I've decided to keep beneath the lies. Once I have time to type down the idea's it'll be back on line. The same is True for the Uzumaki clan and The Konniochi-sama

Now with that out of the way i'll have time to ask you an important question regarding My Naruto bleach Crossover.

About a week before Naruto's parents were revealed I finsished the the beggining. However, everything changed once they were revealed. So I ask you for a one week poll.

Do I write a new story (Which will take more time.)

Or will I place my current start with the following elements.

Minato from the Uchiha and Namikaze clans.

Naruto taken at a young age before being returned. Follows cannon until his return home when Shinigami, hollows, etc. enter. Regain abilites and lead shinobi into battle.

You decide fans.