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((Blah blah blah)) Flashback

Naruto walked down the street, eyes wide open in wonderment, as only 7 year old children do. "Hey Gin, what's this?"

Gin sighed as his cousin pointed at each and everything they passed, "It's the ninja academy." 'How did I get sucked into walking with Naruto? Oh yea, because Arashi-sama asked me to.' Naruto stopped walking and started to stare at Gin, "What's a ninja?" 'How does he not know when his father is the yondaime?' "It's the protectors of the village."

Naruto started to hum for a bit, 'Hm…that sounds fun…' He smacked his fist into the middle of his palm, "I've decided I wanna be a ninja Gin. You're a ninja right? Teach me!"

Gin wanted to smack Naruto, but damn it all if he wasn't an adorable child. "I'm only a genin Naruto, I wouldn't be able to. You would have to join the academy next year." Naruto pouted, "But daddy has been telling me that people in our clan always go in early, why can't I join early like you?"

Gin looked over at Naruto, scrutinizing him. "You haven't even unlocked it yet, if you did then perhaps you could. You should ask Hokage-sama instead." Naruto frowned, "But dad is always busy. He never has time to talk." Naruto started to tear up, "Come on Gin! Teach me please?"

'That should get him to teach me. Haha!' Naruto was as devious as he was adorable. Gin felt his resolve start to weaken, 'Damn that boy, he knows how to manipulate adults, stupid brat.' "Sigh….alright fine…but don't get mad if its too hard for you." "Yay!" Naruto started to dance around Gin. "Hey… the way, what is our bloodline?"

Gin felt a headache coming along. 'How is it that our heir doesn't even know his own blood line?' "Hasn't you dad at least told you that much?" Naruto looked sad for a moment, before he quickly tried hiding it behind a weak smile. "No…he's….always at work."

Gin felt a pull at his heart, although Naruto was a child and an heir, he didn't get spoiled as his father was always gone. 'Even if he is the Hokage, he should still be able to spend some time, at least enough time to explain what our blood limit is.' "We of the Uzumaki are blessed with the ability to form bonds with elements. Each on of us is the heir to a multitude of elements. Most of us have only 1 or 2, but as the heir to the clan, its quite possible for you to receive the blessing of each one. Each element has it's own things to teach you. If however, you should try to abuse the power, they will withdraw their support of you and take back all the powers they gave."

Naruto nodded along with what his cousin told him, "Did you understand what I just said Naruto?" Naruto just shook his head no. Gin felt the intense need to get a drink, but before that he would need to finish his conversation. "Fine just listen to me. Besides all that I've said, each element has its own unique traits and abilities. Some are more common or rare, and as such we are targeted all the time for assassinations."

Naruto started to look at the ground and bent at his knees, he knew what Gin was talking about now at least, already he had had two assassination attempts, both foiled by his family. "Why do they try to kill us?" Gin knew no matter what he said, a seven year old just couldn't understand the shinobi way, not fully at least. "Our family….is a threat to the other countries, since we have decided to side with Konoha and the fire country, all the other countries are afraid of us."

Naruto nodded to his cousin, stood back up, and started to walk back to the home. "Well I'm going to become a ninja so I can protect our family then! I'll protect this whole village too!" Gin smiled at Naruto's statement, 'He is his father's son.' "I'm sure you will Naruto, you can become the Hokage like your dad." Naruto nodded eagerly, "Yea I'll be just like dad, but better." A glint entered his eyes as he continued on his way, before bumping into someone. "I'm sorry! I wasn't watching where I was going."

Hinata had been having a bad day, father had yelled at her for her incompetence, her training was going slowly, and she still couldn't find the confidence to speak loudly to him.

Even if he constantly yelled at her, Hinata couldn't help but take it just as badly as she always did. 'I should be used to it by now…but I'm not.'

She turned the corner before walking into what she perceived to be a wall. "I'm sorry! I wasn't watching where I was going." She watched as a boy her age with golden hair quickly jumped up and grabbed her hand, before pulling her up. "What's your name?" Hinata squeaked at him, realizing it was the Hokage's son.

"M..My name is Hi..nata." She twiddled her fingers nervously, while looking at the ground with a blush on her face. She hated the fact she couldn't stop her stuttering from coming out, 'Why…why am I so weak? Is it like father says? I'm I really this useless?'

Naruto leaned his head over, trying to see the face of the person he had bumped into. 'Why is she so quiet?' "Hinata…you there?" Hinata quickly looked up, slamming her head into Naruto's chin. Naruto quickly tumbled down onto the floor, while Hinata gasped in horror. "I'm so sorry, Uzumaki-san."

Naruto just grinned like a cat, "Oh? You know my name? I always knew I was awesome." Hinata giggled, before becoming aware of herself, "I'm sorry, Uzumaki-san. I shouldn't have laughed, it was improper." Naruto just waved off her apology, "It's okay. So…do you wanna go do something?"

Hinata flushed at Naruto, "Um…okay?" Naruto quickly grabbed her hand and ran off, forgetting about Gin who was walking towards them.

Gin sighed, 'First he wants to go home and become a ninja, the next he runs off with some little girl. Oh well.' Gin whistled as he walked back to the Uzumaki compound.

Naruto dragged Hinata along as he ran towards an unknown destination. "Um..Na-..Naruto wh..ere are you taking…me?" Hinata whispered so softly Naruto didn't even realize she had said something. Hinata looked at the ground, believing that he was ignoring her, 'I guess I'm not worthy for him to acknowledge.'

Naruto on the other hand, was just running towards his favorite place, 'I hope she likes ramen. Wait who am I kidding? Everyone loves ramen!' Soon they arrived at the location, namely Ichiraku Ramen. "Here we are Hinata-chan!"

Hinata flushed when she heard Naruto add chan at the end of her name. 'I know it doesn't mean anything….but….it still feels nice.' "Um…wh-..y are we here…Nar..uto?" She cursed herself for stumbling on her own words.

Naruto looked at her confused, "What did you say? I can't hear you." Hinata's tongue seemed to get even more tied when he said that, "W…why.. are…w..we…Naruto?" Naruto flashed her a smile, "Why to eat of course!" Hinata looked confused for a second, 'How could he understand it better when I stuttered more?' She couldn't help the blush and twiddled her thumbs.

Naruto once again looked confused, 'Why is she always so red? Oh well.' Naruto pulled her hands apart, effectively causing Hinata to squeak again, "You know you look better when you're not twiddling your thumbs." Hinata seemed to get more dazed after that. 'Oh well.'

Hinata was so red you would think she would die from blood rush to the head. 'He…thinks I look nice?' She felt herself being pulled into the small stand, and sat down. "So what do you want Hinata?" Hinata felt a sudden rush of sadness at the loss of chan at the end of her name. "Um…Shrimp..please." "One shrimp for her and I'll start with one miso for me!"

"Oh? Who's your friend Naruto?" The waiter, Ayame, asked. "Oh? This is my friend Hinata-chan. I met her a little while ago when I bumped into her!" Ayame smiled as she watched Hinata blush immensely when he said Hinata-chan. "That's nice Naruto-kun."

When the food arrived Hinata picked at it, eating slowly. She was shocked when she looked over to Naruto to see him already on his second bowl. 'Wow…how does he eat it all? Where is it going?'

Naruto was shoveling the ramen into his mouth, unaware of the stares he was receiving from other customers and more importantly, Hinata. "So Hinata, are you going to join the Ninja Academy next year?"

Hinata thought over it for a moment, "Yes…I have to as heir to the Hyuuga clan…" "Well if you're going then we'll both have to do our best right?" "Um…Yea…"

Naruto started to nod sagely, "If we don't do our best then there is no point in going, yep! As long as you try you're best that's okay."

