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Chapter 19

Queens Lodging House-12:00

City was in the middle of a very good dream. Somebody was trying to shake him out of the very good dream. He groaned and flung his arm out, trying to push the unwanted disturbance away.

"City…wake up!" City's goon, Riley hissed, setting his candle down and grabbing his leader's shoulders, pulling him upright.

"I'm…up…" City muttered, opening his eyes and shooting Riley with a pointed look. "whatever you woke me up for…had better be bloody good."

Riley nodded, "Oh, it is boss. It really is."

City swung his legs out of bed and slid onto the floor, "Are you going to tell me what, or should I go back to bed?" he growled.

"Oh…right." Riley said, and left for a moment. He came back with another boy, both dragging Stress.

"Lemme go! You no good doity dust pans!" Stress yelled, struggling against the two boys.

City blinked and rubbed his eyes, making sure he was seeing things right. "You…brought me Stress?" he asked.

Riley flinched as Stress assaulted him with her feet. "No boss…ow… we found her wandering about up here."

"I wasn't wandering you ape!" Stress yelled.

City took Stress from Riley and the other boy and set her down on his bed, "Excuse the ape," he said, "but what are you doing in Queens in the middle of the night?"

Riley huffed at being called an ape. Stress glared at City then folded her arms, "Lookin' for Jack and Racetrack. They've both gone missin'."

City's dark face frowned, the candle light illuminating his sharp features. "Conlon was just up here, telling me that Advantage had gone missin'…now Jack and Racetrack," he mused. "I almost wonder if Cobra isn't behind all this."

"Yeah, but Cobra already has Specs and Davey," Riley piped up. "so why would he take Jack and Race?"

Stress watched City's face for a moment, "Jack had went to 'find out the truth', which means he would have been in Harlem. But no matter, you baboons can't keep me here." she said, ending with a snap.

Riley opened his trap to say something, but was silenced by City's look. "Riley, you and Hoby take Stress back to 'Hattan. And watch you backs, something is going on around here…"

Riley and Hoby groaned but said nothing. Stress growled a little bit at being escorted, but went with the two 'apes' anyways. After they had left, City sat back down on his bed and blew the candle out. He sat thinking for a long time, before finally laying down and starting to drift off.

A strange unnatural sound yanked him back from the land between asleep and awake, and held him frozen in his bed. Soft footsteps, a quiet gasping gargle, then silence……

Sheepshead Racetrack-12:30

"LET…ME…OUTTA HERE!!!" Racetrack yelled, rattling the door of the stall he was locked in.

He was hungry, tired and the hay dust was hurting his lungs. It had been only little more than a day since he had been clubbed over the head with a pipe and bundled off to Sheepshead Racetracks, which had been his destination anyways. He didn't understand. Sure, he had a few tiny gambling debts, but nothing a day's worth of selling couldn't pay off. But he had no real enemies, which was why he was so confused about why he had been kidnapped and locked in a horse stall that hadn't been used in a very long time.

Racetrack sunk down into the itchy hay and his lower lip trembled, "I wonder if da guys are looking' for me…Wonder if dey even know I'm gone…" he said quietly to himself. "Some people…who are in captivity make pets out of tings, so dey ain't talking to themselves…Wonder what I could make a pet out of…"

He glanced around in the darkness. Having paced the stall nearly a hundred times, he knew what was there. Nothing. Frowning, Race went though his pockets.

"Watch…watch chain…No. Money…probably not. Paper…hmm…I could make paper people!" he suddenly exclaimed and thus occupied himself until he fell asleep half hour later, surrounded by little twists of paper people…

Harlem Lodging House-12:31

Everybody in the small bunkroom was sound asleep. The room was fairly quiet, minus grunts, snores and squeaks. The squeaks came from the bedsprings as someone rolled over.

Jersey was crashed on his stomach, drooling into his pillow, arm dangling over the side of his bed. A pack rat stood up on his hind feet and sniffed at Jersey's dangling fingers, before running off to find what shiny things he could add to his collection under the floorboards.

The window in the washroom slid open silently and a dark figure slipped in, holding the window up with one hand, then dropped to the floor. Jersey rolled to his side in his sleep, his bed springs creaking loudly. The dark figure froze, listening for more noise before letting the window back down and stepping lightly across the floor boards to the hallway.

The intruder quickly flitted across the hall and into the bunkroom, stopping to look at Jersey before going on down, softly counting under his breath. Upon reaching Ringo's bunk, Jersey's main goon, he stopped and pulled a jackknife out from under his shirt and leaned over, softly feeling for Ringo's neck.

Ringo giggled in his sleep, "L-ladles….tuna….hehehe….h-hi…"

The dark form got a sick look on his face and quickly plunged his blade into Ringo's neck, yanking it across the throat slitting him ear to ear. Ringo thrashed once, then expired soundlessly. His blood bubbled up from the throat and stained the bed and pillow crimson.

The figure wiped his knife off and went out the way he came, soundlessly slipping back out the window and into the night. Somebody in the bunkroom started snoring loudly and they slept on, unaware of the murder that had been committed in their midst……

New York City

Dawn broke over the city, spilling golden light out over the buildings, dissipating the fog and starting to take the chill off the air. Pigeons woke up from their nests and roosts, flying down into the city to find breakfast and visit their homeless human friends.

In Queens, City and his boys awoke to the horror of finding a fellow newsie murdered in his bed. City shuddered at the remembrance of what he had heard last night, but had shrugged it off as one of the boys dreaming.

Brooklyn found its former leader sleeping angrily in a alleyway, his hand wrapped around his cane tightly, bruised face resting on his arm. He had lost the fight with Renard the day before and his body ached, but his ego was more inured than anything else.

Across the river in Manhattan, Stress finally fell asleep, tired from her late night escapades of looking for still missing Jack and Racetrack. She was still confused and a little scared about what had been happening lately, but nothing would stop her from falling asleep.

Main Harlem found Jersey waking up to his few girls screaming at the sight of dead Ringo laying in a pool of his own blood first thing in the morning. Jersey had to leave and go to the docks to gather his scattered nervous and think of what to do.

Only in Sugar Hill where things somewhat normal. Cobra and his goons were just waking up, having come in sometime around two that morning, exhausted from trekking around the city. Fiend was still in New Jersey with his charges, who he had locked in their room and stayed sleeping in a chair with them. After their escape attempt he had decided that it would be wise to keep them in his sights at all times……


Bittah groggily woke up to find herself still the basement. Her head throbbed and she flinched, trying to remember why, and why she was in the basement still. Then she remembered.

She had been yelling at Ad when he had suddenly hit her across the forehead with the oak limb. After that, it was black and fuzzy, but she had a pretty good idea that Advantage and his jail mate had escaped after she had blacked out.

With a growl she slowly stood up, her head spinning and headed for the door. As she fumbled for the handle, she realized that it was locked. Cursing under her breath, Bittah reached into her pocket only to find that her key was gone.

"Advantage," she snarled "I'll have your hide for this."

Bittah stormed around the dark basement before sitting down to wait for her cohorts to show up and let her out. She would have a few choice words for them, that much she knew.

"They should have been at the outer door standing watch, but obviously they weren't. Either that or Advantage and his dimwit friend overpowered them and escaped that way. Advantage can be very resourceful." she mused to her self, stabbing her knife into the branch angrily……

So, who is doing all the killings? Will Advantage get to Brooklyn and take it back for Spot? Will Race escape?! You'll find out when I dicide to write more!