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Fifth year had ended, leaving the Boy-Who-Lived cold. Not cold as in freezing, but cold as in his emotions have fled him. He felt no anger, no sadness, nothing. He felt empty. He felt as though his entire existence had been snatched away just as his beloved Godfather slipped through the veil. Slipped right out of the young man's life, leaving him alone; like water through his fingers.

"Sirius…" Harry Potter whispered on a light breath as he stared up at the cloudy sky above him while swinging back and forth absently on the park's swing set. "Sirius…" He voiced again, this time his words were accompanied by a lone tear that trekked its way down his eerily pale cheek. "Why are you gone?" He said, his voice sounding detached as he brought his left hand to catch the tear before he brought it up to eye level to inspect the crystal tear. "Why do I feel nothing?" He whispered as he let the tear fall, his jaded green eyes blank.

"People might think you are insane if you continue to talk to yourself." A male voice cut the fifteen, soon to be sixteen, year old out of his musings. "But I suppose you have much to talk about, whether the words are heard only by yourself or by another." The man commented as he plopped himself down on the swing to the boy's left.

"Who are you?" Harry asked calmly, green eyes taking in the black haired male beside, whose deep blue eyes shone like mysterious stones.

"Well… I've been called many different things throughout my life, any of which might be correct. The most commonly used one is Improbus Lucidusaum, but you may call me Lucidus for short." The man said with a cheerful flick of his wrist. "I needn't ask your identity though, for I know who you are."

Faster than one could blink, Harry whipped out his wand, leapt to his feet and looked coldly in at the man he was holding at wand-point. "Who are you?" He asked a second time.

"I just told you." The man chuckled as he brushed the wand away slightly, causing the dark haired teen to frown in frustration.

"If you won't tell me who your truly are, will you tell me your intentions?" He asked with an angry tone, which hurriedly brought forth shock. He could feel, he could feel his rage, his growing annoyance for the man sitting so relaxed before him.

"Well… I suppose one would say I came here to offer you a proposition." Lucidus said with a thoughtful expression as he tapped his chin. "Except this proposition doesn't benefit me at all, only you." He said with a frown, wondering how he was to explain this whole thing.

"What kind of proposition? Are you a Death Eater? Do you wish for me to come along with you to old Voldemort, prostrate myself before his grimy feet, while happily submitting to my death by his wand?" Harry asked condescendingly as he placed his wand away and resumed his spot on the swing.

"Not at all. Frankly, I want that bastard dead. A little Birdie told me there happened to be a prophecy, one that had been secure within the Hall of Prophecies, which spoke of one person who had the ability to kill Voldemort. And of course that person is you, Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived. But that isn't all this little Birdie told me." He paused as the skies began to release a gentle rain from the heavens. "I also heard of a death within that Branch of the Ministry. Sirius Black, the escaped convict who was innocent of all charges was pushed through the veil in a duel against his cousin, Bellatrix Black."

"Who told you that?" Harry demanded hotly as he sprung to his feet fort a second time, his wand once again trained on the other person sitting with him in the rain.

"Jumpy little bloke aren't you." The man sighed as he shifted his long straight black hair out of his eyes, glaring momentarily up at the sky. "Sit down." He ordered, and Harry slowly complied. "Honestly, you need to relax a little kid. Anyways, as I was saying, your Godfather was killed within the Veil. Or so you all think."

"What do you mean by that Lucidus?" Harry inquired his interest piqued at the other's words.

"Precisely what I said is what I mean, you people believe that man to be dead, but I know a little secret that you don't know. That veil has been locked away in that ward of the ministry for ages because of what it could do back over three-thousand years ago, when it was still in the grasp of its inventors." He explained as the rain began to come down harder.

"I don't know how well you know your history, so just bear with me through my explanation. Three-thousand years ago lived a woman, a Dark Lady to be precise, and she did all within her prowess to cause suffering, strife, death and such just as the Dark Lord of this age has. And similar again was the fact that she had an enemy in a young boy, one who had the strangest abilities, yet through all the historical text, none of those abilities were defined.