Hinata sighed softly, "I'm not very good with my family's taijutsu, my father is always disappointed with me…" Naruto tossed a glance at Hinata, "Well are you doing your best?" Hinata nodded, too embarrassed to do anything else. "Well then that's should be good enough! As long as you are trying your best, he should see that."

Hinata nodded. "Well Hinata I guess I'll walk you home." Hinata nodded again. Naruto grabbed her hand, ignorant of the sudden blush that appeared on her face. He quickly waved to Ichiraku, the owner of the stand, "Thanks for the ramen old man," And with that they were gone.

Ichiraku looked towards his daughter, "They make a nice couple don't they?" Ayame nodded smiling, "It'll be good for Naruto."

Hinata was overjoyed just being in Naruto's presence for so long. 'He makes me feel….better about myself.' As they were walking, Hinata looked at how some of the villagers were giving Naruto intense glares, and were even whispering things like "demon child". 'Why are they so mean to him? He couldn't have done anything that bad…'

A rock suddenly bounced off Naruto's head, and Hinata gasped. "What's going on here?" Gin had appeared out of no where and hugged Naruto's head into his stomach protectively. "Um…some…one threw..a rock..Uzumaki-san."

Gin turned his head to look at the girl that Naruto had bumped into. "Whats your name girl?"

Hinata squeaked out a little, "Hinata." Gin thought for a second, 'She could be good for Naruto..' Gin nodded towards Hinata, before looking at Naruto, "You are wanted by the council Naruto lets go." Naruto nodded apologetically to Hinata, "I'm sorry I can't walk you home, but I'll see you again some time?"

Hinata nodded, 'He wants to see my again!' Gin looked amused as Hinata started to blush again, but this time without twiddling her thumbs. "Why don't you come over the compound tomorrow?"

Naruto looked at Gin, 'The council doesn't like it when we bring outsiders inside, what's Gin thinking?' Gin seemed to read Naruto's mind, "It'll be okay Naruto." Naruto shrugged, "Okay Hinata-chan what do you say?" Hinata just nodded quickly.

"Okay then say good-bye Naruto." "Bye Hinata-chan. See you tomorrow!" Naruto waved his hand, before both Gin and Naruto were enveloped by darkness and disappeared.

Hinata walked back the Hyuuga compound, with just a hint of self confidence that she didn't have before.

Naruto looked up at Gin, "Why did we have to leave so soon? I was going to walk Hinata home." Gin looked at Naruto with a mixture of frustration and sadness. "Don't you get it? You were just attacked!" Naruto tilted his head towards Gin, "Yea…so?"

Gin couldn't believe what Naruto just said, "What do you mean so what? That's a big deal, and a huge offense to the Uzumaki clan to attack our heir." Naruto just nodded along. "Why don't you ever take it more seriously?" Naruto thought for a second, "Because I don't know why they do it, I don't know how or even why I should react. I always thought if I smiled and just went along with it, they would leave me alone."

Naruto sniffed a little, "I don't get it Gin. Why do they always seem to hate me? What did I do?" Gin's eyes softened, "It's because it's hard to forget the past, the anger, the sadness, and the death." Naruto's eyes widened, "Death?" Gin stiffened for a second, "Sigh. I'm sure the council will explain, please go to them."

Naruto nodded, "Okay" before running out of the room. "What should I do with you Naruto..?"

Naruto leaned against the door as soon as he ran out for a little bit, 'Maybe they can tell me what I can do to make them like me…' He stood up with a new sense of confidence, 'If not then I'll just make them respect me!' As he was walking he ran into Akina, his cousin.

Akina was startled out of her thoughts by the body that had just run into her. "Huh?" She looked down to see a mop of blonde hair, "Hey Naruto-kun, what's the big rush?" Naruto looked up to see Akina, his favorite cousin. "Hey Akina-nee-chan." Akina smiled towards her little cousin, "How are you?"

Naruto smiled towards his cousin, "The council wants to see me." Akina seemed to get serious for a second, "Naruto-kun, just remember, no matter what they might say, we will always love you." Naruto got confused and got a bit scared at that. "What do you mean nee-chan?"

Akina just shook her head, "I can't say anymore then that." Naruto was now seriously scared to go to this meeting. Akina had a bond with the wind element, meaning she was more easy-going, so it wasn't a good thing to see her so serious. Akina had the unique ability to see and feel wind currents, which Naruto couldn't see as useful.

"Okay Akina-nee-chan…I have to go now." Naruto started to walk off before Akina pulled him into a hug. Naruto felt a blush start to creep up onto him; he quickly stilled and then returned the hug. "I…really have to go now….Akina-nee-chan." Akina nodded towards him before he walked off.

Naruto walked slowly towards the council room, thoughts whirling around his head at a speed so fast it was giving him a headache. 'I have to clear my mind, okay.' Naruto walked into the room, looking at the council all sitting down on the other side. Naruto knew most of the council, except for Masaru who had the same glare that many other villagers shared.

Unlike most of the other councils, it was made of the strongest, but not necessarily the oldest. As they were a younger council then most, many tended to disregard their rulings. However as individual shinobi they were better then most, so they quite often had to back up their rules with discipline.

"Naruto-kun do you know why you're here?" Cho, a 24 year old, asked Naruto kindly. Naruto shook his head no, but felt better since Cho was like an older cousin, akin to an aunt perhaps.

"We have brought you here today to…talk about how you fit into this clan." Cho continued.

"We shouldn't have to put up with this demons presence! We should have killed him when we had the chance!" Masaru had finally exploded. The rest of the council sent him a harsh glare, which he immediately ignored, instead zeroing onto Naruto. "You wanna know why you're here?"

Naruto didn't know whether to nod or run away from Masaru, Masaru always resented Naruto and his father, Arashi. However he didn't have enough power to take over the clan. "I'll tell you why it's because you're a ." "Stop it Masaru!" Cho had had enough with Masaru and his attitude, 'He doesn't run the clan yet he has the biggest ego.'

"I'm just saying it like it is! There's no reason to be sensitive the demon!" "You know just as well as we that he isn't a demon." Masaru scoffed at Cho. "Then why did he attack us?"

Naruto was deeply confused, who attacked them? 'Are…are they talking about me?' Cho sighed, "Naruto, its time you knew the truth. 7 years ago as you know the Kyuubi attacked right?" Naruto nodded slowly, "The Kyuubi the nine tailed fox demon right?"

Cho nodded, "Well Kyuubi isn't a demon like they all say. In fact he is one of the 4 cardinal protectors of this clan." Naruto was surprised and it was evident on his face, "What do you mean….Why did he attack them?" Cho just shrugged, "No one knows."

Naruto mulled it over for a second, then seemingly accepted it, 'I wonder what this all has to do with me…' Cho studied Naruto for a second, "You're wondering what this has to do with you right?" Naruto bobbed his head yes.

"As you know your father was the one to deal with the Kyuubi right?" Naruto nodded, '…why did she say deal and not kill?' "Well I'm sure you were told he killed the Kyuubi right?" Naruto didn't know where this was going, but he had a strange feeling he didn't want to. "Well as a protector of this clan, you can expect it to be immensely strong. All four protectors can not be killed, as they don't have a complete physical form. Unless the clan head in times of need summons one to help out this clan, they wander around in a….ghost form."

Cho sighed at her explanation, 'If only he were older, he could understand it better.' "If the Kyuubi can't be killed what did father do?" 'Here comes the hard part, I just hope he takes it well.' "Since the Kyuubi couldn't be killed, and as a part of a clan, wouldn't want to kill, the Yondaime decided to seal it into an Uzumaki baby. Of course the best baby he could choose was his own, and at that, the heir to the Uzumaki clan."

Naruto tried to absorb it all, he really did, but this was just too much. Naruto stood there, quietly. "Bu…..but." Naruto felt tears running down his face, but he didn't do anything to stop it. Shock was all that Naruto had left.

