The Legend of Zorro…but x2?

Disclaimer: Didn't steal n e thing. Victoria, Allan and Ezperenza are my Characters.


Over the fifteen years of being married, Elena and Alejandro de La Vega, had two children.

Their first child was a baby girl called Victoria, for her name meant Victory. She was born on the 24th January1835, within the first nine months of when Elena and Alejandro were married. Five years later their son was born, his name is Joaquin. He was named after Alejandro's late older brother.

"Victoria?" said Alejandro, walking down the corridors of the hacienda.

"Victoria? You do you want to come for a ride with me?" He repeated. However, it echoed down the corridor once again. Elena appeared out of a room through the corridor and walked up to him.

"Alejandro. You will not find her. She ran through the parlor room and straight up the stairs to her room. She walked back out wearing those horrid black leather pants, a white cotton shirt that must have been yours...but fitted to her size, black knee high boots- I swear she must get this stuff from either the market late at night or these items of clothing are yours." Elena she looked at Alejandro suspiciously,

"And there was what looked like the outline of a dagger in her right boot." Elena smoothed out a few wrinkles in her skirt. Alejandro nodded.

"Which horse did she take? And did you see her ride in a specific direction?" Elena shook her head in response and turned to leave when she said


"Yes?" He said.

"I think this might be a job for Zorro!" She turned and left.

Tears were running down my face as I galloped along the plains of Andalusia. I didn't care where I went, just as long as it was away from my normal life. I hated my life, I hated everyone in it. My father was always out on business; my mother was always busy with Joaquin or with her friends. Joaquin didn't want anything to do with me; either everyone ignored me or avoided me. But there was someone else. It was my now ex partner, Allan Joshua de la Reeson, he had broken my heart. He thought that I was cheating on him, but I never was. Allan had jumped to his conclusions once again.

He had taught me how to sword fight and keep balance on horse back while fencing. He did that for me because my parents didn't let me. Allan had given me a sword for my 14th birthday…it was only a year ago. We had shared many laughs and smiles, conversations, tickling and kisses. I was thirteen at the time while he was fifteen when we started to see each other in more than a friend way. He looked after me, made me feel safe… and wanted. Allan gave me the comfort my family didn't supply.

I was lost in thought, thinking of everything, and I didn't see the cliff up ahead. Prancer, my chestnut mare with a white star and markings on her legs pulled to a sudden stop.

I was oblivious to what was happening and I was hit in the forehead by my mare (I was leaning forward when the mare pulled her head up at the sudden stop, which then caused me to be hit in the head). This woke me up from her daydream. I positioned myself again in the saddle and thanked the mare. Prancer responded in a nicker that said...

'You're welcome…next time you owe me'. I chuckled to myself and looked out at the land below, I then looked up to the horizon, the sun setting. I breathed in, the scent of spring resting on the evening breeze. It was starting to get a bit cool so I turned Prancer to the left and cantered on, following the cliff's edge.

I headed towards my special place, a place that had a small stream, green grass, and a small cave…where Allan and I went at night, when he could sneak out that is. We would build a small fire and cuddle up to each other and maybe sometimes a little more than that (And no we didn't do the deed). It was getting dark as we arrived, I followed a small trail and came to the cave's mouth; I pulled Prancer up inside the cave. It was just as we had left it. There was a huge pile of wood, matches and three blankets.

Alejandro had saddled Tornado and was following the mare's tracks. She was at a gallop, as he could see. She had urged the mare on, she was galloping faster…he thought…and then he saw it. The mare had pulled to a sudden halt. From what looked like it the horse stopped so suddenly….Victoria must have gone over. Worried and scared for his daughter's life, he dismounted and ran to the edge he screamed out

"VICTORIA? VICTORIA CAN YOU HEAR ME?" His voice echoed around the valley. Tornado started to walk the other way… he snorted three times in a row that caught Alejandro/Zorro's attention.

