So I've read a few fics, all of which I loved, where there is a love Shen Gong Wu and Kimiko accidentally uses it on Raimundo. Well I want to switch that around. So here is my second Xiaolin Showdown fic, also my second RaiKim fic. Hope you all enjoy and thanks to those of you who reviewed my last story! This is dedicated to you!


The ride back to the temple was uncomfortable to say the least. Dojo was completely silent for once, concentrating only on getting home but allowed his eyes to wander back every so often to glance at the monks on his back. Omi sat on top of Dojo's head, arms crossed over his head and was muttering angrily. Behind him Clay was sitting with his back to Omi and couldn't help the huge grin covering his face as he stared down at a passed out Kimiko in Raimundo's lap. Rai was silent, trying not to focus on the fact that Kimiko was in his lap and was just praying to every God he knew that Master Fung knew how to fix this.

"Home sweet home on the horizon," Dojo called breaking the silence and no one responded. A few minutes later Dojo had landed in the courtyard directly in front of where Master Fung waited.

"Welcome home young ones. Were you successful in retrieving the Wu?" he asked taking in the mix of emotions on their faces.

"Oh we got it all right," Clay said with no effort to control the grin on his face.

"It is all Raimundo's fault Master Fung!" Omi exclaimed jumping off the dragon.

"You're not helping guys," Raimundo grumbled sliding off Dojo with the still unconscious Kimiko in his arms.

"What happened to Kimiko?" Master Fung asked concerned, stepping closer to inspect the girl.

"Ahh that's a bit of a long story," Rai said shifting Kimiko in his arms, wanting to set her down.

"It was all Raimundo's fault!" Omi repeated jumping up and down for emphasis.

"I hear you Omi," Master Fung said with a sign, "let us go inside and you may all explain what happened today. Raimundo gave a sigh of frustration while the others walked off, no one offering to take Kimiko out of her arms. Not that she weighed much; in fact she was probably too light but he didn't want to others to get the wrong idea about it. He was thinking this as he followed the others into the medical room at the back of the temple. It was a well known room to the monks by now, each having spent some time in there for some odd injury or another so Rai placed Kimiko in the bed near the window he knew she liked. His eyes lingered on her for a moment. She didn't seemed injured at all, just asleep. And the truth was she wasn't physically hurt, except for a knock on the back of the head and Rai was hoping that it would make her forget what had happened today.

"Are you going to join us Shoku warrior?" Master Fung asked breaking Raimundo out of his thoughts. He looked back at the others, grinning nervously since he realized he'd been caught staring. Fighting off a growing blush Rai joined them outside the room with one more look over his shoulder at the sleeping girl. There was a monk in the room with her, watching for any changes but Rai couldn't help feeling he should be staying and watching her. It was his fault, after all, that Kimiko was in this mess and he groaned inwardly at the thought of having to tell Master Fung. In the two months since he'd been named Shoku Warrior many things had gone well, and just as many seemed to go bad. There were nights he lay awake wondering if Master Fung had made a mistake when appointing him leader.

Master Fung lead them to the porch they usually had tea on and Rai thought back to the time, it felt like so long ago, that Kimiko had been trying to master the Tangle Web Comb. Sitting down at the table their was silence and nobody made a move. Rai's eyes shifted to everyone, nervous and unsure if he should say anything. Master Fung sat patiently, face impassive while focused on everyone and no one at the same time. Rai shifted nervously for a moment or two more before taking a deep breath and was about to speak when Omi jumped in. The kid always had amazing timing.

"Master Fung! Kimiko's condition is all Raimundo's doing!"

"Yes Omi," Master Fung said in an even voice, "I've heard that." He paused for a moment. "But I'd like to hear the whole story," he held up a hand to stop Omi, "from Raimundo." Rai flushed but knew that the whole thing would have to come out eventually so it might as well come from him.

"Well, ahh," Rai stuttered while studying the table.

"Raimundo," Master Fung prodded causing Rai to take a deep breath and begin.

"Well you know we went after the Shen Gong Wu this morning but we didn't know what it was cause the scroll was acting funny."

"Yeah that was my fault, I spilled tea on that page about two hundred years ago," Dojo interrupted sheepishly from his spot on Fung's shoulder. A glare from Master Fung shut him up.

"Continue Raimundo."

"Ahh so yeah…"


"So where are we anyway?" Clay asked as Dojo circled lower over the city.

"Rome, Italy," Kimiko answered still staring hard at the scroll that had been malfunctioning since they left the temple. "I think it might be some sort of chain," Kimiko said studying the fuzzy picture.