"The boy and the Dark Lady clashed swords and wands together many times through their lifespan, and spent the last years of the First Dark War trying to off each other in a battle of life and death. But then the boy used one of his abilities, and summed forth a portal and called out an army from the land beyond, and thus came the Dementors from their Realm of Darkness.

"The Dementors knew nothing of this plain, yet were excited to be freed from their eternal hell, and thus offered their allegiance to their summoner, and gained the boy an ally far greater than all others. Within a year of their arrival, the Dark Lady fell, and her band of followers was slaughtered. Less then a month after that, the young man vanished suddenly, leaving behind his portal.

"The Dementors were left untamed in our world and reined their own terror upon mortals. But that is another tale altogether. But now I bet you are wondering what my little history lesson had to do with anything. Simple, that portal still exists to this day, the greatest mystery this world holds, and what does the ministry do with secrets?" He asked with a smirk.

Harry frowned, his mind reeling through all the data that Lucidus offered before his mind finally clicked. "They would stash it in the Department of Mysteries. In a room all by itself…." He trailed off his green eyes wide, as he readjusted his glasses.

"Correct. And I am certain your brain managed to piece together my words. The Ancient Portal that brought forth the Dementors is indeed the veil that stole your Godfather. It does not lead to Heaven, nor does it lead to Hell, but it leads to many different dimensions, each different and the same on various levels." Lucidus concluded.

"But… How do you know this?" The young wizard asked breathlessly.

"Simple. I am an unspeakable." The man said, sounding as though those words were all the answers one would ever need. "And it just so happens that I am the Head Authority upon that Veil."

"Let me go through!" Harry pleaded as he dropped to his knees before the man, green eyes filled with life and determination. "Please take me to the Veil; I want to get my Godfather back." He begged, eyes staring into Lucidus' eyes. His hope had been renewed.

Silence that was only broken by the steady pitter-patter of the rain, rose, the man and teenager stared at each other. One contemplative, the other determined. "Very well." He whispered causing Harry to leap to his feet with a great joy filled whoop. "But hold on, I have no way of knowing which dimension he fell into. Meaning you will have to cross many worlds, face many hardships, great danger if you want to even have a chance at finding the man."

Harry took on a serious look. "But sir, how would I get from one dimension to the next without a Veil?" He asked, knowing that it would be highly unlikely for him to have a Veil on hand each time he was finished in one world.

"I have a device, one that only activates once your task in one world is done. It is a tool of sorts, one that is linked to the Veil herself, and once it feels you have served your purpose in that world it will tap into the Portal's powers and jump you to the next. Of course this is all theoretical. Meaning I'm not certain if any of this is correct as I am just doing guess work while none of this has been tested." He concluded somberly, blue eyes sad.

"Are you willing to sacrifice your life, your future for a theory that might not even work?" Lucidus voiced softly, but Harry only nodded sharply.

"I will not die. Not by this, as only Voldemort can kill me. The prophecy will see to it that I live, and I will go through that Veil, and I will scour as many worlds as is necessary to find and rescue my Godfather." The last living Potter said with firm Gryffindor resolution.

"Alright then… But before we begin on this I have a few warnings, and words of caution that I must press upon you. Firstly, in these other worlds there may be doubles of people you know, even yourself, all of them having grown under different circumstances. For example, perhaps Dumbledore is the Dark Lord and Voldemort the Light Lord." He said with a wave of his hand.

"The Worlds beyond the Veil may just be twisted versions of your reality. They may not feature anyone you have ever met, or it may be a different time. All things will vary, and I urge you to use caution at ever turn, use your brain before you act or react. Learn all you can, do all you can." Lucidus said as he stood and stretched, his back cracking slightly.

"And remember, be discreet, hide your identity, use a false name." The man finished before he stuck a hand in his left pocket and withdrew a simple silver ring. "You have your wand, and once we reach my office I will further equip you with what you'll likely need. So all your worldly possessions that aren't on your person must stay." He said as he held the ring out in his palm while motioning for the other to touch it.

