Naruto: A Change In Time

Warning: Arganaut does not own any character in Naruto. Kishimoto owns it... for now.. hehehehe.

Alright this is my experimental fan fiction, I am going to try it out see how it does, if it does good hey good for me, if it doesn't hey I still N: AAS to fall back on.

Anyway this fic is going to be different than other NaruxHina fics, cause it won't start off NaruxHina. Now before you kill me allow me to explain. I believe, that great changes can be brought about by the smallest of events. So in this fic, I am going to be asking and using a question that, with as little OCness as I can manage, will possibly change most of Naruto's world for the better.

The question is: what would have happened, what could have been, if Jiraiya and Tsunade were to get together in the beginning.

So the fic is going to start off at the point where Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru are taking the bell test with Sarutobi. I am going to bring about changes in this one past event and see where it goes from there, like I said I'll do this with very little OCness. And don't knock the story before you read it, it will be NaruxHina! Don't worry about that, but that will be in the future.

I am thinking about also doing some chapters with the Yondaime and his life in them. So basically the central focus will change from arc to arc. So here are the arcs;

JiraiyaxTsunade Arc: This is the arc that will change the entire future of Naruto. It goes from their bell test, right up to when Jiraiya gets his team.

Arashix(his wife, not sure what the name will be yet): This is basically a fun arc for me to do while I think of ideas for the last arc.

NarutoxHinata: The final arc. This arc is made with the combound changes of the first two arcs, it will encompass everything that has been going on in the manga, with major changes.

I hope all you NaruxHina fans won't mind the wait, its just I think that doing the first two first will give a more strong base to my entire story.

So here is the beginning of my story, a story where the smallest change, brings about the greatest of events. Naruto: A Change In Time

Naruto: A Change In Time

Written By: Arganaut

Prolougue: The Beginning of Change

It is funny, how when an event in the past is changed, even a seemingly small event, could change the course of the entire future. How even when the past seems written in stone, it can be changed. We see a man, but what is strange about this man is that he seems a little different from one. Though he seems to be of similar height, his build is not as large, shoulders not quite as brutish, also his face, though it does have hair, is not yet quite a beard. His hair was also cut a bit short.

He is a teenager, sitting on his chair, leaning his head into his right hand while the other hands strums its fingers against the arm rest of the chair. He is thinking, about what one may ask no one quite knows. Sitting in front of his appears to be an orb. In this orb is a young boy, with blondespikey hair, and whisker marks on each cheek. Sitting watching him was an old man wearing red and white robes, smiling while watching him slip into a fighting stance. The boy is surrounded by fifteen copies of himself. The teenager watches this scene in front of him freeze, he stares at it trying to find out what exactly to do.

"This world I have created as become quite popular. But I'm afraid that I've run out of ideas for now..." The young man said sighing deeply. "If only there was some way to keep my fans busy while I..." The teen said.

But then an idea struck him, with a wave of his hand another orb appears. In this orb however are different for it had different people and a different scene. In this scene there are four people in a forest. The first person is carrying two bells in his hands. He is wearing shinobi garbs, and his hair is all there. He also seems to be smiling at the three children in front of him.

The first child is the one in the middle of the three, he has long black hair, purple skin, eyes that remind you of a snake's, and his face itself is very skinny. He is wearing greyish robes with purple bow around the waist, and a mesh shirt underneath them.

The next child is to the right of the man, she has short, blonde hair in a bun, her face not quiet yet free of her baby fat, she is also flat-chested despite being twelve. She is also wearing a blueish green shirt, and a mesh shirt under it, with a short skirt along with it. Her eyes send out more innocence the first one.

The last child was on the end, he had short, white, spikey hair. He was wairing grey robe, once again with a mesh shirt, and a pair of black pants on as well. He also has a red tear-like shape coming from his eyes, they don't quite reach all the way down the sides of his cheeks, they do not even go halfway down his cheeks.

