Chapter 13

The Conclusion--Hearts Forbidden

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Bulla and Goten walked to the pods that would take them to Planet Vegeta. Both decided not to tell anyone of their engagement, it would be better to wait and tell everyone after this was all over. They put on new scouters and wished everyone luck before entering. The trip to the planet was smooth enough, as they were lucky enough to not hit too much trouble. They waited until Suyo and his army landed then took off down the main path to the castle, for more protection and better speed they ran in an "I" formation. Bulla and Goten in front, Chi-chi in the middle, then Gohan and Goku in the back. Waves of Ralce's army came at them just like they thought and with their combined strength and determination to win they made it through with only minor scratches.

They stopped at the palace's main gate, Bulla tried to find the location of her parents while the others took out any one that tried to attack them. "Guys this way I found them!" They ran through the destroyed gates and ran inside. Bulla's mind racked it's self to pieces trying to find out why they were staying put. An odor pierced through her, her breath left her and as the room started to spin she tried to stay on her feet. Goten wrapped an arm around her to help keep her up, Gohan searched the ground then ripped off pieces of some ones shirt and handed to everyone for better protection. "Gohan, dad make a path of us, we need to get Bulla some fresh air, Mom find us helmets what we are using now won't last long" Bulla pulled closer to Goten and tried to gather breathe, her voice was forced and choppy, he had to strain his ears to hear what she was saying. "t…h…e…room… to our… right… has some…thing… we can… use" he relayed the information to Chi-chi and she ran off.

Before Chi-chi could return Bulla's lips started to turn blue and her face was becoming pale due to lack to oxygen. Everyone else was having a hard time staying on their feet when she came back. Goten quickly put a helmet on Bulla and watched her lips turn back to the light rose color as he put his own on. After everyone started to feel better Gohan asked was in the air. "Its dry ice a poison that suffocates you, you don't know it's in the air until it's too late. Only a few rooms are safe from it, and the only one who knows how to activate it is my father, it gets passed down from king to king the password to activate change with each king."

"Okay but why were you affected the worse?"

"I'm not sure last time I checked everyone

Was effected the same"

The group was silent, trying to organize their thoughts and make sense of the recent events. If the last resort had been used then the Vegeta must have been losing.

"I can't see my father using this it doesn't seem like him, taking the coward way out of the fight" Bulla said almost to herself unaware she said it out loud.

"Maybe the fighting caused it to activate, like a reaction of something" Suddenly Gohan reached for his scouter. "What about Suyo and his men we have to warn them?!" Bulla removed his hand from it. "Don't worry about it his men's suits have helmets that activate when the air quality isn't great. Now come on we have to get to my father and find out what happened" Not thinking twice the group ran towards the center of the castle.


Ralce looked at the screen in front of him, the numbers of his men dropped exponentially in just a few minutes. Up until that point (he had the advantage over Vegeta's men. "Son!" He said looking towards Prince Dlevix.

"Yes father?"

"I think it's about time to finish this fight, soon our enemies shall be no more, have them prepare my ship"
"Shall I go to?"

"No, I shall go alone, I need you to stay here and prepare the cannon for use upon my return."

"Yes father" Dlevix bowed slightly at his father's request.


Seeing that their plans had changed she told Suyo to let no more of Ralce's army into the castle, she would clear out what's left. "Ralce is probably going to send more men and we won't be able to take down those numbers Suyo's group is larger thus giving him more of an advantage then us" She said as she blasted a group of half-dead soldiers out of their way. Entering the half-way point of their destination they became flanked from the two halls that connected to the once they were in. They grouped in a circle facing both sides and made close together. Everyone was too exhausted to keep their energy in a formed state, so they waited until the enemy was close to attack physically.

Gohan yelled as someone got past him and ran towards Bulla's back. Bulla turned around and was met with the person falling into her arms. She threw him aside and looked up to see them standing their in front of her, she ran to them "mother, father I am so happy your okay!" she wrapped her arms around her Bulma's waist and started crying. "I am so sorry I made a mess of everything, this is all my fault, I will understand if you can't forgive me" Bulma pulled in a tight motherly hug and whispered sweetly in her ear, "We aren't mad, you listened to your heart and we all know that the path it takes is never easy." Bulma slowly released her hold on Bulla then looked at Goten and spoke "you two really love each other, so long as you protect her and never hurt her I can continue to be happy at the love you two both share for each other" she smiled as she spoke and Goten blushed at the statement made but was able to respond with a "I'll never let anything happen to her, and I could never hurt her"

Vegeta stayed quiet during the entire conversation, Bulla was scared to look at him for fear of what his eyes showed, she knew he was made a fool of in front of their enemies and allies because of what she did to him, an inexcusable crime in his book. He wanted to embrace her he was so relieved that she was safe, deep down he knew he could never stay mad at his little Princess but this was not the place to show such girly emotions there was too many people. "Let's finish this, we wasted enough time here" he said in a gruff voice.

