Chapter 1

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She walked down the main hall, looking at all of the family pictures that were hanging on the wall. She was wearing a white gown with light blue gems on the sleeves and just below the neck stitch. She also was wearing a diamond necklace that was given to her on her 18th birthday. Her blue hair was put in a bun and a few pieces of hair were curled and left out to dangle below the bun. Her bangs were curled and clipped to stay by the side of her head. She looked just like a princess just like she should, her parents were king and queen and she was the princess.

"princess they are ready for you entrance"

"okay, thank you" she sighed deeply, almost in a sad sort of way.

A ball, something she once loved, she now dreaded she was old enough to get married so now her parents had thrown frequent balls to help her find a mate. She heard someone speak inside and the doors opened. Everyone was standing as she walked in and sat next to her mother, most of the men were gawking at her, some already knowing it would never happen because they were married or they weren't ranked high enough to stand a chance. The ball was officially underway.

The entire night she danced with princes from all over the galaxy some were drop dead gorgeous other you just wanted to drop dead but no matter how good they looked she just couldn't get him out of her mind. He made her so happy, the two had been friends as kids but as they got older feelings started to appear, her heart yearned for him but she had to ignore it. He wasn't royalty or anyone special he was a servant like his parents and if anyone found out about their closeness then death would most likely follow.

After the ball ended she had gone to her room, she needed time away from her parents, and their constant nagging about finding a mate. A knock at her door made her snap back into reality. "Princess are you in there?"

"Yes, I am coming"

She opened the door and there he stood holding a bunch of flowers like a teenage taking his girlfriend out for the first time and still trying to impress the parents.

"Here Bulla these are for you, and you looked gorgeous tonight."

"Oh thank you Goten they're beautiful" She looked up and down the hall making sure the coast was clear before pulling him in the room. She put the flowers in a vase before joining him on the balcony. "Goten do you know what will happen to us once my parents find someone for me?"

"No, I don't but aren't they letting you decide, and not forcing you into something?"

"They are but how much longer do you think they are going to wait I mean I can see my father growing impatient with me already" She started to pace and ramble.

"Bulla…Bulla…Bulla! He grabbed her and kissed her, she was pulled close and she relaxed in his arms.

"Everything will be alright, okay trust me"

"I know it's just I am scared about losing what we have"

"Well don't be, now let me see the smile I fell in love with, please" He kissed her hand and she started to smile. The moment was broken when there was a knock at the door. "Bulla it's me are you asleep?"

"Goten it's my mother hide quick" She whispered to him

"No mother you can come in"

She ran in her room as Goten stayed flush against the wall making sure it was safe to jump over the rail.

Bulma walked in as she sat on her bed. "I won't keep you long because it's late but I just wanted to make sure you were alright you seem troubled early this evening"

"It's okay I guess I just had a lot on my mind, but I'm fine don't worry"

"Bulla you can talk to me about whatever you know that right?, oh right before I go your father wants to talk to you tomorrow after your dressed in the main throne room"

"Okay mother, thank you, goodnight"

Bulma left and Bulla got ready to go to bed, maybe everything would work out if her mom said it would then everything would be"


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