"This will be the moment." The young teen said to himself as he waved his hand again, this time the orb close in on the white haired boy, until it seemed to go inside his head, and even then it didn't stop. It stopped once we are able to see his mind. "Jiraiya, allow me to impart onto you some knowledge, afterall, if not for your foolishness, you may have had her." The young teen said waving his hand once more, only this time, the brain in the orb began to pulse with electrical energy. When the pulsing ended the teen waved his hand and pulled out of Jiraiya's head.

"Now Jiraiya, you had knowledge of the female body and strategies on how to peek at it." The teen said laughing slightly. "I may not be able to change that because of your age, afterall I was like that till I got myself under control, but I can make it so your slightly less perverted, you will still be perverted, no question, but you'll be a little more human now, also I suppose a little insight of the female mind wouldn't hurt, and also as a small bonus early knowledge of shinobi strategies dealing with your 'peeking technique'." The teen said laughing slightly again. "I have to admit the gifts are slightly ironic." The teen said laughing even more so. "And hopefully he doesn't screw up the gifts, and I do hope you knows how to use it better than I do... I haven't had a date for a... long time..." The teen said suddenly becoming depressed.

The teen then turned his attention to the girl, his face took on a pondering look once again, as if trying to decide whether or not to do something. "Is changing Jiraiya enough? Or should I change Tsunade as well as insurance..." He waved his hand again he looked into Tsunade's mind. "This is so troublesome, well... I suppose I couldn't hurt anything by adding insurance." The teen said as he was about to wave his hand once again, but stopped and quickly looked at his hand and frowned. So he put the tip of his middle finger against the tip of his thumb, and snapped his fingers, causing an electical pulse to go through her mind. As the electrical surge ended in Tsunade's mind the teen had a smile on his face. "Now then, her mind was a bit closed off, she had her own ideas about the world, but this will open her mind a bit more." The teen said laughing more. "Maybe this will let you have a little well placed faith in that poor guy. Now then Matrix style" The teen said smiling as he picked up a pen, and tapped the top of it, causing the scene to return back to its original form.

"Now let us see, if these... minor changes will cause great things. Good luck you two, you have a lot of ground to cover." The teen said looking at the two orbs. "Don't worry just cause this other story exists, does not mean that yours will not continue after this change. It will continue..." The teen said as he looked over at the other orb. "But I hope I come up with ideas for you, my little story, afterall you are quite popular." The teen said laughing a little more.

"Now then, I wonder how will you progress now that I have made these changes." The teen said after leaning back into his chair. "I hope its good, afterall, I wouldn't be the great Arganaut if this story didn't do well." I said laughing to myself as I watched the picture in the second orb slowly start to move.

"Let the story begin."

Team Sarutobi's Training Grounds

"There are two bells." Sarutobi said as he shook the bells in his hands. "Since there are only two..." He started saying.

"One must go to the log." Orochimaru said giving a glance to the set of three logs to his right.

"You've guessed it Orochimaru." Sarutobi said sounding slightly impressed.

"All right, let's do this!" Jiraiya said, when all of a sudden something just clicked in his head. Jiraiya wasn't sure what this feeling was, for he never felt it before but he thought he knew what it was...

He thought, he just had an idea, and a good one at that.

'Wow this is a first, a good idea that doesn't have to do with peeping... weird." Jiraiya thought as he began contemplating his idea.

"Jiraiya!" Tsunade shouted bringing Jiraiya out of his thoughts.

"Eh?" Jiraiya said sounding kinda suprised.

"I just got done saying that I bet that you're going to be the one tied to the log." Tsunade said sounding cheeky.

Jiraiya was about to retort, but something told him he better shut the hell up.

'What the hell? Normally I would've called her no-breasted Tsunade... but... something tells me that wouldn't exactly be good for me... this is a weird day...' Jiraiya thought very confused.

'What the hell? Normally he would've called me no-breasted Tsunade... weird... maybe... nah, no way this pervert has changed in one day.' Tsunade thought as she turned back to Sarutobi.

