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Kagome didn't know what to do as soon as she set foot inside the dark streets of the ancient city. She was mesmerized, to say in the least, but no word could describe how she felt.

It was beautiful, enchanting, marvelous...all the things better than that. People filtered in and out through the cobble-stoned streets, their long dresses trailing after them like a cloud of smoke. Some people were dressed oddly, some in outrageously huge robes, some in freakishly pointy elf hats. Colorful streamers painted with glitter hung down every door frame, every balcony, every creature. It was colorful, bright and fluorescent, the street lamps a bright green flame. How they got the flame to turn that color, she hadn't a clue, but who cared?

Kagome's eyes were wide and searching, her ears picking up faint music in the background. With each step, the music grew louder, racey and cynical as she tapped her fingers along with the strange beat. There was an odd instrument playing along, she didn't know what instrument in particular, but it was probably something that she never saw or heard before. It sounded like a flute yet at the same time it also sounded like a guitar. A flutar perhaps?

She glimpsed at Sesshoumaru, who was still by her side walking gracefully. She had to stop and catch her breath as she stared at him. The street lamps and the bright colorful streamers reflected off of his hair, bathing the silver in deep rich shades of vibrant colors. He looked like water, reflecting water...beautiful.

Kagome stared up at the moon, which was shining vigilantly down upon her. It was milky, white and bright, casting its celestial rays down upon the entrancing city.

Indeed, the carnival was coming.

"Hey, Sesshoumaru," she whispered, catching a glimpse at him. "Don't you think this place is freaking awesome?! Now I really can't wait for this carnival thing!" Kagome beamed a happy smile, her eyes averting back towards the colorfullness of the city.

When he didn't answer her, she merely shrugged it off. What was new? Yet, when she turned to look at him, she definitely knew something was up. He had on a petulant snarl, his fangs glimmering in the dark. His golden eyes probed throughout the darkness, a feral glint in each of them.

Kagome wondered at his quirky ways. What was up with him? He had done that back at the veil of vines, what caused him to do it again?

"Sesshoumaru..." Kagome called hesitantly." You okay?" Of course he didn't answer her, even when his feral eyes landed upon her own. Kagome shivered. He was scary sometimes.

Kagome lifted her nose in the air, a wonderful scent wafting in. It smelled just like the scent at the veil of vines, rich, deep and intoxicating.

"Kan-chan, you little whore!!"

Kagome immediately halted. There were whores now? She saw a lady with a veil around her head, running out from a worn down cabin with her skirts hitched high. She had a brandy bottle in one hand, flailing it about in the air as a blond headed child ran in front of her. She was chasing him.

"Don't come near my girls...or my boys ever again!!! You hear??" she screamed at him, turning back around. Kagome guessed she must have given up. Kagome squinted her eyes, trying to get a better look. They widened as she realized who the little boy was.

"It's the bi-polar kid!" Kagome exclaimed, pointing her finger in his direction. The boy stopped, turning around swiftly. He placed his slender hands on his hips, swaying them in an inappropriate fashion. His silver eyes glinted with the moonlight, his blond hair fully illuminated.

"Hi my little lust-filled lovers!" he shouted from across the pathway, waving his little hands in the air. Kagome almost choked on her spit. Did he have to be so...loud?

She lifted a shaky hand and hesitantly waved at him, at the same time sending him a feral glare. Of course, he didn't seem to notice for he came along skipping, halting merely inches away from where she stood. The little blond haired boy had on a huge beaming smile, silver eyes sparkling in the moonlight.

"Hi-hi!" he squealed, curling a finger around a yellow lock of hair. "Smells delicious, ne?"

Kagome looked around her, wondering if he was truly talking to her. When she saw no one in particular besides Sesshoumaru, she looked down at him and nodded.

"What's the smell coming from anyway...Kan-chan, right?" she asked nervously, prepared and ready if he were to attack her like he had done that old lady a while ago.

"I'm Kagome," she informed him, flashing a tiny smile.

He nodded, a smirk resting on his lips. His eyes suddenly widened, silver flashing in an array of joyous hues. He skipped over to where Sesshoumaru stood, looking up at him as if he were some sort of oddity. Kagome huffed and slouched her shoulders.