Cho looked towards the other council members, and they all nodded towards her. Cho walked to Naruto, before bending down to hug him. "Its okay Naruto, Just because you have Kyuubi sealed in you, doesn't make you Kyuubi; we won't look at you any different."

Naruto felt a faint voice register from the haze he felt; he could hear Cho trying to comfort him. Hmph you should be grateful I'm here. Naruto shuddered, 'Kyuubi?' Yes? Naruto didn't know what to say. 'Why?'

Cho watched as Naruto's eyes glazed over, and then let lose a shudder, 'What's going on with Naruto?'

Anyway, like your cousin said, sparing me the need to say it myself, I am the one the four protectors of this clan. You know as an heir of the clan, this is just for the better. Naruto mulled it over, 'I guess….what do you mean I should be grateful you're here?'

Kyuubi snorted within his cage, I'm a thousand year old protector of your clan, and I could teach you anything you need to know. '…okay.'

Naruto was thrown out of thought by a throb in his cheek. He looked up into his father's worried eyes. "Are you okay Naruto?" Naruto nodded, before jumping onto the Yondaime. Naruto didn't get to see him often, but none the less loved him as a son should. "Dad! I was talking with Kyuubi." Yondaime turned serious, "What did he say?"

Yondaime knew the possibilities of what Kyuubi could have with his son, if he so chose to help. "He said he would help me, and teach me things about our clan." Yondaime smiled, "Is that so? Well as a protector of the clan, he would be quite knowledgeable about our blood line and such."

Naruto looked curious for a moment, "Hey dad, what elements do you have a bond with?" Yondaime sighed, 'Does this boy remember anything?' "I've told you before; I have one with Wind, Fire, and finally one with Life." "How many elements are there?" Naruto couldn't for the life of him remember. "No one in our clan really knows, some don't show themselves often, or even at all yet. Some are lesser, but that doesn't mean they are any less useful."

Naruto looked content, still with a death grip on his father. "Do you want to let me go now Naruto?" Yondaime smirked as his son flushed for a second before hopping off. "Tell you what Naruto, since I hear from Gin you want to go the Ninja Academy next year, we'll start training okay?" Naruto nodded his head furiously, "Yea!"

Naruto huffed as he felt himself being pulled towards the ground. "Why do I have to wear this?" He tugged at the seal that his father had placed on his clothing, unable to make it budge. "I told you, it's to train your muscles. Get used to it." Naruto sighed, but accepted it as just anything he would have to get used to. "After this we will play Go and Shogi." Naruto shook his head, "Why! I don't wanna play old man games, I wanna become super strong and then be the best ninja ever!"

Yondaime narrowed his eyes at his son, "I told you already, if you don't learn strategy and just attack things all the time you will never become a good ninja. Ninjas require stealth, tactics, and the ability to think on their feet when their lives depend on it. Ninjas can't just rush into battles head first and expect to come out alive. Now quit whining."

Naruto decided wisely to shut up. "Am I going to at least get a weapon to use?"

Yondaime shook his head this time, "You should ask your element when you bond to them. They will be the one training you more extensively."

Naruto growled, "But no elements have come to me yet."

The Yondaime sighed at his son's stubbornness. "I told you it takes time."

Naruto wanted to scream and pull out his hair, 'When am I going to get my first bond? I want to learn to be a ninja!'

Just be patient. It will happen soon.

'What do you mean?'

You'll see. Whenever Kyuubi told Naruto something would happen, it always did.

Naruto huffed as he finished his third lap, 'This is hard damnit.' Why don't you try to unlock the Uzumaki doujutsu, soshigan? 'I don't know how to unlock it….Actually I don't even know what that is. What is it Kyuubi?'

It's the basis of the Uzumaki clan. Why do you think no other clan ever makes bonds with the elements? Because they can't see them. That's just a small part of the bloodline. Until you unlock it, you can't receive a bond. 'What! Then why hasn't father told me this before?'

Naruto felt Kyuubi shrug, maybe he wanted you to figure it out on your own. 'Well how do I unlock it?' It's different for each person. It could be as simple as directing chakra to your eyes, to being in mortal danger. 'I'll try the chakra thing instead.'

It had been a month since Yondaime had decided to train him, so Naruto by now had some sort of grasp on chakra, coupled with what Hinata told him. Speaking of her, they had a sort of relationship now, best friends being the best definition. She had finally stopped Stuttering with him, even if she still spoke quietly, and stuttered when others were around.

'I don't get why Hiashi-sama treats her so badly, Father says that he is quite nice.' He probably pushes her to get her to become better. He doesn't see that that isn't the right approach to someone like Hinata.

Naruto nodded, before starting to siphon chakra to his eyes, slowly as to not hurt his eyes. 'Is it working?' Kyuubi started to pace a little, No, here try using my chakra. 'Wait! Don't do it!' It was too late. Kyuubi unleashed the floodgate on his power, it slammed into Naruto with the force of a runaway truck going head first into a brick wall.

The shinobi residents of Konoha felt a familiar chakra start to rise. The last time this chakra was felt so many had died.

"What's going on?" Kakashi looked towards his old time sensei the Yondaime with his fear apparent.

"It seems Naruto is trying to learn to use Kyuubi's chakra." The Hokage said with a non-chalant tone.

"The demon? Why?" Yondaime growled at his student.

"The Kyuubi is not a demon, and it is disrespectful to say such."Kakashi felt a slither of fear run down his frame, never hearing the Yondaime mad about anything before.

"But if he isn't a demon what is he?"

"He is a protector of my clan. Besides, do you feel any bloodlust in the chakra?"

Kakashi felt the chakra again, shocked at the lack of bloodlust. "No I don't…" he said, still a little unceartin.

Naruto felt like screaming, every pore in his body was leaking out red chakra, burning his body from the inside out. Then just as quickly as it came, it left. Sorry kit, didn't think it would be that painful for you. 'It's…okay. Did you at least unlock the Soshigan?' Check for yourself kit. Naruto poured chakra into his eye, and felt a strange sensation in his eye, as if something was sliding across his pupil. Okay kit go look in the mirror.

Naruto ran to the closet mirror and stared at what he saw. Where his eye used to be normal, was now a curved cross, blue at the tips, and red along the sides. 'What is this?' This would be your own Soshigan kit. Most Uzumaki have the basic form, but you seemed to have inherited one of the more advanced forms. It can still grow into a more powerful form, but this is your regular form. 'What does it do?'

Well besides just seeing elements when they come to you, you seem to have inherited the unique Uzumaki ability of being psychic. Interesting…it is a most rare trait to inherit.

'Kyuubi…how can there be so many different forms for just one clan?' It's just the way it is. Why do you think the Uzumaki clan was so sought after to stay in countries? That is why the other countries try to hard to exterminate us when they can.

Naruto felt himself being shook back to the real world, 'I can't keep spacing out like that…' "Congratulations Naruto, it seems you have unlocked your own Soshigan. Do you have a trait to go along with it?" Gin had come along with Cho. 'I still think they should be together!' "Yea. Kyuubi told me that I received the trait of being psychic, but I was interrupted before he could explain what that means."

Gin and Cho looked at each other before looking at Naruto. Gin looked at Naruto, "That's a unique trait. I don't think I know anyone who has inherited that before. Do you Cho?"

Cho nodded, "My grandmother was. She had the ability to foresee the future occasionally, and read peoples mind. She could move things with her mind, and sometimes mess with others mind. Although she didn't inherit it that strong it still helped her become a master genjutsu user."

Naruto groaned, "Genjustu? I hate genjutsu, it's so boring and dull." Cho just grinned, "Oh?" Naruto felt his sense go haywire before everything went dark, and he lost every sense he had.