"If you two are done acting like small children then let us begin. Remember, come against me as if you're going to kill me." Sarutobi said as he gripped the two bells tightly.

The three disappeared into the woods in a flash, finding a good spot to hide for the time being.

Jiraiya looked over his sensei. As far as he could tell his sensei wasn't even expecting a suprise attack, hell he didn't look like he was expecting anything. Then it hit Jiraya, to Sarutobi this would be like a flea running into an elephant, well he would show him! Afterall he was Jiraiya, but again something stopped him, it was this nagging voice that appeared in the back of his head telling him 'Don't be a dumbass you dumbass' that wouldn't shut the hell up, no matter how many times he told it!

'Dammit its like someone crawled into my head and they won't leave!' Jiraiya thought as he waited and watched Sarutobi.

'Well whatever, I gotta get one of those bells... but I'd better think this out... I got another good idea! Two in one day thats a new record for me!' Jiraiya thought in a celebratory fashion.

Jiraiya started sneaking around the trees until he was about thrity feet away from his sensei.

Today was starting to be a fine day for Sarutobi, he got his students today, one of them being the number one student Orochimaru, and then all of his students showed intellect enough to hide from him. Well that's what he thought before he saw Jiraiya run out of the forest towards him.

'(Sigh) That didn't last very long, if this team is going to do well, I'm going to have to teach this one the importance of staying hidden.' He thought as he slipped down into his stance and as Jiraiya was within ten feet of him, he began to rush him too. He attempted to punch Jiraiya in the stomach, but soon found he went straight through him.

'Clone Jutsu?!' Sarutobi thought as he felt a fist go into his back, he looked back quickly to se Jiraiya behind him, forcing his fist into his back.

'Got him! Take that sen...' Jiraiya started thinking before his sensei disappeared into a puff of smoke. 'What the hell!?' Jiraiya thought until he felt something grab onto his foot.

"Earth Style: Inner Decapitation Jutsu!" Sarutobi shouted as he pulled Jiraiya under the ground.

Jiraiya began squirming under the ground as he tried to get himself out, all in vain. He heard the jingling of bells nearby and looked to his left to see his sensei walking up to him.

"I have to say, though I was expecting you to fall for my trick first, I wasn't expecting you to destroy my Shadow Clone. I was expecting Orochimaru to destroy it." Sarutobi said juggling the bells in his hands.

"Dammit, thats all I heard about at the Academy, Orochimaru this, Orochimaru that! And now I'm hearing it from you, well that!" Jiraiya said shocking everyone in the area. "I'm going to prove that I'm better than Or-uke-maru any day of the GOD DAMNED WEEK!" Jiraiya said earning a different response from everyone.

'Did that little bastard call me Or-uke-maru? With God as my witness I will kill him!' Orochimaru thought gritting his teeth.

'HAHAHAHA! Or-uke-maru!? Man that's good! Also, how did he think of that move to use against sensei? I mean at the Academy he must've not been that great or else he wouldn't have been paired up with Orochimaru. But right there... that pervert changed? I mean I've heard stories of his habits, but by the looks of it... no way, maybe he was lucky... but that was some good luck, better than mine.' Tsunade thought chuckling a bit more.

Sarutobi laughed for a few seconds before calming down a bit. "Well now then, that is going to be pretty hard to accomplish when your neck deep in the ground." Sarutobi said smuggly.

"Is that so Sarutobi-sensei." Jiraiya said smuggly as he smirked.

Sarutobi looked at Jiraiya with a questioning look before Jiraiya disappeared in a puff of smoke, and was replace by a log.

'Substitution?' Sarutobi, Tsunade, and Orochimaru thought all at once.