"It would be a lot easier to find this thing if we knew what it was," Raimundo grumbled leaning back.

"Hey! A dragon can't have tea once in a while?" Dojo asked as they broke through the cloud cover.

"Shroud of Shadows!" Omi shouted touching the Wu to Dojo's back and the others grabbed on as well making their decent invisible so as not to cause a panic. It wasn't an everyday occurrence to see a dragon landing in a major city.

"Roman Coliseum, last stop. Everyone off," Dojo called as the monks jumped off and Dojo shrunk.

"So lets get looking for it!" Omi called optimistically.

"Look for what?" Kimiko asked sarcastically opening the scroll again. The others gathered around her to study the fuzzy picture. "Anything coming back to you Dojo?"

"Well I think you're right about the chain thing but I can't remember any Wu with the word chain in it."

"Well then I guess we start walking and see if Dojo senses anything," Clay suggested and the others agreed following the cowboy whose hat was Dojo's preferred seat. Nearly three hours later the Mediterranean Sun was beating down on the four and nothing had been found so far. Kimiko suggested they stop for some gelato and it didn't take a lot of convincing for the others to agree.

"I can't believe we haven't found anything yet," Rai said taking a lick from the ice cream, "we haven't even seen Spicer. Are you sure we're in the right place?"

"I'm telling you I'm sensing it but it keeps moving around," Dojo complained from over his own ice cream.

"Maybe its like the serpents tail?" Kimiko suggested and Rai suddenly found himself mesmerized by the way she was licking her ice cream.

"I don't know," Dojo said breaking Rai out of his stupor, "I don't remember their being another Wu like that."

"Yes and I would remember studying about one," Omi agreed. The tiny monk was on the verge of a sugar high and was twitching every so often.

"No more for you partner," Clay said trying to take the ice cream from him but Omi resisted. As the two struggled Kimiko turned back to Rai who had resumed his staring.

"What do you think Rai? You are Shoku Warrior after all." Thinking he'd been caught staring, a new past time he'd taken up lately, Rai looked at the ground to hide his blush.

"Well, if it's moving," he mused, "maybe the Wu it's self isn't moving. Maybe a person or something is moving it around."

"That does make sense," Kimiko mused, "but we still have no idea what we're looking for."

"Try checking the scroll again," Dojo suggested slithering over, "maybe the picture will get clearer if we're getting closer to it."

"Worth a shot," Kimiko said pulling the scroll from her backpack. Clay had finally gotten the gelato away from Omi and joined them looking at the scroll. Kimiko looked back at Omi before opening the scroll. The youngest monk was lassoed to a chair and twitching. "Not his finest moment," Kimiko muttered opening the scroll. The picture quality hadn't really changed much but the name of the Wu was now displayed.

"The Key of Aphrodite," Clay said.

"I don't get the key thing," Kimiko said with a frown.

"Aphrodite?" Rai questioned.

"Roman Goddess of Love," Clay answered looking proud of himself.

"Sorry cowboy. You're only sort of right," Kimiko said looking smug.

"I'm pretty sure I'm right."

"Common misconception," Kimiko said closing the scroll and putting it back in her bag. "Aphrodite is the name of the Greek goddess. When the Romans copied her they changed her name to Venus. And she's not the goddess of love, well not in the lovie-dovie sense of the word. That was her son Eros, or better known as Cupid. She was actually the goddess of beauty and physical love. You know," she continued taking in their confused expressions, "lust."

"How the hell do you know all that?" Rai asked surprised. Kimiko just shrugged and moved to untie Omi.

"I've always like mythology. But more importantly what does this Wu do?"

"If I remember correctly it was used to make a person fall in love with another person. Not the most useful Wu in battle but useful in some respects I guess."

"That's awful!" Kimiko exclaimed. "How can a person magically make someone fall in love with someone else. That's not a very fulfilling sort of love. Its all fake." Omi had come down from his high and was motionless on the chair.

"I agree with Kimiko," he said looking a little deflated, "according to the Ancient Guide to Females love is only an illusion females feel."

"Watch it Omi," Kimiko growled as they started walking again. "Love isn't something that just girls feel. Guys feel it as well. Am I right?" she asked throwing a look over her shoulder at Clay and Rai.

"Sure you're right Kimiko," Clay agreed, "I love my family and you all."

"You love us?" Omi asked confused.

"Well yeah," Clay said suddenly uncomfortable. "See Omi there are a bunch of different type of loves."