Sesshoumaru was above the term "oddity".

"Such lovely hair," Kan-chan cooed, nimble fingers entwining with Sesshoumaru's hair. Sesshoumaru stiffened, as if uncomfortable with the close proximity of a stranger. He looked down at Kan-chan then quickly scooted away, shuffling himself behind Kagome.

She had to fight to laugh at his jitterish behavior. She looked over towards Kan-chan, who was still standing there, silver eyes wide open. She saw his pale lips pout, his brow furrowing. He turned to her and glared.

"Your fuck-buddy has one hell of an attitude problem, I suggest you fix it," he said pointedly. He crossed his arms.

Kagome's mouth hung agape, her fists clenching. It seemed that his choice of words were going to get even more cruder by each passing moment. She stalked over to him, lips pursed and eyes flaring.

"Watch your mouth kid," she said through gritted teeth, ready to claw at him. How dare he make such accusations! She would never, ever, ever, ever, not in her entire life do those...things to Sesshoumaru. She had to fight the blush that was threatening to crawl up her face for even thinking such ludicrous thoughts. Kagome was whirled from her thoughts when she felt something yank at her hair, causing her to bend over. She stared into silver orbs. They were slanted and clearly annoyed.

"What would you do to me if I didn't?" Kan-chan breathed, tracing a trail down her cheek with his finger. "Would you lock me up in a cage? Whip and molest me until I bleed? Ahh, there's so many things that you could do, just thinking about them is already getting me har-- ."

Kagome was forcefully pulled away, a tight grip on her wrist. She left Kan-chan's lust filled-eyes, left him till she could only see his tiny body as a speck of dust, little hand's waving a "goodbye" in the air. She stumbled over her feet, watching as silver wisps of hair brushed over her legs. She stared at Sesshoumaru, stared at his claws wrapped around her wrist, stared at the way his body moved so fluidly over the earth. She gulped.

He released his grip on her wrist, dropping his hand gently by his side. She watched as his yukata sleeves ruffled against him, only to be smoothed back out once rest came. The darkness engulfed them, save for the few flickering green lights adorned on every doorstep of the cobble-stoned streets. She watched as his hair changed colors, switching back from lustrous silver, to an envious green.

"Too much silver," she said aloud, hoping to break the awkward silence. "First your hair, now Kan-chan's eyes... hurts me sometimes." She smiled to herself, glad that the silence was starting to slowly ebb away.


Kagome looked over to him, surprised that he was replying to her comment. She hastily nodded.

"Yeah, I mean...who has silver eyes? You already have yellow eyes...and now I see another person with silver eyes. There's always the possibility of contacts, sure enough, but would a little kid be able to use them that young? And don't even-- ."

"He has red eyes."

Kagome's mouth closed, her eyes trailing down the silver strands of his hair that fell down his back like a cascading waterfall.

"Red?" she asked, briskly walking up to him. She shook her head. "Nope, they were silver, I saw them. You must've not been payin' attention then, maybe because it's dark, I wouldn't know--"

"You're words are false," he crisply cut in, a slender hand coming up to twirl in the silver strands of his hair. "The people here all have red eyes, you are the one clearly not paying attention." He stared at her, his yellow orbs even more menacing in the dark. Kagome's heart began to pound more rapidly. There was something she wasn't obviously getting straight. If she remembered carefully, Sesshoumaru had said that Kan-chan's eyes were red...including all the town's people.

She looked around, scanning the crowd of people traveling up and down the cobble-stoned streets. She quirked an eyebrow, obviously irked. Every single eye she had glimpsed at were all differently colored, nothing suspicious with that. Some people had purple or pink, which in itself was truly odd since you could only obtain that color through contacts, but some others' had natural shades such as brown, blue or green. She turned back to Sesshoumaru, staring at him oddly.

Was he possibly lying to her? Kagome shook her head. She could already deduce that he wasn't the type to tell false things, something about him doing that didn't sit well with her. He was too...refined to do something such as lying. Besides, what would he benefit from it?