Then Sarutobi turned to his left to see Jiraiya coming at him. He would've backed down into a stance if not for the Jiraiya he saw coming to his left. And then he saw out of the corner of his eye he saw a Jiraiya behind him. He quickly looked at each Jiraiya and then he quickly side stepped and stuck his leg out and tripped the Jiraiya coming up from behind him, grabbed his leg from under him, swung him around so that he'd touch the clones, causing them to disappear, and then released him so that he'd hit a tree. Jiraiya, after landing, shakily got up, and to his suprise was pulled up into the tree by a rope.

"What the hell is this?!" Jiraiya shouted as he dangled.

"I set that up before you all got here, good thing about coming early. Also don't try tricking me like that, if I pay attention long enough, I can tell which is real and which is a clone just by looking at the grass under their feet." Sarutobi said while smirking.

"Dammit, I'm going to kill you sensei!" Jiraiya said struggling on the tree.

'Woah... he couldn't be just lucky, not even the luckiest guy on earth could possibly come up with that kind of strategy... maybe he has changed a little.' Tsunade thought as she shifted in the trees to catch a better glimpse of the fight.

'Hmmm... Jiraiya, not bad, not bad, going to have to remember that.' Orochimaru thought pondering Jiraiya's strategies.

Sarutobi just stood there watching Jiraiya, this kid was pretty good, that much was true.

'But there is no way in hell this kid is good enough to get a bell on his own.' Sarutobi thought as he watched Jiraiya struggle to cut the rope with a kunai.

Jiraiya cut through the rope, and just as quickly as he got to the ground he jumped to the side, and then jumped a few feet back. He formed the ram seal and quickly created two clones.

'If I can get him through those tactics then..." Jiraiya thought until he got a sudden idea.

'What if, yeah!' Jiraiya thought as the two clones he created rushed Sarutobi as he created some started making some seals.

"Please, do you honestly think I'm stupid enough to even..." Sarutobi started saying until one of the Jiraiya clones rushing him punched him in the gut, Sarutobi looked up to see the Jiraiya that was left behind kinda disappear. Sarutobi stepped back a few feet but then delivered a punch to Jiraiya's chest sending him a few feet back.

Jiraiya landed on his back, but was able to get up again, jump about ten feet back, and then he quickly created two more clones, sent them towards Sarutobi and the one that stayed behind made more seals.

"Oh no not this time." Sarutobi thought as he round house kicked the clone to his right, when his kick went through it he quickly went his kick to the other clone, but the kick also went through it as well.

'Hmm?' Sarutobi thought as he turned his attention to the Jiraiya making seals. Jiraiya suddenly stopped the seal making process and after sending a arrogant smirk Sarutobi's way, he disappeared.

Sarutobi looked all around the area, there was just no way that he could simply disappear. But then he felt a punch in his back, and quickly turned to give Jiraiya a kick to the chin, but he kicked nothing but air. Sarutobi was mystified by this turn of events, and looked around for any sign of Jiraiya. Then he heard the jingling of bells behind him, and tried to catch Jiraiya before he could get away, but once again there was nothing. He quickly looked for any disturbance in the grass that would signal Jiraiya's location, but there was nothing... he got away from with a bell...

'Well now then this is unexpected, even though it's true I was taking it easy on him, as I will on Tsunade and Orochimaru, I didn't expect him to get away with a bell... this team really will be interesting to teach.' Sarutobi thought as he walked into the forest to begin looking for his other two students.

'How... that was... that technique that pervert used was his infamous peeping jutsu, who knew it had such strategetic potential.' Orochimaru thought as he watched his sensei move. 'For now I'm going to have to put those thoughts into the back of my mind, sensei is moving.' Orochimaru thought as he quickly moved.

'Unbelievable. There is simply no way... Jiraiya, one of the worst students at the Academy... wow, no doubt now, he's different somehow... but how?' Tsunade thought as she stared in awe at the field. Then she could've swore that out of the corner of her eye, she saw a disturbance in the trees. She looked and there it was. 'Jiraiya?' Tsunade thought as she followed the disturbance to a clearing, but when she got there it was gone.

"Now where did it..." Tsunade began saying.