He said, "Oye! A donde crees que vas" ("Hey hey where do you think you're going?")

He looked in the direction he was walking. Zorro/Alejandro walked over to where he was standing. "Ah now I see…" He said to no one in particular. Zorro/Alejandro saw where the mare had jumped into the canter. She was heading west then she turned left and headed south…and went off into a canter…hm maybe she knows where a cave or something is…Tornado nickered and looked at Zorro.

"Lo sé, lo sé...seguiste el rastro de Prancer!" ("I know I know…you have picked up Prancer's sent right?") Tornado nodded. Alejandro walked over to him and remounted. Again, he said aloud "She has never ridden out this far at night. She would sulk in her room, hang around in the stables, train the horses, and wonder around town or even sleep. But this? It was just ludicrous." He let Tornado follow the mare's tracks. It leads to a place where a small stream ran, lots of green grass, flowers and a small cave. There was smoke coming from it, and a tall horse was standing outside of it grazing on the grass…


I had made a makeshift blanket for Prancer and left her graze just outside the cave. I had built a fire and was fixing the saddle up when a black horse and shadow appeared at the cave opening. I gasped and pulled my sword from the scabbard that was attached to my saddle.

"COMO ME ENCONTRASTE?" ("HOW DID YOU FIND ME?") I said angrily and I stood in the braced attack form.

He replied, "I saw the smoke…and earlier on I saw you galloping fast along the flats. And why are you not at home senora?" He said, dismounting his great black horse.

"Why did you follow me? And the reason why I'm not at home is…It is none of your business." I said annoyed.

"May I sit down and warm up by the fire?" I didn't say anything; I moved to the other side of the fire, sat down and let the tears I held back for so long, fall.

Zorro stood up, walked over, and put his arms around my shoulders, comforting me. I let down my barriers, hugged him and cried.

"What is wrong senorita?" Zorro asked me.

"I've stuffed up my entire life, my parents hate me for no apparent reason…they just ignore me. My father is always to busy to watch me ride, help me with my homework, do anything these days. My mother…she wants me to be someone I'm not. She always wants to dress me in dresses and skirts. She thinks I can be someone wonderful. But the last time I dressed in a skirt and high heels I almost broke my ankle. And Joaquin well he doesn't want anything to do with me…but there is someone else…" I said into his chest.

I felt the mysterious man tense slightly; his grip on me tightened a little.

"And who might this someone else be my child?" he asked, his mouth just above my ear.

I stopped hugging him and looked at his face

"Can I trust you to keep a secret? If my father found out he would beat me till I'm dead…." I said, worried.

"Why would your father beat you?"

"He would not have approved of me having a partner, as in seeing him in more than a friend way. He never liked the family and the family never liked us…his name is…Allan de la Reeson. We have been seeing each other for two years now. He just turned 17…then he broke up with me the night of his birthday. This was a week ago tomorrow. I saw him walking through the market place with that Ezperenza de Carrettela this afternoon. He had his hand around her waist and she was laughing the way he use to make me laugh, She just turned seventeen today."

I took a deep breath to keep my tears back.

"When I saw him this afternoon tears fell down my cheeks and out of the blue he looked around and spotted me. The guilt was etched all over his face, the sorrow of seeing me sad, the worried look in his eyes just made me cry even more. I ran past him and Ezperenza, she had a happy look on her face when she saw me run by, Allan just screamed after me. However, I ignored him. I mounted Anchor, my other mare, and galloped home. My closest friend and partner let me down." I sniffled, wiping my eyes on my shirt.

Zorro just nodded his head and pulled me into another hug.

"This is really how you feel about your family? You think they hate you, your life is miserable because of this?" He said. I just nodded my head against his chest.

"Why are you asking me all these questions senor?" She said.

"Because I like to know what is going wrong with people if they are crying, and I promise you that I won't tell anyone." Said Alejandro, tears brimming in his eyes.