Pairing: Fuji x Atobe

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Part: Prologue

Warning: Slight character OCC.



My name is Atobe Keigo and I had long forgotten what light looked like. Over the years, I had slowly gotten used to living in a world where colors doesn't exist. Somewhere down the memory lane, I can recalled a faint glimpse of light fainting and after that I was swallow by what seemed to be a black hole appearing out of nowhere. Three years ago, during Christmas I was in a car accident. I had never care for Christmas or the holiday season but after that I started to hate that holiday. I hate the one holiday that was supposed to bring love ones together.

I was six years old when my supposedly perfect life took a turn for the worse. That night, we were on our way home but everything change in that split second. I remembered the crash so clearly.

I saw blood.

I heard screaming.

I smelled alcohol.

I remembered my mother sheltering me from harm with her body and then I lost conscious.

The next morning, when I woke up on a hospital bed I remembered asking the nurse to turn on the light and from the sound of her sobbing I realized something. I had lost my sight. I was blind. I was six years old and I just found out that I will never see light or colors again.

But that wasn't the worse part. Soon after that I found out that my mother had passed away while I was in the state of unconsciousness. I never got to say goodbye to my mother. In one night, I lost my sight and I lost my mother. I lost the one person who had loved me unconditionally.

Later I found out that the other driver was heavily under the influence of alcohol and wasn't aware that he had crashed into us. I hated the fact that the drunk driver only suffered minor physical injury while I pay for his mistake with my eyesight and my mother had pays the ultimate price, her life.

In one night, I had grown up from a kid to a man. I learned a very important lesson that day. Life wasn't fair and that I was going to be alone from then on.

It turns out the impact of the other car had caused my mom to suffer very serious damage and if she wasn't so set on saving me she would have survived. I remembered my dad coming in to the hospital to take care of the paperwork and told me that I need to understand that life wasn't always going to be easy. He told me that he will hire the best doctors and nurses that money can buy to take care of me and that boy don't cry. I hold back my tears while my dad told me that my mother would have wanted me to be brave for her.

Boys don't cry.

As long as I can remember my dad had always been away. Because of that I had never feel a strong bond with him. To me, he will always be this guy that I called "dad" and the guy that my mother waited for her whole life. I know my mother loved my dad but to my dad there is nothing more important than money or power.

The doctor that my dad had hired was a very kind man and his voice sound a lot more comforting than my dad's. Every night, my doctor would come into my room and read me a bed time story and even thought I had already out grown the fairy tale phase I still listen on because I like his voice.

Every now and then my doctor would mention his son. The son who was staying in Tokyo and whenever I heard him spoken of his oldest son I would feel jealous. I was jealous of a guy named Fuji Shusuke. My doctor told me that little Shusuke is the same age as me. The more he mentions his son, the more curious I became and I soon wonder who this Shusuke person is and if he indeed is as wonderful as my doctor said he is.

Then one day my doctor told me that when summer vacation arrived little Shusuke will come and visit him and that when little Shusuke came we can become good friends. For the first time since the accident I was excited.

I was actually anticipating.

TBC... maybe

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