"Portus" Lucidus whispered before the two of them whirled out of existence from the park by Privet Drive, their sudden disappearance causing an old man under his umbrella to rub at his eyes.

"I am hallucinating… Fancy that!" The man whispered before going on his way humming merrily.

- - - - - - - -

Lucidus and Harry landed in a darkly furnished room, but the Teen promptly fell down upon their landing while the other man remained standing with a look of amusement across his face. "Welcome to my office Mr. Potter." Lucidus said was he moved behind a rich dark mahogany desk, and moved towards the glass showcase behind it.

Harry, thankful for the ultra soft plush rug, stood up, green eyes regarding the man as he reached right through the glass of the showcase, his hand slipping in as though the glass was but an illusion and withdrew and dark dragon hide bag and set it on his desk before motioning towards the chair for the other to sit while he took his own chair. "This bag is, as you can see, made of dragon hide, and is resistant to all magics and all the elements. Also it has a feather weight charm and an expansion charm on the inside." He explained before he snapped his fingers causing a House Elf to appear with a tray laden with tea, and biscuits before the little elf bowed and vanished.

Lucidus then lapsed into silence as he poured out two cups of tea and handed the first to his guest. "What does this bag have to do with other worlds?" Harry asked after taking a small sip at his tea.

"I figured you would ask that." The man sighed as he downed his tea in one go. "You will be a traveler; you will need a sturdy bag that won't be a hindrance. It is yours for this grand adventure. Inside is all I can give that you'll need, but I advise you not to open it while you are here. But here," He paused as he went into one of the many drawers in his desk and withdrew and golden dagger. "Prick your finger and let nine drops of blood hit this bag. That way should you and your bag be separated you'll be able to summon it with just a thought, even if you left it in the last dimension… I think." He concluded while pouring himself a second cup of tea.

"Thank you sir." Harry said quietly, feeling indebted to the man sitting before him.

"Oh hush now, I'm not done yet. First we will need to alter your appearance slightly, after all, two Harry Potters in one world might cause catastrophe." Lucidus chuckled as he swirled the dark colored tea in his cup.

Potter frowned. "How are we to alter my appearance?" Harry asked with a frown, his mind jumping to the polyjuice potion, before moving onto Tonks and her metamorphosis abilities.

"We are wizards kid." The man said with a small laugh as he plucked out a cheery wood wand, and looked at the boy across from him with serious eyes. "Lets see now." He mumbled as he twirled his wand absently in his hands.

After a good ten minutes of contemplation, Lucidus staring intently at the boy, causing Harry to squirm, passed, he finally nodded. "Alright, I have the perfect new look for you." He finished with a smirk. "May I proceed?" He asked, earning him a somewhat hesitant nod before he swished his wand several times, muttering incantations under his breath.

A tingling sensation raced through Harry. It was an inexplicable experience, one that swept through the young teen for ten minutes before dissolving. Harry blinked before looking up at Lucidus, only to see a great blur which caused him to reach up and remove his glasses as though to clean them, but once they left his face he could see perfectly. "What the—" He said in shock as he peered out his glasses to see the world blur again. "You fixed my eyes." He muttered as he set the glasses down on the desk top.

"Yes, and that wasn't the only thing that I fixed.' The man added as he motioned to a mirror off to the side, causing Harry to stand and wearily approach it.

He gasped. Before him stood someone that didn't look a thing like he did. His hair had been lengthened, reaching down to the middle of his back, and hung as straight as ever. His hair was tame, and when he brought his hand up to feel the locks he felt their silken quality and smiled as he looked on at himself in the mirror.

His face was more angular, his cheekbones slightly higher, lips fully, and skin way paler. But there was more yet, his eyes deepened in their intensity, shimmering like the most intense and richest of emeralds, and that little lightning bolt shaped scar of his was gone.

Harry was still slender, his features soft and flowing, making him look more beautiful and ethereal then he thought possible. With a sigh he noticed he was the same height as always, still his 5'7. A small smile played about his lips. His wish had come true. He had wished so many times to be someone other than Harry Potter, and now he stood a changed young man, looking not a thing like a before.

