Chapter Two: Just Another Vampire

10 years later

Bang! A miniature metal stake shot from her gun and implanted itself in the vampire's shoulder. The blood splattered against the wall as the vampire flew back. The hole in the middle of his chest bleed profusely. Akela's black overcoat was now splattered with the glistening red of the vampire's freshly shed blood. She approached the vampire, known as Uku, thinking he had been knocked out from the shock of the stake. She knelt next to his body, looking him over with disgust.

Before she knew what had happened her neck was caught in Uku's callused hand. He pulled her neck closer towards his lips. She strained her head up with ever muscle she had, but in vain against his overpowering strength. Soon the cold touch of his lips met her neck as his fangs pierced through the thin protection that her skin provided. Her first instinct having failed her, she attempted her second.

She kneed him in the side, loosening his grip. Akela stood up swiftly, grabbing her wooden stake from its pouch and thrust it into his heart. The blood that had collected in Uku's mouth sputtered outwards as his breaths grew weaker. At last they failed all together, leaving Akela alone in the dark alley. She glanced around at the dozens of trashcans in the alley, half of which were now lying on their sides. Her breath came out in steady puffs of steam. Folding her arms around herself, she made her way back onto the street.

Once back out on the street Akela slipped between the shadows cast by the moonlight. She made her way back to the concealed 'apartment' that was hidden in the ground (accessed through a trap door disguised as a welded manhole). Once Akela found the right alley she lifted the trap door and eased herself down into the hole.

Once inside she wandered rhythmically around the room and light the candles that were bolted to the walls. She removed her black overcoat and set it on the floor. Pulling out a primitive first aide kit she began to clean out her wound with a homemade cleanser that eliminates the effect of the venom that was injected by Uku's fangs.

When at last Akela completed her task of cleaning her wound, she turned to relax for the rest of the night. Shortly after diving into a book titled 'The Uses of Garlic against Vampires and it's many Forms', Makala (Akela's friend and partner) entered the apartment. Makala was exhausted from the day's work (as she actually had a job that she went to instead of wandering around on nights with a full moon and shoving stakes into peoples hearts).

"Who was it tonight?" Makala asked as she dropped her bag on an old chair by the fire. Upon seeing the blood stained overcoat that lay on the floor to Akela's side Makala tensed a little. Akela looked up from her book and placed it on the table next to her.

"It was Uku," She replied casually.

"Damn, how could you let him bite you? You've been tracking vampires for two years already!" Makala yelled, noticing that Akela had not put a bandage over her bite. Akela glared at her, refusing to answer. An expectant silence filled the air before she finally decided to answer.

"Does it matter? It comes with the job."

"It's not a job. It is an obligation that you put upon yourself. One that you should never have chosen to undertake." She added stiffly.

"What does it matter to you? I know what I have done and I can accept that. That fool vampire that killed my mother is the reason I started this, you know that well enough. " She paused, allowing this statement to settle. "Come take a look at this bite, and bandage it for me will you?"

Makala examined it for a moment then began to wrap a soft, clean bandage around Akela's neck.

"Well you got lucky this time, it's not as bad as it could have been." She stated. Akela sighed and slowly stood up after Makala finished doctoring her wound. She walked over to the bookshelf and placed her book back into the only available spot.

"I'm going to bed." Akela said, slowly pacing the floor to her bedroom. "Oh and I wanted to go the 30 miles back home tomorrow. That way we will have the full month of October to explore and find all the necessary shops as well as finding out where all the vampires linger around there. Is that alright with you?" Makala only nodded her approval.

Akela crawled into bed that night, waiting for the next day like a child on Christmas Eve. For tomorrow, she knew, would be one step closer to gaining the revenge she so wanted on her real mother's behalf.

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