"Yo, Tsunade-chan what's up?" Jiraiya said behind her making her jump slightly.

"Jiraiya! Don't sneak up on people like that! And who gave you permission to call me -chan?!" Tsunade shouted out of slight frustration.

"Oh come on Tsunade-chan, I'm sure a pretty girl like you wouldn't mind if I called you -chan would you?" Jiraiya said finishing off with the puppy dog eyes.Tsunade blushed lightly as Jiraiya gave her the puppy dog eyes.

'He thinks I'm pretty, I mean I've been called that before by my little brother, and my mother and father, but most of the other boys would just call be flat chested, or ironing board chest, or something like that and leave.' Tsunade thought while blushing at the compliment.

"You think that.. or are you just saying that!?" Tsunade said pointing a accusing finger at Jiraiya.

"Oh no, why would I lie about something like that, especially when its true." Jiraiya said slyly making Tsunade blush slightly more.

'Oh man, this is just like that one movie mom and dad were watching yesterday.' Tsunade thought blushing more so when she thought of the romance movie her parents were watching.

"I mean who wouldn't love this petit body of yours." Jiraiya said as he squeezed Tsunade's butt.

Tsunade blushed quickly but then delivered a powerful smack to Jiraiya's face.

"You pervert! I should've know you would've done something like that!" Tsunade shouted as Jiraiya began rubbing the mark left by Tsunade's smack. "And to think I thought you could have possibly change!" Tsunade shouted in frustration as she ran off into the forest.

Jiraiya smirked a little bit as Tsunade left, and then pulled out a kunai and began marking some spots on his arms, legs, and cheeks. When he was done he began rubbing some dirt over certain place over his body. Jiraiya produced a very suspicious smirk before he disappeared into the forest as well.

Sarutobi was walking into another clearing before he heard the sound of someone landing right behind him, he turned around to see Orochimaru standing there.

"Oh Orochimaru, I wasn't expecting you." Sarutobi lied while smiling.

Orochimaru just looked at his sensei while slipping down into a stance. Sarutobi saw this and did, well absolutely nothing. Orochimaru was a bit annoyed that his sensei wouldn't take him more seriously so he rushed in to attack his sensei. Sarutobi just stood there, and waited for Orochimaru to get in his face and... fade through him? Sarutobi then brought a hand up behind him and blocked a punch aimed for his back and then threw the attacker, Orochimaru ten feet away. Orochimaru landed on his feet and looked at Sarutobi with a scowl.

"How, it worked for Jiraiya, why didn't it work now?" Orochimaru said out loud as if asking a question of his sensei.

"Well you see Orochimaru, I wasn't expecting it from Jiraiya quite honestly, but after his little show, I figured you or Tsunade would try out his strategy and, like I said, if I pay attention long enough I can tell a clone from the real deal. Sarutobi said in a light-hearted tone whle smiling at his pupil.

Orochimaru simply let out a small growl but then rushed his sensei, this time Sarutobi knew it was for real so he slipped down into his stance. Orochimaru went for a jab at Sarutobi's face, but Sarutobi simply deflected it and tried to punch Orochimaru in his chest, but Orochimaru side-stepped to the right to dodge the attack, and then Orochimaru tried to elbow his sensei in his face, but Sarutobi tilted his head to his right and the attack missed, and then sent a powerful punch into his stomach sending him flying five feet away. Orochimaru back flipped and landed on his feet, and then jumped backward another few feet to keep distance between him and his sensei.

"Damn, why can't I hit you." Orochimaru said just watching as Sarutobi chuckled.

"Well it could be because I'm a kage." Sarutobi said laughing more.