Naruto was starting to get freaked out, he didn't understand what was going on. The world appeared back in a flash. He saw Cho stumble a little, before Gin caught her. "What just happened?"

Cho stood up shakily, "I had used a genjutsu called World of Darkness on you. It gets rid of each and every one of your sense, its one of my stronger genjutsu. Somehow you kicked me out of your mind though. It seems you inherited your Soshigan stronger then my grandmother."

Naruto gaped at what Cho just said, Cho was a genjustsu specialist, not unlike her grandmother. For him to kick her out unconsciously was a big deal. "Well Naruto, I guess we'll let you go train, now that you have unlocked the Soshigan, you can expect elements to start showing up, once they realize you can see them. Some have been hanging around you for a while now."

Naruto walked out and sought out his dad, for once having something to show his dad in hopes of a compliment. He went out to the dojo, where the Yondaime frequently went. He saw his dad being taught by a man dressed in a white robe, holding a staff.

Yondaime quickly ducked under the staff, parrying it as it shifted down. He quickly pushed it away, and tried to stab the man. The man quickly grabbed the staff before it could hit him. "Good job Arashi-san."

Naruto stared at his dad and the man, 'Who is that?' It's life. He is a more…pure element one could say. He works with a staff, and uses the taijutsu style, Dance of the Firefly. His summon is the phoenix, and traits include anything from increased healing factor, to the ability to influence others bodies. It varies as with all elements. You should ask your dad himself to see what traits he acquired.

"Naruto-kun?" Naruto looked up at his father, slightly sweating, and nodded. "What are you doing here?" Naruto looked confused, before remembering why he took this trip, "I finally unlocked my Soshigan. Who's this man dad?" Yondaime looked to where Naruto was pointing, startled to see that Naruto could actually see him.

The man smiled at Naruto, "My name is Kousei. How are you Naruto-san?" Naruto quickly bowed, remembering some of his manners. "I am fine." Yondaime smiled at his son, "So you finally unlocked your Soshigan? Let me see it."

Naruto quickly channeled some chakra into his eyes, feeling the now familiar sensation of his eyes changing. Both Arashi and Kousei whistled in appreciation at the sight of Naruto's advanced form. "It seems you skipped the basic form, what form is that Kousei?"

Kousei stared for a little bit, "I believe it's the Kokoro Soshigan." "So does it have any traits Naruto?" Naruto looked at his dad, "Um yea. It made me become psychic." "That's nice son. Hey Kousei, when do you think he'll receive his first bond?"

Kousei had to think for a moment, "I think by the end of this day actually. There is a mark made by another element already. He has been watched for a while." Yondaime nodded, before looking at Naruto with pride, "You'll get your first bond two years younger then your old man.

"Sorry to interrupt, but you seem to be talking about me." A woman in a green dress, with a bow in her hand, and quiver on her back walked in. Kousei looked at her, "Fuzei lovely as usual." The woman, now recognized as Fuzei smirked at Kousei, "A shameless flirt as always Kousei." Kousei just waved the comment off.

Naruto stared at the woman. "Hello Naruto-kun how are you?" Fuzei was looking directly at Naruto now, Naruto started to stammer out. "I'm fine. How are you?" Fuzei just smiled, "I'm fine. Well do you wish to be bond to me, Fuzei of the wind?" Naruto looked shocked for a moment at Fuzei's carefree yet kind attitude. She seemed to understand how Naruto was nervous.

"Um…Okay." Fuzei looked at him, before leaning down. "Do you, Naruto Uzumaki, wish to be bond to the way of the wind? Forever as long as I see fit?"

Naruto was startled by the sudden change of attitude, "Yes, Fuzei-san." Fuzei lost the serious air she had just worn, and returned to her normal carefree attitude.

"Then by my will, we are bonded." Fuzei bent down and kissed him on the forehead, a small current ran through Naruto before he passed out.'

"Hm…I guess I better go put him in his bed." The Yondaime looked over at Kousei and nodded, while he grinned at Fuzei. "Why did you kiss him? A simple touch would have sufficed." Fuzei grinned back at Arashi. "I guess I like the kid, he's after my own heart. Carefree and always wandering. I noticed that there is another who is looking after Naruto. I wonder when they will deem Naruto worthy."

Arashi didn't say anything about Fuzei's choice to say when and not if. "I guess we shall see."

Time passed quickly. Currently the blonde clan heir was getting ready for a day at school. Or at least trying too.

" Darn it! Where's my kunai pouch?" The blonde haired man stood against the door frame with a smile spread across his face.

" Looking for this Naruto?" He asked with an amused tone. His son looked at him before smiling and rushing forward.

" Thanks dad!" Naruto proclamied while strapping it to his leg. The Hokage ruffled the boy's hair.

" Anytime son. Now remember what I said. Don't show off, it's bad for your image. And pay attention. No conversation's with the giant fox. Got it?" The boy nodded before running past him.

" Bye dad!" He shoot over his shoulder before running around the corner and narrowly avoiding to clan members. The blonde Hokage laughed.

' Kids these days.' He thought while making his way to his room.

Naruto jumped around the room, soaking in the different people from the many clans. Most of them bowed respectfully, whether they wished to or not, the Uzumaki clan was one of the royal clan of Konoha. 'Hmph this is easy.' That's only because your family already taught you everything, but you had better not get cocky and arrogant. There's no doubt that you will get beat into the ground if you do. Naruto walked around the classroom, trying to find a seat, but most of them were filled by other shinobi hopefuls. The girls look like they don't seem suited for shinobi work, but then again, its only the first day. Don't judge a book by its cover, besides now that you're in the academy you should get to know some of your classmates, and learn not to underestimate people if you wish to live.

Naruto sighed, mostly to himself, 'Fine fine. I won't underestimate people.' He watched as the Uchiha heir walked in, aloof but happy. 'There's the Uchiha heir. I wonder how the Uchiha clan is. They are at least tolerant of me. Where is Hinata-chan?' Oh? Thinking of your girlfriend? 'Shut up Kyuubi. Stupid fur ball.'

Hinata walked into the room, looking a familiar face. She searched the room quickly, before zeroing in on her target. "Good morning Naruto-kun." Over the year as Naruto and Hinata become friends, Naruto was able to get her out of her shell, at least partially.

"Good morning Hinata-chan. How was training?" Hinata smiled, "It's been good, Father is teaching me the Kaiten." "Oh? That's nice." Hinata learning such an advanced move made Naruto think of the day her father finally accepted her.

(("Hey Naruto-kun." It had been half a year since they had met. Hinata had lost most of her insecurities around him. She was even borderline confident, key word being borderline. "How are you today Hinata-chan?"

Hinata smiled happily, the both of them had become infinitely closer, whether or not Naruto knew the depth of Hinata's feeling for him. "Why don't we spar today? I will only use taijutsu, since I don't think Fuzei would appreciate me giving away all my abilities?" Hinata nodded to him.

Naruto smiled, "Great." "By the way, what is your taijutsu style even called?" Naruto had to think for a moment, 'Hey Kyuubi, did Fuzei ever tell me the name of this style?' Yes, don't tell me you weren't listening.

'Don't have to bite me in the ass about it. Just tell me what it's called damn it.' Hmph, you should be grateful for me telling you this. Fuzei said this was called the Wind's Fury. It has a weird name, but it's fitting for what it does. As for your other style, well your sensei hasn't told you yet. 'Oh okay.'

Naruto looked up at Hinata, "It's called the Wind's Fury." Hinata smiled, "That sounds nice, okay so where shall we spar?" Hinata didn't push for details, she could learn all she needed to know when they sparred. "How about the Uzumaki dojo?"

