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Broken Chapter 16 – Epilogue

Dean opened his eyes and groaned. His arm hurt and he felt like he'd been run over by a semi. He felt someone sit on the bed next to him and assumed it was Sam. "Hey bro' any chance of me getting some pain relievers?"

"Sure son, hold on." John smiled as he saw the shocked expression on Dean's face.

"Dad…how's Sammy?" Dean asked as it all came rushing back to him. He tried to sit up, but the room wouldn't stay still.

"Easy there son, you're fever only broke about an hour ago. You still need to rest and get your strength back. Don't worry; I'll stay here until you can watch out for Sam on your own."

"Where is everybody?" Dean noticed that Nick and Missouri were missing.

"They left for Missouri's house around lunch time. It seems that your friend Nick had arranged to have Missouri's car towed and fixed. He offered to drive her home and will then leave from there." John smiled as he handed Dean a bottle of water and the pain pills. "Are you hungry son? I can order something in."

Dean shook his head, he was still really tired. "No thanks Dad, I think I'll just sleep some more. Are you sure Sammy's ok?" Dean looked over at his brother's sleeping form.

John ran his hand through his hair. Sam had a restless night, but hadn't woken yet. The truth was, John was getting a little concerned. But he also needed Dean to mend. "He's just exhausted Dean…I'm sure he'll be waking up any time now. You need to get some more rest."

John sat back and watched as Dean drifted off to sleep again. He gently pulled the cover up and patted his son on the shoulder. He turned and walked over to check on his youngest son. Sam's face was bathed in sweat, his head tossing from side to side as if he was caught in a nightmare that wouldn't let him go. "Sammy, it's ok. Dean and I are here, you just need to wake up son."

Sam was trapped. He couldn't seem to find his way out of his current nightmare. The recent attack by the spirit had broken down the fragile defenses that he had erected. As the demon approached him again with the fork, Sam cried out. "Please stop…I'll do it…I'll do anything just stop!"

John moved over as he heard his son whimper yet again. "Sam…come on son, you need to wake up. Can you hear me Sam? I want you to wake up this minute." John watched as Sam's eyes flew open, fear etched in them as he pulled away.

"Sam, what's going on…you can tell me son, what are you seeing?" John coaxed. He watched as Sam blinked, trying to get his raging emotions under control. But John didn't want him to get control. He wanted Sam to let the emotions out…Missouri had told him that he had to get Sam to open up to him and Dean. He heard his older son getting out of bed. "Dad, what's wrong?"

"Leave me alone!" Sam yelled as he rolled off the bed and headed towards the far wall. He sat down and pulled his knees up. Dean went to comfort his brother but was stopped by his father. "Dean leave him alone, he has to tell us what happened, he can't keep this bottled up inside him anymore."

"But Dad, he needs me!" Dean started to argue until he saw the look on his father's face. John was on a mission and nothing was going to stop it.

Sam heard his father and brother arguing and tried to pull himself together. He knew he was the reason they were fighting. "Stop it…both of you!" Sam said as he stood and faced them both. "I'm tired of you both treating me like I have no say in what goes on in my life…I'm here right in front of you…all you have to do is talk to me!"

John and Dean both looked at Sam, not sure how to handle the rollercoaster of Sam's emotions. But John wasn't going to let a temper tantrum from his adult son stop him. "Watch your mouth Samuel. We are both trying to help you."

Sam laughed almost hysterically. "Help me…how can you help me? Can you stop the nightmares? God, I can't even eat without seeing…without feeling." Sam gagged and headed for the bathroom.

John watched as Dean rushed after his brother. This was going to be tougher than he thought, but if he had to make Sam mad at him, then he'd endure it. He watched as Dean gently rubbed Sam's back, coaxing his brother to calm down. He went and sat in a chair waiting for the boys to come back into the room.

Dean could feel his brother trembling under his touch. He also heard the sobs in between the spasms as he watched his brother falling apart in front of him. He knew what his father was trying to do, he was trying to get Sam to talk…to let the poison out. "Sam…you have to tell us what happened. This is going to kill you if you keep trying to bottle it up."

Sam sat back and looked at Dean, his eyes hollow. "I can't Dean…I just can't. I'm afraid if I admit it happened…it will be too real."

"Well, you don't have much of a choice here Sam…either you tell us or you let it destroy you. The choice is yours." Dean stood and left the room. It was the hardest thing he ever did, but he knew that if they didn't get to the bottom of this now…his brother would never be able to heal.