"I am most confused," Omi said holding his head.

"That's probably brain freeze too partner," Clay said sympathetically.

"MY BRAIN IF FROZEN!" Omi exclaimed suddenly scared.

"Its just an expression," Kimiko assured him, "its what they call it when you get a head ache from ice cream."

"Then I am fine?" Omi asked.

"No worse then usual," Rai said stretching him arms behind his back.

"But I am still most confused about love." Rai sighed and stopped when they reached one of the city's many fountains. He turned to the younger kid not sure if he would understand everything he was about to say.

"Ok Omi listen close cause I'm only going to say this once. Love isn't something you can define. It's just something that you are searching for from the day that you are born. You're searching for it since you were born even if you don't realize it. You're searching for the person that makes you want to stop looking. Along the way you fulfill that need by learning to love other things like your family and friends. People get love and lust confused all the time but love is one of those things you just know. Make sense?" Everyone was silent after Rai's explanation. "What?" he asked.

"I'm impressed Raimundo," Clay said.

"I am too but still very confused," Omi admitted.

"Yeah well no one really understands love so you're right on track," Rai told him and Omi nodded but inside his head was spinning. Clay just shook his head and lead the boy away with Rai and Kimiko following a few steps behind.

"Wow Raimundo," Kimiko said, "I didn't know you were so poetic."

"Not poetic," Rai corrected her, "that's the truth."

"Oh," Kimiko said and for some reason she was disappointed. After a moment or two of silence she finally asked, "Have you been in love Raimundo? And not like family and friends love but real love?" Rai didn't have a chance to answer and he was thankful because ahead of them Dojo had gone rigid from his perch on Clay's hat.

"We got Wu!" he said quivering.

"Where?" Rai asked as he and Kimiko ran up to the others.

"Over there!" the dragon exclaimed pointing to their right. His claw pointed at an old man and a jewelry cart.

"You sure?" Clay asked.

"Positive," Dojo said with a shudder. Omi looked ready to attack but Kimiko caught him.

"Down Omi. You can't just attack an old man. Let me handle this," she said walking over to the cart. Clay and Omi looked to Raimundo who shrugged and followed her over to the old man. Kimiko was already in conversation with the man in broken English looking over his merchandize. She stopped at a certain piece and held it up. It looked like an ancient bronze key on an equally old chain. From his hiding place in Clay's collar Dojo hissed, "That's it!" and Kimiko heard it.

"I'll take this one," she said holding it up for the seller to see.

"Yes, that is nice one. Found earlier near ruins. Don't tell," he said with a wink knowing that if the authorities found out he'd found an artifact and not reported it.

"Its our secret," Kimiko promised him with a smile and passed him some money. They walked away and held up the necklace to the light. "Doesn't seem that special," she said.

"Yeah but that's it!" Dojo said reappearing on Clay's hat. "So can we get out of here?"

"No so fast!" A voice called out of nowhere and Kimiko felt a jerk on her arm. She looked up to see Jack Spicer pulling the chain of the necklace.

"Drop it Spicer! This Wu's mine!" Kimiko called digging her heels into the ground. Before the other Xiaolin warriors could react the necklace began to glow.

"Looks like we got a showdown!" Jack yelled.

"Fine! My Silk Spitter for your Fist of Tebigon and since we're in Rome the game is a chariot race. First around the outside of the Coliseum wins!"

"I accept you're challenge Kimiko," Jack answered.

"Then lets go!" Kimiko shouted and then together they yelled, "Xiaolin Showdown!" The landscape changed and Jack and Kimiko were transported into horseless chariots. From the sidelines Omi and Clay were in their showdown outfits and Rai in his Shoku Warrior uniform.

"Get ready to go down girly," Jack taunted.

"We'll see," Kimiko said with uncharacteristic calm that unnerved Jack.

"Gong Yi Tempai!" the two shouted and before Jack could blink Kimiko had snapped the reins of her chariot and her invisible horse charged forward. Jack shot forward when Kimiko had gotten about a length away and nearly went tumbling backwards when the chariot surged forward. Rai burst out laughing when Spicer gave out a girlish scream.

"Kimiko's got this in the bag!" Rai exclaimed as Kimiko rounded the first turn way ahead of Jack who had just now gotten the hang of the chariot.

"Do not number your birds before they awaken Raimundo," Omi cautioned.

"Count your chickens before they hatch?" Clay ventured.

"That is acceptable as well."