Hinata agreed on the place, so Naruto grabbed her hand, "Hey Hinata-chan close your eyes for a moment. Hinata looked confused for a moment, but complied with his request. Naruto closed his eyes and felt around for the wind, feeling it wrap around them. The wind swirled before the scenery changed to that of a dojo. You can open your eyes now."

Hinata opened her eyes shocked to find them already at the Uzumaki compound. "Well shall we begin?" Hinata nodded, before slipping seamlessly into the Hyuuga beginning stance. She watched as Naruto slid into an unfamiliar stance. His palms facing her, feet shoulder width apart. "Go!"

Naruto ran towards Hinata pulling his palm backwards and slamming it foreward, barely missing Hinata's chest.

Hinata gasped as she felt the force of his attack, before having a bend backwards to dodge his return swipe.

Hinata quickly tried to jab her finger into the chakra pressure point in his arm, but missed as he back flipped away. He slid into a new stance, one that seemed to be mimicking her, "What are you doing Naruto-kun?" "Second stance."

Hinata watched as Naruto charged her faster this time, going for just regular pressure points, as for as she could guess. She blocked his hand with her own, wincing at the pain until she enveloped her hand in chakra.

Naruto smirked at Hinata as she was getting faster and faster, and her hits were getting harder and more accurate.

Both were unaware of prying eyes watching them both. Hiashi looked at her daughter, determined with self confidence, and saw a different side of her. He always thought of her as meek and shy. 'Guess Naruto has changed her for the better.'

Naruto physically flinched when Hinata scored a hit, rendering his left arm useless.

Hinata gasped when she actually hit Naruto's point. 'I..didn't miss.'

Hiashi stiffened when he saw Naruto flinch, 'She actually scored a hit? And on a fast moving target too.'

Naruto changed tactics, and moved his right hand behind him, as it was now totally useless without his left. He quickly threw off a roundhouse, which Hinata dodged under, striking a chakra point on his leg.

Naruto winced, "Okay that's enough Hinata, you win."

Hinata gasped, 'I won?' She had never won any spars with anyone before. "What?" Naruto smiled at her, "You won! Congratulations, it seems your training has been good for you."

Hiashi gaped at his daughter, 'She just beat a Uzumaki heir. Even if he has only half a year of training, that is still quite a feat.' He walked out and noticed Naruto and Hinata both stiffen. "Good job Hinata…maybe I will rethink your training. It seems that training with Naruto has been beneficial for you."

Hinata quickly bowed, and pulled down Naruto as well. She knew that he was scowling at her father, and that wouldn't be good for either of them.

"We will train from now on every week. Be ready to work hard." With that parting remark Hiashi walked off, presumably back to the Hyuuga compound. "Why was he even here?" Naruto looked at Hinata, "Don't you know? My father and your father know each other quite well."))

"We should get to class Naruto-kun." Naruto quickly jumped a bit, "Huh?" Hinata sighed, "We have to get to class Naruto, and we don't want to be late for our first day." Naruto smirked, "Alright let's go."

They both walked into the class, and found that all of them were rambunctious, loud, and seemed to not care about the fact someone walked in. 'This are future shinobi?' Hmph its just the Academy, those without a clan don't have any shinobi training yet. You are far ahead of them, but don't let that go to your head or I'll have to make sure Fuzei increases your training. 'Okay, okay. Don't have to threaten me.'

Truth be told Naruto was afraid of that happening, he had enough trouble with just normal training, let alone special advanced training. "Hey you! What's your name?"

Naruto looked up to see a boy with a large sweatshirt on, markings on his face, and what seemed to be a puppy on his head. 'What's the deal with this kid?' He's an Inuzuka kid. They all have a dog partner, and as such have advanced sense of smell and hearing. Just like you have advanced sense because of me.

Both Hinata and Naruto felt bored the entire day, already having learned the basics. 'God this is dragging on forever.' Just pay attention. 'Fine fine.' He listened to his teacher, someone named Iruka, lecture them on what shinobi were expected to do.

"Shinobi are the protectors of this village and as such have to fight. Shinobi are vital to villages, and is what keeps other villages from attacking. They are the balance for nations, and the pride of the village. A good example is the Yondaime, he is the one who protected us when Kyuubi attacked."

Iruka glanced at Naruto when he said this. 'I wonder if he's looking at me because of father or you.'

I would suppose a little bit of both. '…Hey…Kyuubi?' Yea? 'Why did you attack? You never told us. In fact no one seems to even know that you're a protector of the Uzumaki clan.'

Well besides the fact that the fact the Uzumaki clan has protectors isn't common knowledge, there's the fact that your father didn't want to tell everyone that a protector of his clan is the one who attacked. As for the reason of the attack…I can't say.

'What do you mean you can't say? You're suppose to be a protector of the clan, not the destroyer of the village!'

Kyuubi grunted but didn't answer. '…Don't you trust me?' Naruto couldn't help but feel sad, that Kyuubi, who had been with him since birth, didn't trust him. It's not a matter of trust kit.

Naruto growled at Kyuubi 'Bull shit! Then why can't you tell me?' Because I don't know ok! I don't remember even attacking the village, I don't even get how someone could summon me. No one should be able to except the clan head, which was and is your father. The fact someone was able to summon me, and not have me even being aware of it, is a big deal. It would imply there's someone with knowledge of how this clan works, and is incredibly strong. Whoever it is might even try to destroy the clan.

'Now was that so hard?' Kyuubi barked out a laugh, I would think you would take this more seriously, don't you understand what I'm even saying? 'Of course I do, but what's the point of freaking out about it? If it comes down to it, I'll protect this clan by myself if I have to.' The yondaime chose the right person to seal me in it seems. If you say so brat.

'Hmph shut up, you couldn't even tell who summoned you, so neh.' 'Sorry…'

"Naruto?" Naruto shot up his head, feeling Hinata shaking him, "Has Kyuubi been talking to you?" She whispered towards him. He had told her the truth of the seal, the reason why some seemed to be mad with him, and also who Kyuubi really was.

Naruto nodded yes to her quickly, "Yes?" Iruka sighed, "Pay attention Naruto. I asked you what is the force shinobi use to activate techniques?" "Well for most it would be chakra, but certain clans use different sources of energy." "Good job Naruto." 'Hm it seems yondaime's son is as smart as he was younger.'

Naruto wanted to cry, this just seemed to be dragging on and on. "Okay class you all can go home now, and remember to study what I told you." A chorus of yes was all he heard before they all disappeared. 'Should I continue to try to become more efficient with my abilities?'

Kyuubi knew what he meant by that, I would say so. Just meditate for now, Fuzei might come by later on to teach you more. 'Okay.'

Naruto ran home back to the Uzumaki compound. He ran to the dojo, amidst the many people who bowed politely to their heir. "Hey Naruto wait up!"

Akina ran up to him, "Where are you going in such a hurry?" "Hello Akina-nee-chan. I'm going to go train." "Oh? Then I'll go with you. Maybe I can help, remember if you ever need help with anything you can ask me. I might know it." "Do you know the best way to get my techniques stronger, and so my abilities will be able to grow?"

Akina thought for a moment, "Well when I was trying to get my wind trait to grow, I just meditated a lot and used it as much as I could trying to force it. The meditation worked better then forcing it." Naruto nodded happily, "I thought so. Thanks Akina-nee-chan. I guess I'll go meditate now."

The two of them walked into the dojo, and both sat down promptly. Naruto started to get into a state of complete focus. He started to breathe in and out, slowly, pushing out every thought.

Akina watched as she activated her trait, she watched as wind currents started to circle him slowly, before completely enveloping him into a complete ball. 'What's going on? Come to think of it Naruto has never talked about the depth of what his trait allows him to do.'

Naruto was starting to freak, 'What's going on Kyuubi?' Naruto was alone and scared, for the first time in his life. He wasn't scared when villagers yelled at him, when shinobi released killing intent at him, even when they attacked him. Yet somewhere this affected him more, he was for the first time, completely by himself, with no one to lean on.