"The carnival has arrived, make way, make way!!"

Kagome sharply turned her head. A young woman with a red bandanna tied around her head was twirling and dancing along the street, throwing out glitter and red flowers from a woven basket.

Then came the thumping.




A blast of frivolous music smashed into the air, ready to infect anyone who was listening. It was fast, up-tempo and catchy, accompanied with all sorts of musical instruments. One instrument sounded like the flutar. Kagome looked down the street, eyes searching it's dark and murky depths for any sign of carnival life. She saw nothing, only heard the clownish music echo across the bricked walls, vibrating against railings and window panes.

Suddenly, a streak of yellow light shot down the street, flying right past Kagome and Sesshoumaru. Then she saw them.

Men on stilts walked freakishly down the street, stopping to stroke children's faces with their sharp pointed fingers. They're masks were rigid and barbaric, one half decorated with black paint and the other with white. A painted smile was etched across the mask, sharp fangs gnashing together in a twisted smile. The children lined up on either side of the street, laughing and giggling with open eyes, shaking with excitement and splendor.

Kagome took a step back, truly freaked by the site of the stilted men. Her eyes were wide and curious, wondering why the children weren't the least bit frightened. She sure was. She scooted closer to Sesshoumaru, the sleeves of his yukata brushing alongside her arm. She shivered.

Thats when the glitter arrived. Tiny speckles of silver, red and gold rained down from the night sky, the moon smiling after its wake. The city sparkled like a crystal, tiny bits of glitter entangling themselves within Kagome's hair. She sneezed as a particle of glitter traveled up her nose.

The earth shook tremendously as a loud "boom" tore through the air, sending people off balance. Streamers of vibrant colored confetti fell from every direction, raining down like snow. Kagome stuck out her hands, outstretching her fingers so as to catch a few pieces of the delightful strings.

Kagome turned towards Sesshoumaru, flashing him an excited smile. Everything was so loud and weird, that it felt as if she were in some kind of amusement park. It felt wonderful, surrounded by catchy music, laughing people and vibrant streams of confetti and glitter.

He stared at her, a pink streamer hanging down his face. He didn't quite get what was going on. All he could see were people smiling and prancing about like fools. He didn't get what was to smile about, he didn't see the significance in sending out colored strings and fancy sparkles all over the street. Everything was too loud and over joyous, causing him to stiffen in alarm. He quirked an eyebrow at Kagome, an assortment of colorful strings hanging off her fingers. She had a wide smile on, her eyes sparkling amidst the glitter. What was there to smile about?

Kagome fought the urge to laugh out loud. There was a huge streak of pink confetti dangling off his face, blowing in the chilly wind. She stretched out her hand, fingers gently rubbing against his forehead in means to pluck the thing off.

Just as she was about to flick the string away, her wrist was caught in a tight hold. His claws shimmered in the night, looking twice as menacing as they usually were. It was as if time had stopped, the children, confetti, glitter and stilted men moving in slow motion. Just like a haunted carnival scene in a horror/thriller movie. She stared up at him, the pink string still dangling from her fingers. His grip was getting tighter, as if he were mad at her.

She dropped the pink string, watching it fall gracefully to the ground, only to be swept up by the wind. Her eyes widened as he loosened his grip on her wrist, claws brushing against her bangs. He withdrew, green confetti and red glitter all over his fingers and claws. He looked at his hand oddly, as if scientifically analyzing the party favors. He rubbed his fingers together, the glitter spreading even further. He grimaced and wiped it on Kagome's arm.

"Hey! Did I tell you to do that?!" she yelled at him, wiping off the red glitter.

"Joyous and merry, swivel in flurry! The carnival's here, let's leave in a hurry!!"

Kagome jumped at the loud voice, obviously said through some kind of home made megaphone. At the sound of the voice, all the town's people quickly scurried across the floor, following after the men in stilts and cutting across the streaks of glitter. Children ran and skipped along, flowing robes and dresses dragging on the ground.

Then the streets were empty, dank and dark, save for the green torchlights hanging off the brick walls. Kagome looked up and down the street, watching the last trail of children scurry quickly after the others. At the end, she could that there were many vibrant and colorful lights, all packed into some kind of town square or something like that.