Orochimaru began thinking of a way to get a stupid bell, an idea came to him but it would reveal one of his trump cards. So Orochimaru rushed foward to attack Sarutobi. Once again Orochimaru went for a jab to Sarutobi's face, and once again Sarutobi simply deflected the attack only this time he tried to sweep kick Orochimaru off of his feet. Orochimaru jumped up and tired to kick Sarutobi in the head, which Sarutobi dodged by bending backwards. Orochimaru reached his hand out to try to snatch the bell, but Sarutobi got onto his hands, and sprung backwards off of them. While Sarutobi was in mid-air, Orochimaru forced his right arm out towards the direction of the bell and then a snake rushed out of his sleeve, took the bell into its mouth, and rushed back to Orochimaru's sleeve, but not before handing Orochimaru the bell.

Sarutobi landed and began smiling. "Well done Orochimaru, very unexpected tactic." Sarutobi said before bring his fingers to his mouth and whistling. "Okay the bell test is over, everyone go back to the logs." Sarutobi shouted before disappearing.

Once everyone was at the logs Sarutobi looked over his students. "Well done Jiraiya, Orochimaru, you two were able to get a bell, on your own at that. Now then Tsunade, since you're the only one without a bell, and the only one who didn't even attempt to take one, you will go to the log." Sarutobi said making Tsunade grimace.

"Umm. Sarutobi-sensei." Jiraiya said bringing everyone's attention to him.

"Yes Jiraiya?" Sarutobi said light-heartedly.

"Tsunade-chan has a bell, just look at her hip." Jiraiya said bringing everyone's attention to Tsunade. Everyone looked at her hip and indeed, attached to it was a bell.

"Bu... but... bu.. what?" Everyone except Jiraiya said at once.

"Yeah, you see.." Jiraiya said rolling up his sleeves to reveal his marks and bruises. "She ambushed me in the woods, I didn't see her coming and she was able to steal my bell." He said scratching the back of his head.

'Wait a minute, did that pervert...' Tsunade began thinking before Sarutobi spoke.

"Well then, that changes everything, now you both will go to the log." Sarutobi said shocking everyone. "Jiraiya, your going to the log because you don't have a bell, and Tsunade is going to the log because she didn't follow the rules by trying to get a bell from me." Sarutobi said as he began tieing the two to the logs. "Now then I will leave you two here for little while I go record the results of the test, I'll be back to untie you two later, and Orochimaru you can go home." Sarutobi said disappearing in a puff of smoke.

"You are pathetic aren't you Jiraiya?" Orochimaru said as Sarutobi left. "You lost out to Tsunade, a female, who probably couldn't even take on an Academy student." Orochimaru said angering Tsunade. Tsunade was about to verbally assault Orochimaru...

"Hey Or-uke-maru shut the hell up! Tsunade-chan is a good ninja, she was able to steal a bell from me, so don't you start berating her!" Jiraiya shouted shocking Orochimaru and embarrassing Tsunade.

"Grrr. If we weren't on the same team I'd probably beat you within an inch of your life." Orochimaru said as he walked off.

Jiraiya calmed down slightly as Orochimaru left. "Jir-Jiraiya." Jiraiya heard Tsunade practically whisper.

"Yeah Tsunade?" Jiraiya said non-chalantly.

"Wh-when did you put the bell on me? Was it when you..." Tsunade said blushing at the memory.

"Well how else was I supposed to put them on yeah without you suspecting something." Jiraiya said grinning.

"...So you put the bell on me so I'd get in trouble with you?! You dirty little!" Tsunade started saying before being interupted by Jiraiya.

"You would've been attached to the log even if I hadn't put the bell on you right?" Jiraiya said making Tsunade feel a bit embarrassed.

"Then why would you..." Tsunade said before being cut off.

"Well Tsunade-chan, I'd hate to see such a pretty kunoichi be tied to a log, so I figured if you got my bell then I would've been tied and you would've been spared." Jiraiya said scratching the back of his head against the log. "I guess my plan didn't work out to well eh?" Jiraiya said sounding embarrassed.

'And when did I get that idea, I mean yesterday I would've just hidden and not even care what the hell happened to those two... today just gets more weird by the second.' Jiraiya thought as he scratched the back of his head against the log again.