'Is this what everyone else feels? Kyuubi? Where are you?' Naruto could feel it, Kyuubi wasn't with him wherever he was. He could hear someone scoff somewhere. He's not that impressive. Look he doesn't even know how to take control of the situation. He won't be able to unlock this ability.

Naruto didn't know whose voice that was, but it still pissed him the fuck off. 'Who the hell does he…or she..think they are.?' He felt rage build up, 'Wait I can't let him get to me. That's what she wants.' He calmed himself and returned to his meditative state, Maybe he has some potential after all.

That was the least thing he heard before he felt a shock run through his body like lightning before settling in his head. He felt a huge headache explode within in before the world of darkness around him began to spin. The black started to shift into many colors before shifting into a scene.

Naruto looked around to see that the scene had stabilized, he took a step. 'I can actually move. The entire environment was a shade of grey, but seemed to him to be colorful as the real village. 'This is starting to hurt my eyes.'

'Might as well try to see why I'm here.' He walked around, feeling a tug on his being towards the western side of the city. 'This is the direction of the Hyuuga compound. The north was where the Uzumaki compound was, with the Uchiha compound on the eastern side.

As he walked he noticed many decorative items on the floor, along with many toys and such. 'It seems there's been a celebration recently, I wonder what?' He saw a huge banner and proceeded to read it. 'Blah blah blah lightning country war ends. Blah blah blah. What? The war hasn't ended yet… What's going on here?'

He walked directly into the compound, figuring they wouldn't be able to see him for whatever reason. 'I still don't get what's going on, but I guess I have to go through with this.'

He went to the only room he ever went, Hinata's room. He walked into a scene he had often found, Hinata asleep. Whether it was on him, or in a bed, she still looked like an angel, but whether or not Naruto would say it out loud was a different story.

He decided to just sit, as he felt himself still being pulled towards her, 'I guess whatever this is has to do with her.' He looked around for any hint of what this could mean. 'What is that? She doesn't have that locket or that teddy bear.' He walked to the locket and opened it up, 'Guess I can touch some things.' He opened it up, showing a picture of him and Hinata, with the words Memories last a lifetime at the bottom.

'Have I given her that?' He decided to just forget it for now. 'Just wait for whatever is suppose to happen.' He sat down next to her, hearing her mutter something in her sleep, but disregarded it seeing as he couldn't hear.

He felt a presence appear at the corner of his senses, and felt it make its way closer and closer. He watched as a shadow appeared in the hallway, 'I can't do anything so I guess I just have to watch.' A man, or what he assumed to be one, walked in as quietly as possible. 'He's trying to hide his chakra presence, which is too bad since I've gotten good at sensing them.'

The man quickly did some handseals before whispering something too quiet for Naruto to hear. He quickly picked her up and placed her in what seemed to be a huge burlap bag. 'I'd say this is a kidnapping attempt.' He ran after the man, gaining on him as he didn't have to be quiet.

Naruto looked at the kidnapper closely, trying to find anything to differentiate him from the thousands of other shinobi. All he could see were his eyes, and they were unique to say the least, black as night and hardened. The sign of a veteran shinobi. He isn't familiar so it must be a foreigner.'

The man quickly tried to run outside, before being brutally stopped by Hiashi himself, Byakugan blazing. 'I've never seen Hiashi so affected by anything. I don't think I've ever seen him so mad. I guess he does love Hinata underneath it all.' Naruto watched as many other Hyuuga members rushed outside, to see what was going on. The thud of the body hitting the floor was loud enough for all the veterans to hear.

Naruto sat down and watched as they pulled off the man's mask. 'That's not a citizen of Konoha for sure. Why am I being shown this?' Naruto felt the same shock go through him as when he had first arrived here. 'Well fuck I guess my time here is over.'

Akina watched as after half an hour, the ball finally started to dissipate and Naruto fell down. "Naruto? What's wrong with you?' She watched as Naruto groaned, looked up at her and smile, before passing out. 'Well damn this is going to suck to explain to Arashi-san.'

Naruto opened his eyes slowly, as his entire head felt like it was going to explode, 'Ugh this headache is unreal.'

Hmph about time you got up lazy boy. Naruto snorted

'Shut up Fluffy, don't gotta get your panties in a knot.'

Kyuubi growled, Watch it kid. Kyuubi watched as his kit started to look around the room before shutting his eyes to block out the light. What was going on back there? I couldn't feel his presence.'

'Kyuubi what just happened?' What do you mean? 'Well I was suddenly thrown into this…alternate reality, is the best way I can describe it. When I was there, I saw Hinata getting kidnapped, and that the war with Lightning was over.' Is that what happened? For half an hour I couldn't even feel your presence.

'So you don't know what happened either…' "I think I can answer some of your questions Naruto-kun." Naruto opened his eyes to see Fuzei. She was dressed in a white kimono that had sakura petals sewn onto various places. Her blond hair was tied into a bun. "Fuzei-san?"

Fuzei just smiled happily, "Yo!" "Fuzei-san what happened to me?' "Well…As you know you have the Kokoro Soshigan, and my blessings. You inherited your Soshigan pretty powerful, so that's why you were able to see the future. However usually that's it, you see a small portion and then you get kicked out, however since you also have a wind bond its different. You inherited the ability to see the future on the wind, which strengthened your Soshigan to the point where you could actually interact to a point with the future. Also since you can see the future on the wind, that means you can probably use the wind to see what's going on elsewhere or just hear it."

Naruto nodded along with what she said, "So…what? I don't get it." "Basically you just have the ability to see the future really well, and use the wind to see and hear what's going on elsewhere. Basic enough for you?"

Naruto wanted to understand what she was trying to say, really he did, but his headache was interfering with that. "I think I get the gist of what you said." "I just told you the gist! What do you mean you think? Is it really that complicated?"

Naruto laughed, "Yep." Fuzei sighed and just shook her head, "Whatever. Maybe you're too much like me." Naruto thought for a second, "Why wasn't Kyuubi with me?" "Well, because the future is for your eyes only, duh. Otherwise people could just take our bodies and try to steal our powers, we have a failsafe for such an occasion."

Naruto accepted her explanation, "By the way. Who was the voice that said I wasn't worthy?" Fuzei looked interested seriously now, "Someone interrupted you when you were having a vision? That is only possible for elements, and the more powerful ones at that. As you know there are an unknown amount of elements out here, even we don't know the total amount. Some of us are that secretive. The ones I know of strong enough to invade a vision would be life, death, light and dark. Some people confuse the four up, but they are all individual."

"What does light and dark do? It seems to me there isn't much that they can do." Fuzei wagged her finger at him, "Now now don't underestimate them, or else they will horribly beat you down. They don't like it when they aren't taken seriously. They are one of the more powerful ones, but also more unique and complicated. In the right hands, they can do pretty much anything, but in another do absolutely nothing. It really depends on the person."

Naruto just sighed, "Okay, okay, whatever." Fuzei just sat down on the bed he was resting on, "Don't come crying to me, I warned you to take them seriously. Just ask Kyuubi, he messed with them once when he was just another spiritual being."

'Is that true? You weren't always a guardian?' Well no shit kit. You can't just be born and become a guardian. And yes…I did mess with them. They seemed harmless. Then they…kicked my ass.' 'Ha, so the great Kyuubi got his ass kicked by two elements, in his past? That's rich.' Ha, watch out, they'll kick your ass too, if you piss them off. "Naruto? Anyway there's no way to find out who was the one that was talking to you. Just wait it out I suppose."

Naruto stood up off the bed, "Well it's nice to be back now anyway, how long was I out?" "Hmm…about two hours. You'll stop passing out, once you get used to seeing the future. You'll just feel tired and drained that's all. For now we should practice, today we will be moving on from shooting moving targets, to blind shooting."