Excitement and anticipation coursed through her veins, like standing in line to ride a fairly large roller coaster.

"Hey," she said, tugging on Sesshoumaru's yukata sleeve. She didn't look at him, too transfixed by what she could see of the carnival.

"The carnival's started, looks like its gonna' be held over there," she pointed in the direction of all the bright lights. Sesshoumaru followed her finger, also staring at them. He blinked once or twice, yellow eyes shimmering in the dark. He didn't say anything.

Kagome sighed to herself and smacked the palm of her hand on her forehead. It wasn't as if he were to be amazed or anything like that.

"Well, I'm goin' on ahead," she said to him, taking off towards the direction of the carnival lights. "You can just stay there and be your...doll-self I guess." She started running down the street, shoes pounding against the stone floor. The carnival music was getting louder and louder with each step, luring her in like a cat to milk.

She left him like that, silver hair blowing against the wind, pale moon-light from above shining down on him as if he were a ghost.

She smiled and continued on.


"Would you like some delectable sweets?"

Kagome stared at the woman behind the boutique counter, her hands outstretched and holding a platter of baked goods. Kagome sniffed at them, the wonderful scent of brownies, cookies and miniature pies wafting through her nose. The woman shoved the platter closer.

"Fresh off the rack, soft and chewy," the woman continued, her brown eyes sparkling. As delicious as they looked, Kagome gulped and calmed down her temptations for the baked treats. It wasn't as if anything were free nowadays. EVERYTHING cost something, no matter how little and useless it was.

"How much?" Kagome asked hesitantly, licking her lips.

"This plate right here that I'm holding; everything costs two saps," the woman replied, looking down at the platter of goodies. "The menu items in the back though, vary; depends on what you're gettin'."

'What in the hell are saps?' Kagome asked herself, her eyes spinning. Seriously, what were they? Kagome quickly shook her head and backed away. She didn't want to make a fool out of herself.

"Bye bye," she said and took off.

Kagome pushed herself through the crowd of people. Some had on sparkling bracelets made out of some metallic material, some had glow paint on their faces and some were just walking around carrying the most outlandish stuffed animals she had ever seen!

Kagome's eyes wondered in astonishment as purple fire shot through the air, men on stilts drinking a sort of flammable liquid and spitting it through the flame. As soon as the fire diminished, yellow sparkles resembling stars sprinkled down, latching onto the hair of excited passerby.

"Like fairy dust," Kagome whispered. The music was starting to get to her, her fingers tapping wildly at her thighs. It was just so...entrancing, like rave music. Hell, everything seemed surreal to her, like a freaky-fun carnival. She was surprised she hadn't seen any rides though. She searched and searched for some tell-tale sign of a fast machine, but nothing caught her eye. Where were they?

She shrugged. Best not to get too absorbed into things, otherwise she'd become obsessed. Kagome perked up her ears, a distant sound getting to her. It sounded like music, besides the carnival one, that seemed to blend in jaggedly amidst the air. It sounded like...rock music. Weird rock music.

Kagome followed the edgy music. She halted in front of a wooden stage, a mass crowd already parked and waiting. There were four guys on stage, two on guitar, one on the drums and one up front. Kagome stared at the young man, his top-hat glistening in the dark. Black paint streaked across his face, encircling around his eyes like smudged eyeliner. He cupped a 20's microphone in his gloved hand, Victorian-ragged robes swishing against the floor.

All she could do was stare at them. Watched as the guitarists strummed against their strings, rippling vibrations echoing over the swooning crowd. The drummer was pounding on his drums ruthlessly, a fast and up-tempo beat just begging for someone to dance to it. The front-man's voice sounded really good; unique in way.

Remembering what Sesshoumaru had said earlier about the red eyes, she focused on them. They were all different colors: brown, gray, blue and green, nothing out of the ordinary. She shrugged and stalked away.

"Maybe I can find Kan-chan or something," she muttered to herself, swerving herself through the mass of robed people. A small child with a lolly-pop in her hands bumped against her.

