The Shadow Hunter

October 31st. 1895

The rain pounded on the cat's back as it ran for shelter. It's black fur blended in with the pitch-black surrounding it. The cat ran desperately through the open door of a nearby inn. The Shadow Light Inn's inhabitants watched as the cat ran into one of the rented rooms.

The stories at that time told of black cats coming to their vampire masters just before they made a kill, and thus, the men ran, hoping they would not become the next lifeless corpse to lay on the cold wood floor of the inn. A stifled scream came from the room that the cat had entered. Akela, a young girl about twelve stayed behind in the common room. She watched as a pool of blood spread from beneath the door. Her shock soon turned to fear as she realized that her mother, the family she had left, was inside that very room. The maniacal laugh that sounded from inside the room was so horrible that it sent chills up the young girl's spine.

She had no other choice, she ran for it. She quickly crept into a closet. She peered around the door just as the vampire exited the room. Fresh blood dripped from his extended fangs and down his chin. He moved swiftly, leaving the cat and bloody footprints in his wake.

A raw hatred formed in her heart as she slowly followed, waiting for him to make any sort of wrong move. He led her to an alleyway behind the inn. He looked behind him just as the girl dashed behind a trash can that had been left at the entrance to the ally. Her hands shook with fear and anger as she looked at the vampire.

He turned around, facing the wall that kept him from his freedom. The girl pulled out a pocketknife that she kept close to her at all times. She made up her mind and lunged at the vampire, holding her knife at the level of his heart. Unfortunately her plan had not included what to do if the vampire dodged and disarmed her. After doing so he simply laughed at her derisively.

"Don't tell me youthought you could kill me?" He mocked. Her earlier resolution now gone, she began to shake with fear and an overwhelming anger.

"I-I-I c-can't." She stammered, knowing that someday her words would be wrong. He stepped toward her, slowly so that he would not scare her anymore than he had already.

"I could kill you, you know." He told her, stroking her neck in a seductive manner. Akela trembled with fear at the thought of what he might do to her. "But…you might be useful in the future." He paused and ceased the stroking. "Then again…no, that was just a one time incident; it shall not happen with you." He said more to himself than to her.

His words confused her but she hung on every one, hoping they would not mean what she was thinking. 'Help vampires?' she thought to herself, terrified. Before she could think much more, the vampire continued.

"In 20 years I will seek you out. And just remember one thing." He said, thinking the girl would believe anything he told her. "If you ever harm a vampire, you will be dead before the next dawn." He warned Akela.

And with that, he left her to grow up with no mother, and leaving her no family left. The vampire's audacity that night would some day mean his death. His stupidity would cause the death of countless other vampires. For what he did not know was that that girl would some day become the most feared vampire hunter in the world, known only as The Shadow Hunter.