"You guys are crazy," Rai scoffed and then yelled. "Go for it Kimiko!"

Back in the race an obstacle had slowed Kimiko and now she and Jack were neck and neck. 'Time to play dirty,' Jack though and pressed something on his watch. An arm shot out of his backpack and sprayed oil in Kimiko's path. From the sidelines the boys gasped and Clay called foul as they watched Kimiko skid out of control. The Dragon of Fire pulled hard on the reins, trying to steady the chariot but by the time she did Jack was racing toward the finishing line.

"Come on!" Kimiko growled urging the chariot forward. Another obstacle shot up in front of her and Kimiko gave a triumphant yell when she realized it was a ramp. Thinking quickly she pulled out her Silk Spitter and shot a line in the base of her chariot and tied it quickly to the handle of the Wu. When she hit the ramp at full speed she shouted out Silk Spitter and shot straight for the other side of the finish line. She was over and past Jack before the boy genius could figure out what happened and the showdown ended.

"Yes!" Kimiko yelled as the scenery returned to normal and the Key of Aphrodite and Fist of Tebigon appeared in her arms.

"Way to go Kimiko!" she heard the boys cheer as they ran up to her.

"Thanks!" Kimiko beamed under their praise and Rai couldn't help but feel that same burning feeling rise up in him again. Getting caught up in the moment, when he reached her Rai picked her up and spun her. Kimiko was caught by surprise and dropped the Silk Spitter which Rai proceeded to trip over and the two went down in a tumble. The other two Wu she'd won went flying in the air but the Key hadn't gone very far and settled around Kimiko's neck as the two fell to the ground in a heap. Both gasped, Rai in a rush of emotions and Kimiko in horror when she realized the Wu had fallen around her neck. Before either could react they felt the familiar warmth and glow that came with an activated Shen Gong Wu. Both blinked in surprise but Rai noticed that when Kimiko opened her eyes again there was something different.

"Kimiko?" he asked nervously leaning back off of her. She sat up as he moved back so no distance grew between them. From behind him Rai was vaguely aware of Omi and Clay watching with interest.

"Raimundo I…" Kimiko trailed off staring hard into his eyes but got no further because I moment later the Fist of Tebigon fell and smacked her on the head, knocking her out cold.

End Flashback

"And so we got back on Dojo and came back to the temple," Raimundo concluded not able to look Master Fung in the eyes. He heard the old man sign before speaking.

"So you are thinking, but do not know for certain that the Key of Aphrodite activated."

"Ah I guess. I mean no one said its name or anything," Rai answered suddenly sounding hopeful.

"Hmm," Master Fung mused, "we will have to start looking through some of the supplementary scrolls to learn more about this Wu. From what I understand there was little known about it even before the scroll was damaged."

"For the hundredth time I'm sorry!" Dojo lamented.

"So you see Master Fung it was Raimundo's foolishness that caused Kimiko to be both hurt and caught under the Key's influence." Raimundo glared at Omi and wondered why he'd gone so sour.

"Don't jump to conclusions," Clay cautioned Omi, "Rai didn't meant to hurt Kimiko."

"But," Omi started to protest before he was interrupted by another monk entering the room.

"Master Fung," the monk said from the doorway, "the Dragon of Fire it waking up."

"Thank you," Master Fung replied and before he could address the boys they had all shot out of the room to check on Kimiko. In the medical room Kimiko wasn't awake but was beginning to stir when the three boys reached her bedside. Omi jumped lightly onto the bed and crouched next to her left shoulder while Clay moved to the right side of the bed. Rai hung back in the doorway worried about what would happen when she woke up. From her bed Kimiko gave tiny moan as her eyes fluttered opened.

"Kimiko!" Omi exclaimed. "Are you ok? Are you feeling ok?"

"Yeah," she muttered looking a little dazed and pushed Omi out of her face. She suddenly seemed to wake up and shot straight up, knocking Omi off the bed. "Rai?" she questioned looking around.

"Right here Kimiko," he said forgetting his caution and moved forward. Kimiko visibly relaxed when she saw him and when he got within arms reach did something unexpected. She grabbed him by the sleeve of his shirt and pulled him down to her and kissed him firmly on the lips. Rai's eyes remained open wide with shock but he made no move to get away for the kiss. From his spot on the floor Omi stuttered in shot and Clay's mouth dropped open. In the doorway Master Fung observed the happenings with a blank face.

"It seems the Key of Aphrodite has activated after all," he said in a slightly grim tone he was glad none of the young dragons could hear.


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