Naruto back tracked his steps, "What did you say?" "You heard me, now get your ass in gear and let's go to the dojo, onward!" Naruto groaned, "This doesn't sound good."

Naruto and Fuzei walked out to the training grounds, outside. They walked to where many targets were scattered across the field. 'How is this going to work?' You'll see. "Okay Naruto here is your bow." Fuzei handed Naruto his favorite bow, a silver one with a Fox engraved in it.

"Now close your eyes and focus on the energy around you, use the wind to feel around for objects." Naruto closed his eyes and went into a semi meditative state, still able to feel himself, but focusing on the wind currents he felt around him. He felt as the wind wrapped around the targets, finding a way around the large wooden disk. 'There!'

Naruto quickly strung an arrow on, before aiming towards where he felt the wind pushing against the wood, and shot. He opened his eyes and saw that he had hit one of the more outer rings on the target. "Good job Naruto. I didn't expect you to actually hit it on the first try, or even be able to find it. It seems you're better then I give you credit."

Naruto closed his eyes and focused again, this time infusing chakra into the wind, giving him a better feel for where to aim. He felt his chakra brush against the wood, feeling the circles they engraved into the wood, causing it to have a small indent into the wood which the wind filled.

He felt for the middle most ring, and strung another arrow, 'This might be cheating a little, but I don't think Fuzei will mind.' He wrapped the wind around his arrow, ensuring a straight flight for the arrow. He released the string, satisfied with the plucking sound.

"Good job, even if I would have rather you not use the wind to help guide it. But I suppose it's okay for a second try. Now I want you to keep doing this, without using the wind to help you, until you hit the center. Bye!"

Fuzei just faded into the air, becoming invisible to even his Soshigan. 'I forgot that she can do that. I should get her to teach me that. Maybe Gin can teach me, since he can do it with shadows.'

Psh, that's just a parlor trick. If you really want to learn something, learn how to summon already. She gave you the contract and you still haven't tried to summon anything. You should be glad that the wind contract is the dragon contract. I use to know some dragons, especially the lower level ones. They will warm up to you, fairly quickly. Once you need higher level dragons however...I won't be much use. They are extremely tempermental.

'Fine fine, just quit your whining. I'll try to summon.' Naruto went through the 13 handseals required for the technique, "Summon!"

A dragon appeared, it was brown and looked more like a small snake. 'Should I have used more chakra?' He had only used an eighth of his chakra, believing it was more then enough to summon a good sized dragon.

"Who are you?" The dragon looked at Naruto curiously, apparently sensing there was something different with him. "I'm Naruto Uzumaki, the one who bonded with wind last year. I haven't had any time to try to summon, so here you are know."

The dragon nodded slowly, accepting what Naruto said without too much difficulty. "You have Kyuubi's presence. Why is that?" Although he had asked a question, it sounded more like a command to Naruto. "He is sealed within me."

The dragon studied him again, before accepting what he said to be fact. "You can call the dragons whenever you have need. They may not take well to you, but they just need time. We have been betrayed a long time ago, and they still have not forgiven that impudent human. By the way my name is Taira." The fox now identified as Taira disappeared in a poof.

'How…odd. Well happy now Kyuubi? I summoned something, so no more bitching.' Whatever, I don't bitch, I give helpful advice. Now shut up monkey. 'Hmph.'

"So what should I do now?" Naruto looked around, 'Might as well do what Fuzei told me, and do blind shooting practice.' Naruto strung his bow again, before feeling out for the target, 'This is going to take a while.'

It had been a month since Naruto and Hinata had joined the academy, and while they didn't learn much there, they learned a lot at home. Naruto had had another visions, but it wasn't important. It seemed some visions had no point, all he saw were the people who were going to graduate. Although in the vision he did notice that Sasuke looked a little more jaded.

Naruto had learned of Sasuke's inferiority complex, thanks to his dad and brother. Naruto walked along side Hinata, as he was walking her home from school. The two of them were close, although Hinata wanted more, Naruto had no idea.

'So how much longer do you think it'll be until my vision that I had a month ago will happen?' Naruto had thought a lot about why he could have been shown, and decided he was suppose to stop it from happening. You should tell you dad, and ask his opinion. 'I guess. He won't be home for a while.'

Hinata watched as Naruto spaced out, most likely talking to Kyuubi. 'He's gotten better at being alert even when he's talking to Kyuubi.' He used to constantly run into things and trip previously. It took him a lot of focus to talk to Kyuubi when he wasn't asleep.'

"Well here we are Hinata-chan. See you tomorrow." Hinata nodded to him, before walking inside. She had learned the kaiten the week before, so now her father was encouraging her to make some of her own moves, and maybe find out if she wanted to branch off to another side of being a shinobi.

'So I guess I'll have to wait for Father to get home, what should I do until then?' Practice your taijutsu, you still leave too many openings for others to take. You haven't even come close to beating Fuzei in a match yet. 'Don't gotta rub it in. Damn.'

He walked to the dojo, and picked up a staff. Although Fuzei used a bow and arrow as a weapon, she still taught him the version of Wind's Fury that could use a staff to extend its reach. So he had made a staff made just for him, that was of good quality and wouldn't be able to just get cut in half. It was a staff made of wood as hard as metal.

'I still don't get how this wood is so strong.' Don't you know? This were made by Uzumaki's with a bond with wood or metal. So whichever material you prefer, it will still be equally strong. However metal is more for swords, and the like. Naruto still didn't know much about the clan, for all the effort he put into finding out.

'Do you have any idea how many elements there are?' I would say around 15, but that's my guess. Some elements have died off or have just dropped off the radar. No one knows what happened to these elements for sure though.

"Naruto? Are you here?" Naruto jumped up, startled. 'Damn father always sneaks up on me.' "There you are." Arashi walked in, and seemed to be tired. 'Maybe I should ask later, he seems tired.' No this is important. Ask him now.

"Hey dad?" Arashi looked at Naruto, "Yea?" "I had a vision a month ago, and in it the Lighting War was over, and I guess they had sent over a representative over, because they tried to kidnap Hinata, but Hiashi killed him before he could get away. I was wondering if you think I should do anything."

Arashi looked at Naruto, "Well it's a good thing you've told me this. If that had happened, there would be a great conflict between us and lightning. When this time comes I'll deal with it so just forgot it. When it happens though, I might ask you who the kidnapper is though." Naruto nodded to his dad, feeling a load being lifted off his chest.

"Anyway, how is your training coming along?" Naruto blushed, "Slowly." Arashi smirked, "That's okay, as long as your trying. Well I'm going to lay down now, bye." Arashi waved off to his son, before walking into his bedroom.

Naruto walked to the dining room, before seeing the picture of his mom on the table. "Hello Mom. I wonder how your doing? I guess I'll never know." 'Why is her picture out here?'

Naruto's mom had died giving him birth, but Arashi told Naruto many stories about her. However all that Naruto really knew was that her name was Ayuka, and that she was a strong shinobi of her clan. Naruto didn't know what her clan actually was, because his dad didn't seem willing to tell him, so he just shrugged it off.

He walked to his room, before feeling a strange feeling, the one he got whenever Fuzei was around. 'There's someone in there.' He walked into the room to find a man sitting there. The man had on a red shirt, and black pants. His hair was black, and was spiked up. He had an air of indifference around him, and yet he still had a calming presence. He had a sword sheathed to his back. The man looked eerie, although Naruto couldn't explain why.

"Hello Naruto." Naruto looked at the man curiously, "Hello." "Well I guess I can't expect you to know who I am. I am Zetsumei. I am the element of death." Zetsumei give a light bow, before looking Naruto in the eye.

