Notes; I guess I should explain some things first. 1. I was really bored when I wrote this.
2. It's totally random, because I was in a random mood, obviously.
3. Wyatt is 16 years old here. Grace and Ruth are Paige's daughters.
Melinda is Leo and Piper's 3rd child.


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93 things Wyatt Matthew Halliwell cannot do.

1. I may not orb oranges aimed at Chris' head.

2. Or any other fruit, vegatable or other edible somethings.

3. I may not (try to) hurt him whatsoever.

4. I may not throw a door shut loudly on purpose, just to see my mom and aunts storm in with vanquishing potions in their hands yelling ''Where is the demon!?"'

5. I may not shrink my parents again just for the fun of it.

6. I may not shrink them at all, or any other family members.

7. Or their say 'bodyparts' (especially Chris')

8. I may not pretend to be possessed just so I can skip school.

9. I may not pretend to be possessed whatsoever

10. I may not swap bodies with Chris again just to drive my mom crazy.

11. I may not swap any spells in the Book.

12. I may not add an entry about Chris with a really inappropraite drawing either.

13. I may not touch the Book without permission at all.

14. I may not call aunt Paige 'Madam' just to see how much paler her already pale face can get.

15. I may not tell her she's getting wrinkles either.

16. Not even if it's true.

17. And I may not buy her some blusher either.

18. I may not tell aunt Phoebe that Cole's back.

19. Not even when I'm bored.

20. I may not try to summon Cole.

21. I may not persuade Chris to try it either.

22. Or any of my cousins.

23. I may not tell my parents that I got a girl pregnant.

24. Not even when it's the first of April.

25. I may not tell dad that the Avatars are back.

26. Not even to find out what he looks like when he's mad either.

27. He already gets mad at me enough.

28. I may not laugh at uncle Henry whenever he doesn't understand a magical term.

29. Especially when I've never heard of it myself either.

30. I may not show my powers off.

31. Not even to demons.

32. I may not orb myself all over the world just because it's cheaper and faster than making an 'all-around-the-world' trip per aeroplane.

33.Or car.

34. Or bike

35. Or any other vehicle.

36. I may not threaten to orb Chris' family jewels to fiji.

37. Not even when he's annoying me.

38. And I may not actually try it either.

39. I may not make my mom upset whenever it's her 'time of the month', she might blow more stuff up.

40. I may not scare aunt Paige whenever it's her 'time of the month', she might end up orbing herself into the Great Ocean again.

41. Not even when I need a good laugh.

42. And I may not tell aunt Phoebe that she's my most favourite aunt in the whole wide world whenever she's PMS-ed, just to make her emotional.

43. And then hide the Kleenex.

44. I may not turn the hot water tap on in the kitchen when my dad is taking a shower.

45. Not even when I wanted to hear his voice go high-pitched.

46. I may not do this to any family member.

47. I may only do this to Chris.

48. I may not use my powers to add my own extra rules to this list.

49. I may not use my powers for personal gain, say orbing myself into a corner of the girl's lockerroom when they're taking a shower.

50. I may not take their clothes either.

51. I may not pretend to chase a demon in aunt Paige's Volkswagen Beetle.

52. And crash it into the dumpsters on the other side of the street.

53. And then blame my Imaginary Friend.

54. I may not give Chris aunt Paige's sleeping potion and tell him that it's the newly invented 'Green coke'.

55. I may not piss myself laughing when he actually drinks it either.

56. I may not touch Aunt Paige's potions whatsoever.

57. I may not use my powers to enlarge aunt Paige's clown Slappy, because Chris happens to be scared of them.

58. I may not refuse to turn it back to it's normal size either.

59. I am not Harry Potter.

60. Casting a spell no a broom and flying on it around the Manor does not make me Harry Potter.

61. I may not tell Melinda that Voldemort is real.

62. I may not tell Grace's boyfriend that Ruth is Grace so he'll kiss the wrong sister.

63. I may not come anywhere near the boyfriends of the twins.

64. I may not behead Melinda's babriedolls.

65. And then yell 'Viva la Barbie-cruelty!'

66. I am supposed to be a good example for my younger sister.

67. I may not cast a boob-enlarging spell on aunt Paige.

68. I may not call Uncle Coop a weak 'pantywaist' just because he's Cupid.

69. I may not start a discussion about love with him either.

70. I'm not allowed to let Chris trip on the stairs.

71. And then blame an invisable demon.

72. I may not keep a lazarus demon in my bedroom so I have something to do when I'm bored.

73. I may not keep any evil creatures in my bedroom.

74. Especially darklighters.

75. I may not go to the Underworld.

76. Not even with the excuse that I need a 'change of environment.'

77. I may not use my powers on anyone when that anyone is not evil.

78. I may not tell melinda that Chris is evil.

79. I may not force Chris to wear leather so he looks demonic.

80. I may not force him to wear aunt Phoebe's leather dress either.

81. Not even when she gave me permission to borrow it.

82. I may not ask her to borrow it full stop.

83. I may not coming running down the stairs yelling that the Source is back.

84. Not even when it's true, I don't want the complete Manor to panic.

85. I may not tell my dad that my mom is pregnant with their 4th child.

86. I may not use my powers to cheat during tests.

87. I may not tell the Headmaster that I can destroy Magic School with my powers, he doesn't have to know that.

88. I may not scare him in any way.

89. I may not put a curse on Chris.

90. No, I may not put even the tiniest curse on him.

91. I must listen to my mom and dad.

92. I may use my powers to get rid off this list which my mom made me sigh in any way.

93. I may not use my powers to remove the word 'not' from rule number 92.

Signed; Wyatt Matthew Halliwell.

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