Hank Summers is the head of the Summers Mafia which is based in L.A. William "Spike" Giles is the co-leader for his family's mafia branch in L.A. as well while his dad, Rupert Giles is at the head base in England. Hank and Spike need to alliance against the other two main mafias. Spike takes an interest in Hank's oldest daughter Elizabeth Summers a.k.a. Buffy. In exchange for loyalty between the two men Spike demands for Buffy to be his mistress maybe even possible wife and Hank agrees. What will Buffy do when she is forced over to a man she thinks is just as horrible as her father and she is left to lead the life of a mafia leader's mistress. Spike is intrigued by her innocence with mix of her stubborn streak and a mouth that seems to always put him in his place. Will Spike be able to tame her and get her to live with the life he leads or will she just shun him for the rest of their lives? Nominated at Love's Last Glimpes Awards for best WIP and best fantasy

Chapter 1: The Meetings

William Giles, also known to his men as Spike, pulled himself out of the limo, adjusting his suit jacket. The sun shined down on him annoyingly forcing the British man to put his sunglasses over his eyes.

Gardeners observed the man with intriguing eyes as he walked across the stone marbled walkway towards the large mansion that they tended to. They had heard from the other servants that he was coming. To them he was known as Mr. Giles and he and their employer would be discussing matters of business. Though the servants weren't dumb, they knew that William Giles was one of the most powerful mafia leaders and sided with his father Rupert Giles who ran the England branch. They also knew that their own boss was one of the higher leaders as well but not as well respected as William Giles.

There were a total of four major mafia gangs in L.A. that were practically the backbone of the cities business. Of course they hid their illegal biddings behind their respectable business in order to stay out of jail. Not like it would matter. The mayor was being paid off by all gangs a rather large sum to keep the local cops out of their business which in return help close off the government.

They lady servants who were working outside noticed how handsome Mr. Giles was. He had beautifully defined cheekbones and with his pale alabaster skin tone it gave him the look a great piece of art sculpture. His blonde hair that was bleached almost white and was worn slicked back gave an impression of badness, but if you looked into his blue eyes you'd find that any woman could fall for his charms. And that was what Mr. Giles was...a charmer. He could get anything he wanted from either sex which in the case of men made him a great business man, but with women it allowed him to swoon any woman into his bed.

William Giles stepped up to the large oak front door with his right hand men of business and affairs standing right behind him. Wesley Wyndham-Pryce who dealt with his business and money talked quietly on his cell phone probably discussing matters over money as usual.

Charles Gunn, one of William's best "men" for illegal jobs leaned forward and rang the doorbell for Spike.

A minute later the large door opened and a butler stood there. He didn't ask who they were simply bowed, and said that the master of the house be with them shortly, and guided them into the house. Not another word was said as the butler lead the guests down a hall that connected to the large foyer.

Spike followed the butler and noticed that Wesley had shut his phone with an annoyed sigh. Spike looked at Wesley with a raised eyebrow and gave his boss a reassuring look that he had nothing to worry about.

He hoped Hank had a good reason for arranging this meeting. He hated that he had to meet on another rival's turf. It didn't sit well with Spike since he had no idea what Summers was up to. Hank had just called the night before saying he needed to discuss a matter over something with Spike and it was rather urgent.

The butler stopped suddenly outside a pair of wooden sliding doors and quickly opened them stepping inside and allowing Spike and his men to follow.

"Oh! I'm deeply sorry to disturb you Miss; I had no idea you in here." The butler said. Spike looked to find they were in a rather large library, not as large as his own at his own place, but fairly decent. In the corner sitting in one of the large leather lounging chairs sat a petite blonde female. Her green eyes caught Spike's attention.

She wasn't as beautiful as most women he had bedded but he knew there was something different. Her long golden blonde hair came down to her below her shoulders, with an added curl to the ends. Unlike most women he spent his time with she didn't have the Los Angeles look. Her make-up was done respectably, with very little showing making her skin seem flawless. The clothes she wore weren't over the top showing skin like other bimbos you would see around the town. She wore a black skirt that came down to her knees with knee high pointed heel boots causing very little leg to be shown. Her upper half was adorned in a white cashmere knit turtle neck sweater where the sleeves came well past her hand. Spike found himself being mesmerized by her gleaming smile that she gave to the butler. The woman closed the book and stood up from her seat.

"It's okay Jeffrey. I was just reading till Willow came. When Ms. Rosenberg arrives can you send her up to my room?" Spike found her voice was just as beautiful as her smile. It was gentle as she spoke to the servant, not using the tone as if she were above him. Like a mother cooing her child. Spike's thoughts were quickly spinning of this woman and him and he found himself wanting this woman.

Jeffrey nodded his head. "Certainly Miss. Would you like me to send Amy up with anything to eat or drink while you wait?"

"Just a glass of Ice Tea would be nice." Jeffrey again nodded before turning to Spike. "Mr. Giles..." Jeffrey called Spike out of his thoughts of the blonde woman. "Would you or your men care for anything as well?"

Spike spoke out a gruff no watching Jeffrey nod his head and turn to tend to his things. The woman's heels could be heard clicking against the marble tile as she made her way out of the room. Quickly Spike moved in front of her before she could leave. Looking up from her book, she stared at Spike with her green eyes through hooded eyelashes. The powerful blonde man instantly felt himself go hard in the confinements of his suit slacks. He wondered if she knew that look she gave to people could have any man feeling on fire as he was in that very instant. Spike threw that thought of his mind, she was too innocent. Probably didn't even understand that women could use sex as a weapon.

Both Charles Gunn and Wesley exchanged a look as they surveyed their boss stop the woman from leaving.