"Why are you here Zetsumei-san?" Naruto was confused, 'What does he want?' I would think it's pretty obvious. 'You don't mean…' Yes I do. "I have decided to give you a test. I will be watching you from now on, and when you become a genin. If you show enough potential I will bond to you, however if you don't I will never approach you again."

Naruto just looked at Zetsumei, 'A test?' He always did things the hard way. He isn't easy to earn his trust, but if you do you will get great rewards. "I will take my leave now." Zetsumei glowed black for a moment, before blinking out. 'What was that all about?'

Naruto sighed, it had been a year since they had been in the academy, and the war with Lightning had ended a month ago. Arashi had stopped the kidnapping, and had avoided a confict with the cloud country. Of course he had gotten something out of the whole deal, in order for cloud to get their jounin back, they had to relinquish a scroll over with some of their techniques on it.

'Zetsumei hasn't contacted me since a year ago. Do you think he'll ever contact me again unless I pass his test?' Probably not. Just make sure to make good decisions. No one really knows what he looks for in people. I have no idea what traits he finds redeeming, but I would guess that all you can do is be yourself. 'That doesn't help much.' I know.

'Anyway, back to a more interesting topic, do you think I should try to get dad to show met he scroll we got from cloud? I mean it is because of me that we have it.' Don't get so cocky, but yes maybe you should.

'Guess I'm off to find father, which is always a pain in the ass.' Naruto walked towards the Hokage tower, hoping against all odds his father was still there. If he wasn't there was no telling just where he would go.

Naruto entered inside, to see Itachi giving a mission report, 'He looks as happy and excited as ever.' I still think there is something going on with the Uchiha clan. They always were always were a gamble to work with. You never really know how mentally stable some of their more stronger members are.

Naruto walked by Itachi, feeling a wave of unease wash over him. 'I don't trust him.' Naruto turned into the hallway as Itachi was turning to leave, causing them to bump into one another.

Itachi just stared at Naruto, most likely expecting an apology or something of the sort. He stood for a minute watching as Naruto seemed to be spacing out before walking out of the building, slightly curious over the one person he didn't seem to inflict fear upon.

Naruto however was unaware of Itachi, unaware of even where he was anymore. 'Damn not again.' He had felt the shock of when he received one of his ill timed premonition. 'Wonder what I'm suppose to see this time. Bet it has something to do with Itachi, judging by the fact that it was activated when I came into contact with him.'

"Well time to wander about until I find what I'm suppose to. Now where is the pull coming from?" He concentrated on feeling for anything that even lightly tugged on him. 'It's faint but it's coming from the eastern part of Konoha. I guess it has to do with the entire Uchiha clan, not just Itachi.'

Naruto lightly jogged towards the Uchiha part of Konoha, 'I don't like this eerie calm feeling. It feels tense.' Being bonded with Wind had some interesting side effects, like the ability to sense things that most others didn't. 'Lies, deceit, auras, feelings, they all become an open book to me. I wonder if it has to do more with wind, or being psychic. Either way it was incredibly useful.

"Alright, I'm here, now to play the waiting game." He sat down in front of Sasuke's house. 'So this is where Sasuke and his family lives. He's pretty well off.'

Naruto felt an itch on his senses, 'Someone is here.' He looked around, and saw Orochimaru walking towards the home he was currently in front of. 'Well this is interesting. Orochimaru ran off once dad got elected as Hokage instead of him. He always did say he would get revenge on Konoha.''

He felt, rather then saw, what would be happening next. 'This won't be pretty.' He watched as Orochimaru used Henge to turn into a Uchiha that Naruto couldn't name, if he was even impersonating a real Uchiha.

Orochimaru walked into Sasuke's house, and that was when all hell broke loss.

Naruto felt sick at all the blood he could see, and more was being created by Orochimaru, who seemed to thrive in it. He was smiling and seemed to be amused with the person he was fighting now, whom Naruto guessed could only be Sasuke's dad, if his looks were anything to go by.

"Why are you doing this? Killing your own family?" 'I guess he isn't even impersonating a real Uchiha if the clan head can't identify him.' "Who said I was a Uchiha?" Orochimaru smirked before releasing his henge. "How come I couldn't sense you were using henge?" Sasuke's dad seemed scared once he recognized who he was up against.

"My techniques are better then your eyes. Which is why I shall take them for myself, since you seem to not be able to use it well enough." Orochimaru quickly stabbed Sasuke's dad, and Naruto watched, angered by the fact Orochimaru had just slaughtered the entire Uchiha clan, besides Itachi and Sasuke.

"What's going on here?" 'Speak of the devil…' Itachi had arrived on the scene, just in time to see his dad die.

Itachi didn't particularly care for his father, but he was still his father none the less. 'Damn it, I'm still not a match for Orochimaru yet, that damn snake.' "I shall take my leave now young Uchiha, but be warned I will be back for your brother's eye, and I'll get him to come willingly too. I wonder. How will you explain all this?"

Naruto felt sorry for Itachi, whether or not Itachi was close to Naruto, he still felt compassion for him. He felt the shock run through his body, signaling the end of this scene. The world turned black, and he found himself on a couch.

'Where am I?' What did you see this time? 'I'll tell you later. Right now it's more important that I find my dad.' Well you're in his office so he shouldn't be hard to find once you open your eyes.

"Dad?" Naruto opened his eyes, and started to look around. "I'm right here." Arashi was leafing through the pile of many many documents he had to deal with. "Hey dad, I need to ask you a couple of things." Arashi looked up to his son, "Shoot."

"Well about the scroll we got from Lightning, I was wondering if I could see it. Also I wanted to tell you I had another premonition, and something about the clan." Arashi nodded, "Well. I suppose I could lend you the scroll for a while, until you learn the techniques on it. There aren't that many, but they are pretty good. So what did you see?"

Naruto started to get a little nervous, "Remember how you told me about Orochimaru and how he left because of you?" Arashi smirked, "Yes." 'Here comes the hard part.' "Well he's going to try to kill all the Uchihas." "WHAT?" Naruto cringed at his father's yelling.

"Yes. He transformed into a different body that Sasuke's dad couldn't see past." "That's a problem…When did he get so powerful?" Arashi started to pace around the room. "What was the other thing you wanted to mention?" "Death has taken an interest in me…He says he's going to watch me as a test."

Arashi was shocked, plain and simple. 'Death is the most reclusive of the known elements. This will be the first time since the creator of our clan. He will be the second one to ever use death as far as the clan knows.' "That's great. Try to do everything as best as you can. I'm sure you'll get him."

Naruto just smiled hesitantly, "Yea…Sure." 'At least he's not putting any pressure I guess.' Hmph, calm down, its not that big a deal. At least it won't be until the end. "Well Naruto, you can forget about the Massacre. I'll find a plan or something. Just warn them."

Naruto was grinning, "Okay. I guess I can focus on my training so I can be a genin." "When I come home, I'll teach you a Uzumaki technique that all of us learn to become a genin in the eyes of our clan."

Naruto just smirked, "I bet I'll learn it within the hour." "Hmph it took me a month, it'll take you at least that." "Wanna bet?" Arashi smirked right back at his son, "Fine. What do you wanna wager?" "If I win, you have to teach me some of your techniques, and if I lose…" "WHEN you lose, I'll think of something."

"Whatever. We'll see." Naruto walked out of the office waving. 'This should be fun.' At least until you lose. I happen to know what the technique is, and it is a miracle that your dad learned it within a month, it usually takes a year. Guess it's time to put your money where your mouth is. '…Damn.'

Okay I know it seems rushed, but to me it isn't. So next chapter is genin hood. I'm tired and I have been sick, so I feel like crap. Bye.

These things deal with Naruto himself.

Soshigan- Element Eye

Kokoro Soshigan- Mind Element Eye




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