John watched as Dean exited the bathroom, a grim look on his face. "How is he?" John asked.

"He'll be out in a minute…Dad we have to get him to talk…but I don't know how." Dean sighed; he was used to offering comfort and advice. He knew what needed to happen was going to cause his brother pain and he hated it.

Sam walked out and sat on the bed, his head hanging and his hands trembling in his lap. He looked like a whipped puppy. But John knew it was now or never. "Sam…Dean and I want to help you…but you have to help yourself. Tell me what happened to you. How did you get those wounds on your body?" John ordered, watching as Sam flinched at the tone in his voice.

Dean moved over to sit beside Sam; he placed his hand on Sam's shoulders. "Come on Sam. You can do this; let's start with what happened after the demon pulled you down the stairs."

John stood in front of Sam and took a deep breath hoping that this wouldn't make things worse. "Samuel I need to know what happened on the hunt…report!"

Sam's head snapped up and his body began to shudder. But he started to talk. "I woke up in a…in a room…I was tied to a chair…he came in with a tray…Oh God…" Sam stopped as the tears welled up; he grabbed onto Dean's hand and squeezed as the memories came back.

Dean gritted his teeth and stayed quiet as he and his father listened to Sam tell them what had happened. A few times Sam stopped and acted like he couldn't go on, but each time John would order Sam to continue. It took over 2 hours before Sam was able to finish. He felt exhausted and waited for the condemnation that he knew would be coming from his father.

John swallowed and wiped the tears that had fallen as he listened to his son's tortured account of what had happened to him. He wished that he could have saved his son from enduring it. But now he had to make sure that Sam could survive it. He knelt down in front of his son and gently lifted his head. "Sammy, I'm sorry that you had to go through that. But I'm so proud of you son. I've heard of men who went through a lot less and ended up in a psych ward…but you, you not only survived, but you pulled yourself together long enough to help find your brother and expel an angry spirit. You are not weak Sam…In fact; you're probably one of the strongest men I know."

Sam looked into his father's eyes and saw understanding; he looked at Dean and saw the same in his eyes as well. "Thanks Dad" Sam said simply as he took a shuddering breath and let his brother's hand go.

"Now, I'm going to get us some food and both of you boys are going to eat. I have to get back on the road and finish the job I was on." John said as he walked out the door. He knew that Dean would finish healing Sam and he needed time to get his own emotions back under control.

"Well, I'm surprised he lasted that long. Dad hates chick flick moments even more than I do!" Dean said as he patted Sam on the back.

"Thanks Dean." Sam said softly as he stood and looked at his brother.

"For what?"

"For not giving up on me. I know you didn't want to take me with on that last hunt, you didn't know if I could back you up…but you did anyway." Sam's emotions were still raw.

Dean saw the need in his brother's eyes and sighed. "Look Sam, I knew that somehow you would have my back…you always do. You helped find me even though you were still having flash backs. You faced that spirit and managed to expel him so that Nick could banish him. Once again, you never flinched from what needed to be done. I will never want anyone else except you by my side." Dean watched as Sam smiled. God how he loved those dimples!

"Now…we need to make an important decision before Dad returns." Dean said seriously.

Sam looked at Dean wondering what was wrong. "What Dean?"

"Who gets the shower first…tell you what, I'll race you!" Dean took off and ran for the bathroom, slamming the door shut. He smiled as he heard his brother giggle in the other room. "What the hell are you laughing about?"

"Oh nothing…I'm just wondering when you will notice that there are no towels in there. But then I think toilet paper will be enough to keep your modesty in tact. Once sheet should do it!" Sam smiled as he heard his brother curse.

"Damn it Sammy, where are all the towels!"

Sam laughed harder as he noticed them piled neatly on the dresser. His father must have gotten them from housekeeping some time earlier and never had a chance to put them in the bathroom.

"Hold on Dean, I'm calling housekeeping…Greta will be happy to bring you your towels!"

John had been standing outside the door gathering his thoughts when he heard his two sons talking. John smiled as he heard his two sons carrying on. He knew that Sam wasn't totally out of the woods yet. But somehow he knew that he would be just fine. He continued heading for his truck to get them some food and then he'd be on the road again. Maybe someday they would all be able to be together again. But until he found the demon, he knew he had to keep going on alone.

The End!

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