"I couldn't agree with you more, Vegeta" a deep voice echoed off the few remaining walls, they all turned around to see Ralce, his eyes had a look of fire burning in them, his hands almost shaking at the thought of being so close to feeling blood on them again. Vegeta got ready to fight him alone, but Bulla stood next to him and got ready to fight Goten stayed next to her and got in his stance. Gohan and Goku stood behind the three of them and Chi-chi went to protect Bulma.

"What all five of you are fighting me at once I guess that's alright too bad it messes up my plans on having fun though?"

"I can't believe I ever wanted an alliance with you, the thought disgusts me that I would even think that with such a vile creature"

"Ah, yes, about that there was never going to be an alliance you see I only said that to get your daughter" his laughter from this was almost demonic, Bulla winced at his voice.
Vegeta's eyes grew wide in surprise and Goten's anger spiked.

"You see my son saw your daughter in a simple picture while we were vacationing and he wanted her, her beauty was flawless he wanted to claim hers as his own and so we created such a fabulous rouse that you fell for, we hate you disgusting monkeys so we were going to kill you all after she (he pointed to Bulla and looked at her with his fiery eyes) belonged to us."

Goten's anger escaped him and attacked Ralce, he was so blinded by his anger that he wasn't landing a punch, everyone but Chi-chi went after Ralce after Goten started attacking.

At first Ralce was doing well in blocking their attacks but every time he tried to attack on someone else would hit him. Soon he realized that he couldn't win, squeezing between Gohan and Bulla he started running for it, the group blasted him before he got that far. The smoke cleared and nothing was left of the now former king. The celebration didn't last long though because Suyo's voice blasted through their scouters telling them to get off the planet. "But why?"

"There is no time for questions we have a ship waiting now hurry!" Everyone ran as fast as they could back the ship on the other side of the castle. They reached the center of the castle and looked up a bright light was forming on the sky, time was running out. The others ran ahead "Bulla wait take this and hold on to it, it will keep you safe" he handed her a small ring and before she could put it on Goten grabbed her other hand and ran to catch up with the others.

The planet started crumbling around them, the light in the sky was stealing the last of the planet's life it wouldn't be long now. The others had just jumped on, the ground by the ship was crumbling Goten threw Bulla on. He grabbed the side handles when the ground gave way. He held on still with one hand, he had to pull himself up, the ship prepared to take off. Bulla rushed to grab his other hand as he swung it up but the ship jumped for it's take off making them miss. The others grabbed her so she wouldn't fall out as the ship blasted its boosters. She reached her hand out through their arms, tears falling from her face. She broke free from them and ran to the bay door which closed on her. She pounded on it with her fist. "GOTEN!!" The light from the sky was shot at the planet, within seconds it was no more, "Goten. Goten, GOTEN!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs as she continued to pound at the door. She slid down to her knees, her hands in fists, something was hurting her hand. She opened up her hand and sitting on her palm was the ring he gave her just moments before. She looked at it with tear filled eyes; something was scratched on the inside. TO MY LOVE-MY OTHER HALF, I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER. The font was small so it would all fit around the ring. She put the ring close to her heart as she rocked back and forth more tears falling. Bulma walked over to her and bent down "Come on sweetie let's get you away from the door" she saw the ring clenched tightly in her hands knowing exactly what it was "Oh sweetheart I'm so sorry" she wrapped her arms around her and pulled her pulled her tightly to her. Soon Bulla was falling asleep from crying so Bulma helped her to a room and stayed with her till she was asleep.

The sunset shone behind them as they stood at the alter with their families. As the priest was speaking he mouthed "I love you" to her. "I love you too Goten" "By the power vested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife you may now kiss the bride." He dipped her down and kissed her letting his love for her show through for everyone to see. A few years later the two sat next to each other on their porch two children were playing on the lawn. His arm wrapped around her waist as her head rested on his chest. She could hear his heart beat; she closed her eyes as she listened to its steady rhythm.

She woke up and looked around no one was there her face was wet from fresh tears. She pulled herself close, her mind was dreaming of what never could be her heart was breaking as she realized that her dreams and fantasies could never come true. She understood now that from now on they could never be together. Their hearts would always be forbidden from each other. With that said she got up and walked to her family and friends she would live out both their lives for him until they could meet again.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!


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