She walked through a string of boutiques, odd trinkets and foods adorning their shelves. What they were selling, she had no idea, but as if she cared.

Her legs cramping up, she spotted a black chair sitting to the side of the boutiques. She eyed it hungrily and jogged to it, plopping herself down upon its hard surface.

"Gah, too many people," she mumbled, lolling her head back. It was times like these that she wished she had Sesshoumaru with her.


"Argh!!" she grimaced, pressure sinking into her stomach. She picked her head up, meeting with two silver orbs.

"Kan-chan.." she whispered. He was sitting on her lap, his legs straddling her. He was twirling a lock of blond hair around his fingers, a tiny pink tongue sticking out of his mouth.

"You like it, n'est-ce pas?" he asked, his eyes dancing with eagerness. Kagome took a moment to think on it, finally realizing that he was talking about the carnival, and nodded quickly.

He frowned, his head cocking to the side.

"You do not look very enthralled," he mumbled solemnly, silver eyes immediately slanting in suspicion. He quickly perked up, his eyes alighting with mischief.

"Is it because of your fuck-buddy? Huh? Since he is not with you, I can guess that you probably went your separate ways, ne?"

Kagome gaped at him.

"Do not worry," he said, patting her on the head. "You could always find him later and request a 20 minute rut at the local brothel, just sign him in and your set. You just have to wait until those girls are finished with him, I think they want to do naughty things and--"


Kan-chan stared at her, big eyes blinking.

"What?" he asked, leaning back and giving her an odd look. Kagome swallowed her spit.

"What you said earlier, about the naughty girls," she explained. "Something about Sesshoumaru..." She hoped that what he had said wasn't true.

"Oh," he merely replied, tapping a finger to his chin. "I saw him, your fuck-buddy. He was pressed against a wall with three to four girls circling him. They looked rather hungry, if you get my drift." He smirked and wriggled an eyebrow, leaning in closer.

"Are you hungry?" he asked innocently.

Kagome pushed Kan-chan off, shooting straight up. His small body landed on the ground, his backside smacking against the stoned floor. He stared up at her, eyes pointed and feral.

Kagome didn't pay attention. Instead, she took off, swerving this way and that. If what Kan-chan said were true, then there was no time to lose.

"BITCH!" Kan-chan shouted to her, his voice dying off in the wind.

She didn't even know why she cared. Let them have their way with him. Her eyes softened. He was only a doll though, no doubt that he had never been exposed to "that" type of behavior.

Then she took off, not really knowing which way to turn to, but the adrenaline coursing through her veins quickly deluded the thought. She had to find him fast, before anything...unnecessary happened.

'Doll-sex,' she thought to herself, ready to puke. How dreadful.



Pure black.

Everything was encased in darkness.

A lone orb of shimmering pink floated in, swiveling into the air and blending in with the darkness.

"She is here."

A figure was stretched out onto the ground, floating on top of the darkness. His hands were folded underneath his head, as if resting. The man yawned.

"Yes, yes, my Dear," the man said in a low and tired voice. Red eyes flashed mischievously. The pink orb fizzled then retained its spherical shape.

"Naraku," the orb said, voice dying off in the distance. "You have done well for once. I would have thought you would have warped my instructions into something only fit to your liking. You always like to...play."

Naraku smiled, fire dancing within his red orbs.

"My Dear, you know me too well," he drawled on. "Yet I have remained true to your words, so no fretting now." He unfolded his arms from underneath his head, splaying them across the floor like a dead body. His black hair fanned out about him, mixing in with the darkness.

"You are not done yet, do not think this is your time to relax."

Naraku smirked, nodding his head.

"Of course I know that," he replied, twirling his index finger through a thick lock of black hair. "Do not think me a fool. I already know what you plan to do next." Naraku stared up at the pink orb, red eyes reflecting magenta. He smiled innocently.

"Since you already know, then go retrieve his remains."

Then the pink orb fizzled, exploding into a tiny dust cloud, magenta sparkles swirling around in the darkness. It died out.

Naraku smiled to himself, running his tongue over his lips.

"Damn dogs."

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