Caught in the Rain

This is an idea from a roleplay I was doing with someone.

The wind and rain surrounded him as he slowly made his way to the nice house his superior officer owned. He had seen it once and now he needed it as a form of cover.

He had been scheduled to return with his younger brother Alphonse a week prior, but Edward Elric had never returned with the empty suit of armor. Not this time at least. Ed had been sent away to track down some insane alchemist and had gotten caught somehow. Just recently having woken due to an incident and

He had immediately taken off back to Central in hopes that he would find help by his last resort.

White ears contrasted greatly with his now red-orange hair that framed his face, said ears twitching along with his tail as it was attacked with the rain.

A whimper came from his throat as he looked up, examining the door before him. Raising a shaky and pale clawed hand, Edward quickly knocked. His arm retreated to fold with the other over his chest in a desperate attempt to keep warm in the storm as he waited on Roy Mustang to be his so called savior yet again.

Roy sighed and rolled over in his bed. He didn't know why, but he just

could not fall asleep. Maybe it was the noise of the wind and rain that kept him awake, listening to the quiet beating on the roof.

After shifting his body around for what seemed like the millionth time, he heard a noise coming from the front door. He strained his ears a bit,

realizing that the noise he heard had not been the soft raindrops and

gushing wind he had listened to for the entire night. Sighing, he sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood up. He walked sluggishly towards the door and opened it, only to be greeted by a shocking, yet familiar face.

Bright, gold eyes looked up into Roy's own dark ones in a pleading fashion.

"Uh...I'm sorry to bother you...But could I maybe crash here?" He asked meekly, being uncharacteristically polite to the older man.

But it was understandable as well. He was trying to get a place to stay and being polite was the easiest way to achieve such a thing, especially at a desperate time like this.

"I understand if it's not alright, but I can't really be out like this." Ed added quickly, pointing out the ears, tail, and markings on his face. Well, he /did/ look odd without his coat or over shirt.

"Uh...s-sure..." Roy stammered. 'Um...' he thought to himself, 'maybe I did fall asleep after all...' he turned away from Edward, walking in the house and beckoning him to do the same.

Roy was silent for a while until he couldn't take it anymore.

"All right Fullmetal, What the hell did you get mixed up with this time?" He asked, scanning his eyes over Edwards obviously changed body. His eyes met Edwards as he silently pleaded the boy to tell him everything.

Edward silently stepped in, shutting the door behind him as he stood in front of it, shivering as the water slowly and steadily dripped down to the floor below him.

"Well/colonel/, I went on a mission for you. I had an accident with him and an array. He sacrificed himself, so now I'm stuck like this looking for a cure." He said, stammering here and there as his teeth chattered.

The Fullmetal Alchemist unconsciously whimpered, plopping down on the puddle of water he had accidentally created with his wet clothes and hair, which in turn soaked his skin.

"I could leave if this is a problem..." He added, watching the wall.

How embarrassing. Having to crawl to the worst bastard with an ego complex.


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