Do you see this tree, the centerpiece of my garden? It is beautiful, and alive. I planted it myself, when I was very young. We got it from a nursery when it was already a few years old, though.

It was three feet tall at first. Last year, it was level with the roof. It's grown so tall. I can trace the roots in the ground and see where they tangle up with the other plants and flowers.

Somehow, though, I lost track of all those roots and now the nutrients of the entire garden are going to this one tree. The other things are dying.

I must protect them, as well. I am God. It is my duty to love and to care for all things.

I lay my hand against the warm trunk. I can feel the tree's pulse. It is so full of the others' lives.

I love this tree. That love does not outweigh my love for every other thing in this miniature habitat of mine.

I must restore balance.

I will have to kill my tree, my favorite tree, to protect the life of my garden.

Isn't that right, my beloved juunishi?

Everything gets too large for its boundaries.

Why do all things that live have to grow?

Hmm. Things get weird when I stream-of-conscious Akito. Do you see the correlation in the story?