"Wh-why are you here, Hawkeye...?" Roy asked hesitantly. "I-I really am sick!" he protested. "Honestly!"

"In that case colonel, please move aside. In order for you to get better quicker, I've been elected to help you out with our unfortunate illness. I hope this won't be any problem for you since I'd hate to assume you've been lying." She stated, replacing the gun in its holster and simply slipping past Roy with a small smile. It was no secret that she had... feelings for the man. If anything, she made it obvious most of the time.

"Ah! W-wait!" Roy cried desperately. He had to keep Edward unseen. "You don't want to go in there! It's um...messy! Really messy!" Roy explained.

'Shit, if she sees Edward, what will happen? Please, Hawkeye, don't flip out and shoot him without thinking..' He darted inside and blocked her view of the hallway leading to his room.

"I'll be right back!" Roy said quickly, walking quickly into his room. "Edward, it's just Hawkeye at the door. She insisted on coming inside, so you can either show and explain yourself to her or hide."

Riza slowly raised an eyebrow. Oh yes. He was so sick...Practically on his death bed. And neon blue pigs just flew overhead. She sighed, pulling out her gun and following the colonel. Well...He claimed to be sick and he'd definitely be in the hospital for something once she was through with him. Edward frowned before nodding his head.

"Right...Can't be seen. Too dangerous for her if one of those freaks find out she's seen me. They might kill her." He stated, slipping under the bed right before Riza appeared, placing her gun to the back of Roy's head. "A real mess and you sure do seem to be moving quick enough to be considered well..." She pointed out calmly.

Roy attempted his little pathetic cough once more. "Um... well, I am feeling just a little bit better," he told her. Roy had to get her out of his room before she caught sight of Edward. The last thing Roy wanted was for Edward to be taken again and have God knows what done to him by that psychopath who locked him in a cage. Roy's attention snapped back to Riza. "

C-come on!" Roy told her, grabbing her arm and dragging her out of his room. It's a mess in here, let's go somewhere else."

Riza pulled her arm away, taking hold of the colonel's instead. "How about work then? I was smart enough to leave the car running. Not to mention you have a spare uniform at the office so that won't be a problem. There's a lot of paperwork to be done so lets get going." She said coolly, her clipped tone showing no chance to disagree as she led the colonel to the door.

He was just fine, which meant that Roy was most definitely going back to work now.

"Wait!" Roy cried as he was unwillingly dragged away by his lieutenant. He couldn't leave Edward alone, in case they tried to capture him again. This time he might not come back. "Wait!" He yelled again in desperation. "I'll go to work tomorrow! Please let me stay home today!"

If he stayed home today, then he and Edward might be able to come up with something to keep him safe. Not that Edward would agree, though.

"NO. I've only come to get you mainly because the Bradley is doing an inspection today and has been looking for a new general and it could be you if you'd just show up!" She snapped, eyes flashing dangerously.

The colonel would /never/ turn this opportunity down...Would he? No he wouldn't! It was too important for the other to succeed in climbing to the top!

"But-I-" Roy sighed in defeat. He glanced at Riza for a second, then turned in the direction of the house and yelled "I'm sorry!" He hoped Edward had heard him. He looked back a Riza, hoping she would ignore his yelling as just him being an idiot. "Alright." he sighed again. 'I'm sorry, Edward...' he though, glancing back at his house. 'Please don't do anything stupid..'

Riza's eye twitched as she muttered something about poor girls and hookers. Shaking her blonde head, she released the colonel to get into the car. They'd be home by six 'o'clock so it wasn't really that much of a problem. At least, it shouldn't be.

Roy climbed unwillingly into the car and shut the door. 'Please don't leave again,' he thought to himself. 'Edward, don't do anything stupid.' After this thought, he realized how stupid he was being. Edward wasn't a child and he could take care of himself. Roy sighed and looked out the window of the car.

((Lets give a bit of a time skip, shall we?))

Edward Elric was indeed a magnet for nothing but trouble. The ransacked house screamed out that fact. So did the person he'd had to kill in a method of self defense. There'd been no other choice though! He was going to be taken back to that place...To that man...

The chimera quickly shook his head, silently hoping beyond reason the colonel would hurry up and return home. Clawed hands grasped at the overly tight collar on his neck in an attempt to rip it away, the array refusing to let the object budge.

Roy felt a bit of panicky fear as he and Riza rode

in the car on the way home from work. Edward had a habit of finding trouble, no matter where he was. Roy had known that he would be impatiently watching the clock the whole day and wouldn't be able to concentrate.

Riza sighed as she calmly shook her head at the other. "Colonel...Why were you pretending to be sick? I mean...Not even you would sink that low to get out of work! You know...You can trust me with anything right? I wouldn't abuse your trust that you have in me." She pointed out, hoping to get some much needed answers. She could tell that something was up. His house had been actually clean for once.

Roy averted Riza's eyes as he watched the passing scene through the window. "I wasn't faking!" he retorted lamely. "I just...was feeling better today!" Roy really did feel bad about lying to Riza, after she had said that he could trust her. He did trust her, but he just couldn't tell her. Not without Edward's permission.