"With a new self a new name would be important." Lucidus' voice brought him out of his transfixed state. "Do you like the changes?"

"Yes." Harry answered honestly a sincere smile playing about his full lips. "Thank you. As for a name I guess I'll need a full name then?" He asked as he moved back over to the chair and sat back.

"Yes. Though I do suppose we should make it seem somewhat pureblooded as to not cause hindrances, but it can't be a big name, a small one, one that has been heard, but they haven't been seen for a time." Lucidus said as he tapped his chin. "Or you can assume the name of your Godfather; become a Black, for if memory serves me correctly you were his heir." He finished with a small frown.

"That works." Harry said with a small smile. "Archaeous Michail Sirius Black." Harry said after a long thought period, he knew most pureblooded families gave their children two middle names, the second one the name of either their Father or Mother, depending on the child's gender.

"Very well Mr. Black." Lucidus said as he withdrew a legal document and scrawled some things in blank placed before passing the paper and black feathered quill. "Just sign next to the 'X' your new name, and drop three drops of blood onto the parchment. It will make this identity true should you have blood or lineage tests." He explained and the boy slowly did as told.

Harry, now Archaeous Black, watched in awe as the paper glowed silver before vanishing. "How…" He paused before shrugging. "Can I go yet?" He asked as he stood.

"Not quite, I doubt it would be wise for a pureblood of the Black family to appear anywhere in the garbs of street urchin muggle." Lucidus chuckled before he stood and moved back to his showcase and reached past the glass and withdrew a package wrapped in brown paper. "Here." He said as he handed the parcel to the boy before turning his back and allowing the boy to dress.

Much fumbling, curses, a time later, Harry told the other he could look, letting Lucidus turn and regard the Boy-Who-Lived. "A perfect fit." The man complimented with a smirk. "Those are formal battle robes."

Harry just rolled his eyes before he moved over to the mirror to look over himself. His battle robes looked superb. The pants were a form fitting black dragon hide, which he found easy to move in due to some spell or other. The shirt was a simple button up, long-sleeved green shirt that looked and felt like silk, but was likely to be as strong as the pants in protection. Over that was a black cloak that bore a silver pattern on its base and was done up by silver clasps in the form of a snake.

On his feet were simple black boots, and on his wrist was a wand holder, which bore his wand. "Sir, why are there daggers and other mini muggle weapons concealed in this?" He asked before moving back to the still standing man.

"Simple, in a battle whoever has the greater advantage and slyest plan wins." Lucidus answered with a shrug before he tossed the dragon hide bag to the boy who deftly caught it. "Enough questions, lets head on over to the Veil." The man finished before he strode over to the door, Harry in tow.

Out the door, a set of clear steps materialized, swirling downwards into the room that bore the Archway that lead to other worlds. 'Sirius...' Harry thought sadly as memories flashed through his eyes as the two of them descended the stairs, which vanished once they were both off them. 'I'm coming, please wait for me.'

Together they approached the ominous Veil, the whisper of voices from its mysterious depths reaching their ears. "Are you ready?" Lucidus asked quietly as he held out the ring from before. "Here, this is that tool I told you of, don't worry about loosing it, it is spelled to stay on." He said before he pushed the other to stand before the Veil.

"Thank you." Harry whispered as he took a step forward, only to pause and look back. "Er, how did you have all this stuff here?" Harry asked as he motioned towards his new attire and bag.

Lucidus chuckled as he stepped forward and taped the dark haired young man on the nose. "That is a secret. One that only Time Herself can tell." He said with a wink before stepping back several paces, eyes staring into the green ones. "Take care kid, be strong and never give up on anything." He said as parting words.

Harry nodded before he turned back to face the Veil. With a deep breath he steeled himself, and with determination he strode forward into the Veil before vanishing for auditorium.

"Good luck kid… You're going to need it." Lucidus whispered before he turned and left the place, he had much work to do.

- - - - - - -

End of Prologue Well, this is the start of my newest fanfic, and my first try at a Harry Potter one.Thank you for having read theintro to this tale, and I can promise you that the next chapter, chapter 1a will be much longer.