Titanic was declared to be an unsinkable ship, however it was sunk when it ran across an iceberg when the crew got lazy. The point is, even the best of plans can fail if you get careless. Always keep your guard up."

"Thanks. I'll keep that in mind."

The Codec shut off, and Snake turned to see Meekret standing over Kerek, clenching her fists. He walked up next to her.

"You brought the belts, right?"

Meekret cleared her throat, and glanced over and up to look at Snakes face. "Y-yes…I did." She picked up the belt on the ground and handed it to Snake. He took it and observed it for a moment; a purple belt that looks like it would barely fit him. Meekret picked up the second one and put it on, but didn't activate it. "This will disguise you as one of us." She glanced back to Kerek.

"You know he was going to turn you in?" Snake asked.

She nodded. "I know…"

Snake put the belt on his waist, but found it a little tight. She glanced over and saw the human staring at the belt. "Here," she said as she reached out and pressed the button on it. Snakes outline fizzled until a new figure replaced the human.

Snake glanced at his new, bright green skin. Black gloves covered his three-fingered hands. He was dressed in a simple outfit; similar to the ones a few of the Irkens' around here were wearing. Black pants tucked into black boots covered his lower torso. Were there a mirror nearby, he would have seen his large blue eyes, and two antennae.

"You might be just as tall as the Tallests," Meekret said, partly in awe, partly in a creepy from of joy. She cleared her throat before continuing. "Maybe we should get going?"

Snake looked away from his new hand, and stared at Meekret for a few seconds before replying, "Right. You lead the way."

She walked to the door with Snake in tow. She glanced over her shoulder to look at him. "You might get a lot of stares, but just ignore them. Just walk like your superior to them and they won't suspect anything. Okay?"

Snake nodded, and straightened himself up. Meekret opened the door and stepped out, Snake right behind her. There weren't a lot of people in the hallways, but Meekret didn't lie. They did indeed stare at the very tall Irken walking by.

After walking through a great deal of hallways, and taking a lift up, they reached the doors to the detention center. The guards near the door stood at attention when Meekret walked up. With her whim, they opened the door. The two walked in, leaving the guards behind as the door closed behind them. The room the size of a football field was filled with cells that could be detached from their spots and moved wherever needed. Snake quickly observed that just about every cell was empty; except for one….

A very small Irken was standing in front of one of the cells, laughing insanely. Meekret nodded to that same cell the Irken was standing in front of. The two started to walk closer to the cell, as a voice rose against the laughter. "Shut up, Zim. You've been laughing for five hours. It's really annoying."

The alien, Zim, did stop laughing, but still giggled, trying to contain himself. Once he controlled his laughter, he said to the prisoner, "It's just so funny thinking of all the things that my Tallests will do to you, Dib."

"Zim," Meekret said, startling the other Irken. He glanced over to Meekret, then stared at the tall Irken standing next to her. Snake glanced inside the cell. There sat, in the back, a young teen: Dib. The teen stared at Snake as well, but with a more spiteful glare. "The Tallests have ordered that Dib be freed." Zim didn't reply. He just stared at Snake. "Zim?" No reply. "ZIM!"

The small Irken snapped out of his gaze, and looked at Meekret. "What?"

She sighed. "I said, the Tallests have ordered Dib be released."

"What!?" Zim shouted in fury, his fingers curled into fists and shaking violently at his sides. Dib's eyes were also widened in surprise. He walked towards the front of the cell. "Why would the Tallests order such a thing!?"

"I don't make the orders Zim," Meekret replied. "Now stand aside. Dib is to be released."

"Impossible! You lie!" Zim shouted, pointing at Meekret violently.

"Zim! Would you just move aside!?" Meekret shouted, her temper rising. The tall Irken behind her startle to fizzle, and his shape became distorted. Zim and Dib both stared at the Irken's fizzling frame. Meekret's eyes widened at the sound, and she quickly turned around. "Oh no…."

The hologram faded, and Snake was standing before the room as his human self, in all its glory. Snake glanced at his hands, seeing that they were no longer Irken, and gave a small grunt of annoyance. "Damn…."

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