"Hello Ms...I'm William Giles." He outstretched his hand to shake. As Spike felt her small hand grasp his and shook it, he turned to introduce his men. "This is my business manager, Wesley Wyndham-Pryce." Both the blonde woman and Wesley nodded their heads to each other in greeting. "And this is Charles Gunn who handles my affairs." Gunn and her nodded to each other as well. "Were here to see Mr. Summers over a matter."

Spike noticed her eye him suspiciously at the mentioning of Hank which intrigued Spike.

"It's very nice to meet you and your men Mr. Giles."

"Please call me William, or as my colleagues call me, Spike." He was met with the usual gasp at his unusual nickname and he couldn't help but smirk. "And, it's very nice to meet you as well, pet. If I may be so blunt your very beautiful." His hand reached out to stroke a strand of hair behind her hair. He could tell she hadn't retracted away out of politeness.

"Why thank you Mr. Giles." Giving Spike the obvious hint that she wasn't responding to his flirting and that she would stick to using his surname. "If you may excuse me, I will be leaving to make sure I catch , my friend." Her tone was now firm and her eyes sparked with annoyance, he could tell that much. Spike moved to the side allowing her to pass. He realized he never found out her name. He called out to her before she could walk out of the library.

"Miss I don't believe I ever heard what you said your name was."
She looked over her shoulder and gave him an innocent smile, one that almost to came to Spike as a flirtatious one. "Maybe because I didn't give you it." She gave the three men a gentle smile and walked out of the room leaving Spike floored.

"Haha...boss if you don't mind me saying this, but I think you just got rejected." Gunn walked over to clap Spike on the shoulder.

Spike looked over to large African American man who was currently in charge of his security he let out an annoyed growl. "Bugger off you git."

Wesley who was the smart one did not comment on his boss's obvious rejection by the beautiful blond.

The rest of the wait for Hank Summers made Spike into an even angrier mood. Though at the same time he was amused. He rather liked that blonde girl and wished to find out more about her. She seemed like a challenge and Spike liked challenges. He prayed to God that he could see this woman again and soon in order to pursue her.

Finally after waiting for another five minutes, Jeffrey showed up at the doorway of the library and said Mr. Summers would see them now. The three of them again followed Jeffrey to another door further down the hall and walked into what looked to be an office. Hank sat behind the desk.

"Ah, Spike its very good to see you." Hank said with a smile. He walked around the desk and waved Jeffrey off. Hank, a middle aged man in his forties reminded Spike of one of those sleezy lawyers who would try and get every penny out of you if he could and then in the end would protect his own hide if trouble erupted. Spike despised men like that. "Would you or your men like a drink."

"Cut the crap Summers." Spike spit out not liking the feeling he was getting from Hank Summers. "Why did you call me all the way down here?"

Hank showed a place for Spike and his men to sit. Wesley and Gunn took a seat in opposite facing brown leather lounge chairs. Spike sat at the couch flinging his arm over the back of the couch to stare at Hank with a penetrating glare.

"Well...its seems O'Connor and Finn doubled up." Hank said straight out sitting down at another lounge chair across from the couch. O'Connor and Finn were the two other mafia families. Both lead by Angelus O'Connor and Riley Finn.

Spike tightened his jaw at the obvious bad news that the two families alliance with each other. Which could only mean one thing. The two planned on taking out the other two families, Summers and Giles, in order to come out on top in Los Angeles. Once they took out the other two the two of them of them would fight for the top standing. One of these power struggles had occurred over ten years ago. Currently it was the Giles family that was on top.

Now seeing why Hank called him, Spike nodded. Summers was the second highest standing gang and they would probably start something with his first and then go after the head. Hank was probably ensuring that he would have an alliance with Spike just in case something did arise between the four family gangs.

"Let me guess mate, you want to band together is that right?" Reaching into his coat pocket Spike pulled out a pack of cigarettes, placed one in his mouth and lit it.

"Of course. The night before four of my men were out on an assignment to collect money and two meant from each of O'Connor and Finn's gangs killed three of them on the spot, collecting the money for themselves. They left the fourth one alive to tell the tale."

Spike exhaled a stream of smoke, scratching the his scarred eyebrow with the back of his thumb that held his cigarette.

"Well mate, I'm going to need some confirmation that your loyal before I align with you. And trust me it's going to be big."

Before Hank could ask what Spike wanted in return, there was a knock on the door. Mr. Summers let out a gruff bid in and the door opened.

"Dad Willow is here, I'm going to be out but I'll be back before mom is suppose to arrive back." Spike looked to find that the blonde woman who he had been in the library was currently poking her head over the door and talking to Hank. Looking back and forth between Hank and the blonde, it donned on Spike who she must be. His daughter you bleeding idiot.

Hank stood up and began to speak, "Ok. Elizabeth this is Mr.-"

"We've met." She said shortly.

"Yes we have, pet. And I knew sooner or later I'd be finding out your name." He gave her a dirty smirk that quickly earned back the fire in her eyes. The green orbs quickly closed to a glare towards Spike.

"Well...Elizabeth just make sure your back before back to greet your mother back."

Elizabeth Summers nodded her head before slipping out of the doorway. Spike looked to the coffee table now amused, his mind formulating with a plan. Picking up a framed picture, the blonde man inspected it. It was a portrait of Elizabeth with a much younger girl with brunette hair. Both were smiling and Spike began to fantasize about that smile again.

"Getting back to business. What is it that you want? Money. Some of my men? Business? " Hank said listing off what ever it could be that Spike would want.

Spike waved off of every suggestion with aggravation. Suddenly an idea came to him. He took another inhale of his cigarette before speaking, "No you git! I want something that means of more value to you, seeing as I'm putting my whole family on the line to protect both of us, mainly you right now."

"Well what do you want?!?!" Hank yelled getting up.

Spike leaned forward to stamp out his cigarette. "I want...your daughter Elizabeth."