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Summary: Sequel to End of Innocence. Dean had brought Sam to Missouri hoping she can help his traumatized brother. But an urgent call from his father calls Dean away. Will Sam be able to get himself together in time to save them both? WARNING SPOILERS: This story may refer to any episode in season 1, but will not be mentioning anything for season 2.

Raven 524: This story is taking place pre-season 2 and will be referring to a character that I created in Home Sweet House and End of Innocence. It may help if you read End of Innocence before this story, but it's not totally necessary.


Chapter 1 – Lost

Dean found Missouri and Nick in the kitchen. As he grabbed a cup of coffee from the counter, he sat down and sighed. Missouri and Nick continued their conversation which was fine with Dean, he was happy to just sit and let their conversation roll over him.

Missouri could sense that Dean was near the end of his rope. The exhaustion was rolling off the boy in waves. "So you managed to get all those children home…you have a wonderful gift Nick." Missouri's eyes twinkled as she nodded her head towards the sleeping figure in the other chair. "I didn't think he'd last long!"

Nick laughed. "I've learned that stubbornness runs in their family. Neither one of them give up unless they are forced to."

Missouri sighed. "Yes, it can be a blessing and a curse with these boys. But where are my manners, you must be exhausted as well. Why don't you help me get this boy to bed and then you can head up and get some sleep yourself."

Nick smiled. "I hadn't planned on staying Missouri…"

"Now I won't hear of it… I know you did most of the driving and you have to get your sleep before you go off. Besides, I have a feeling that you might still be needed."

Nick shrugged and helped Missouri get Dean into bed. Dean was so exhausted; he went immediately back to sleep without a comment. Nick headed upstairs to the room that Missouri had mentioned; glad that he could catch some sleep. He wondered at Missouri's remark, but figured he didn't have anything more pressing, so he'd stay as long as he was needed.

Missouri moved over to stand beside Sam's bed. She could feel the boy's pain. "Oh you poor child. Don't you worry. We are going to help you understand that the demon didn't win any part of your soul. You just get some sleep and we'll talk in the morning."

Sam smiled in his sleep, he wasn't awake, but unconsciously he knew that he was safe and some place that would help him find his way back.


Dean's eyes snapped open as he heard the sound of soft sobs coming from his brother's bed. He quickly moved towards his brother, being careful not to make sudden moves. Sam had his back turned to Dean, his shoulders shaking with the effort to contain his distress. "Hey Sam, what's wrong?" Dean asked softly, sitting on the bed and beginning to rub Sam's back.

Sam refused to answer, how could he when he couldn't figure it out himself. He had woke up once again after reliving his torture at the hands of the demon. The demon's words constantly came back to haunt Sam along with the images of his father and brother telling him to go and be with the demon. He had given up, something neither his brother nor father would have done. He had tried to take the easy way out, but the kids had prevented him from his final act of defiance.

Sam took a deep breath, trying to get his raging emotions under control. "I'm…I'm sorry Dean, it's nothing…go back to bed."

Dean shook his head. "Sam, you can talk to me. There is nothing you can say that will make me mad or think any less of you."

Sam turned and looked at Dean, the despair and hopelessness in his hazel eyes almost too painful to see. "You don't understand Dean…he did things…made me do things…Oh God, I don't think I can do this anymore Dean." Sam said quietly as he turned his face from his brother's intent gaze.

"Sam, the things he did to you, made you do…had to be horrible. Look anyone else would have given up…but you, you held it together long enough to help me banish the bastard back to hell. I know you think you failed some how, but you didn't. You only did what you had to; you kept yourself alive."

Sam smiled at his brother. "Wow, I'm impressed."


"For someone who hates chick flick moments, you just had a whopper of one…and the bad part is, you know whose house we are in don't you? I bet Missouri heard every word!" Sam started to giggle at the look of horror on his brother's face.

"I'm glad to see you're feeling better Sam…really, I try to be the big supportive brother and this is the thanks I get…I don't have to sit here and take this…I'm going to take and shower, and don't be surprised if there is no hot water left when I'm done. You can use some cooling off!" Dean rose with a smile on his face and grabbed his shaving kit. As he headed for the bathroom, he heard a slight hitch in Sam's breathing.

Dean turned and saw the panic in his brother's eyes. "I'm sorry Dean…I didn't mean to make you mad…I won't do it again…please don't be mad…don't leave me!"

Dean moved back and placed a hand on his brother's shoulder. "Dude, I was yanking your chain.

There is nothing you can say or do that will ever make me leave you…you're stuck with me."

Sam shook his head, once again ashamed of his reaction. "I'm ok Dean…really. Just take your shower before Missouri starts using that smelly incense in here…you really are starting to stink."

Dean ruffled Sam's hair as he smiled at his brother. "Obviously you haven't smelled yourself lately…the incense would be an improvement!" Dean winked as he left to take his shower.

Sam sat up slowly on the edge of the bed. His body was protesting the movement, but he knew from experience that the longer he gave in to the pain…the longer it would take to heal. Sam stood and shuffled over to his bag, pulling out the clean clothes he would need. As he sat back down on the bed, Dean's cell phone rang.

Sam grabbed the phone and noticed that the caller id was blocked. "Hello?"

"Sam? Where is Dean?" John asked impatiently

"Ah, he's taking a shower Dad, what's up?"

"I need you boys to check out a nasty haunting in Oklahoma…I'll send the file to you. Sam this one's important…Joshua was looking into it for me and I haven't heard from him in two days. I'd do it myself, but I'm tied up."

"But Dad…I don't know…" Sam swallowed; he knew that his injuries would prevent him from hunting for at least another couple of days.

"Sammy, what's wrong?" John heard the hesitation in Sam's voice. "Damn it Sam, you tell me…are one of you hurt?"

Sam just stared at the phone, not sure what to say. He jumped when he felt Dean's hand take the phone from his grasp.

"Hi Dad, it Dean." Dean listened for a moment as he watched his brother head slowly towards the bathroom.

"Dean, what is wrong with Sam?" John demanded

"It's kind of a long story Dad, and well he's pretty messed up right now. I don't think he can hunt yet."

Dean quickly filled his father in on what had happened. When he finished he heard his father's quick intake of breath. "You're at Missouri's right?" John asked

"Yeah Dad, but I can't leave Sam…he needs me right now." Dean couldn't believe his father was even thinking of leaving Sam alone.

"Dean, son…normally I would agree. But Joshua never misses checking in…you're only 6 hours away. I need you to just go and check things out. Missouri can handle Sam for a few hours until you get back. Son, I just have a bad feeling about this."

Dean jumped as he heard a soft voice from the hallway. "Dean, you can go. I'll be fine. Take Nick, he might be able to help you. I'll just get in the way."


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