Tsunade simply blushed before turning her face away from Jiraiya to hide the blush forming on her face. 'Wow, he... he did change and... I think... does he mean it when he says he thinks I'm...' Tsunade thought before turning back to Jiraiya.

"D-do you mean it?" Tsunade said making Jiraiya confused.

"What do you mean by 'it'?" Jiraiya asked confused.

"Wh-when you say I'm a good kunoichi, and that I'm... pretty?" Tsunade asked feeling the heat rise in her face.

"Of course I do." Jiraiya said making Tsunade blush. "I mean, you graduated close to the top of the class, so of course your a good kunoichi, and any guy who has eyes can see your pretty." Jiraiya said making Tsunade blush even more.

'O-oh wow...' Tsunade thought before fainting.

"Tsunade-chan? Tsunade-chan?!" Jiraiya said sounding worried.

"Don't worry she just fainted." Jiraiya heard the voice of Sarutobi say.

"Sa-Sarutobi-sensei?! How long have you been here?" Jiraiya said blushing quite a bit.

"Ohhh. Long enough to hear your little plan." Sarutobi said while smiling.

"O-oh. So am I in trouble?" Jiraiya said in a small voice.

"No no. If anything you've impressed me." Sarutobi said making Jiraiya confused. "I mean, I wouldn't have expected that anyone your age would've done something like this." Sarutobi said chuckling lightly.

"We-well, before today I don't think I would've either. But for some reason today just seems... different." Jiraiya said making Sarutobi laugh. "What?" Jiraiya asked confused.

"Oh I think I know what's going on, I'll tell you about it when I think your old enough." Sarutobi said while untieing Jiraiya and Tsunade and then handing Tsunade to Jiraiya.

"Sa-Sarutobi-se-sensei?!" Jiraiya said while holding Tsunade bridal-style and blushing.

"Well I have work to do, so I would like you to carry Tsunade gome if you wouldn't mind." Sarutobi said while Jiraiya shook his head no. "Good, well see ya tomorrow during practice." Sarutobi said disappearing in a puff of smoke.

Jiraiya swallowed a lump in his throat and began walking to Tsunade's house while carrying her.

'What the hell, what made me talk to her like that? I mean I wouldn't say that but... I did... this is weird. And why the hell am I so embarrassed by this, this should be a freakin dream come true for me! Today is just way to weird for me.' Jiraiya thought as he carried Tsunade to Konoha.

When he was in Konoha, about 1/3 of the way to Tsunade's house, Tsunade began stirring. Tsunade woke up and saw that she was in Jiraiya's arms, she jumped away faster than a cat off a dog's back, and began blushing like crazy.

"Uh... uuuhhhh... Sa-Sarutobi-sensei untied us after you fainted and told me to carry you home, please don't hit me!" Jiraiya said bring his hand to defend his face.

Tsunade just looked at Jiraiya for a few moments and then smiled slightly. "Do-don't worry Jiraiya, I won't hit you." Tsunade said while Jiraiya brought his hands down from his face.

"Re-really?" Jiraiya said calming down slightly.

Tsunade nodded and started blushing again. They both stood there for a second until Tsunade broke the silence. "Well see you tomorrow..." Tsunade started saying before looking down at the ground blushing again. "Ji-Jiraiya-kun." Tsunade said before rushing off.

Jiraiya stood there completely shock, and blushing like mad. Then he regained his senses, and looked over in the direction Tsunade was running. "Ye-yeah see ya tomorrow Tsunade-chan!" Jiraiya said while waving good-bye, which Tsunade returned before running off again. Jiraiya smiled slightly before running off to his house.

'Maybe weird... isn't as bad as people make it out to be.' Jiraiya thought happily.

Well, what do you think, good idea or bad idea? Please tell me, I need you all to tell me whether or not I should continue it.

Alright then I do have some explaining to do;

The scenes in my room- It gives the point that I control everything in my stories no matter what, and don't worry there won't be any more of those scenes anymore.

Tsunade fainting- She's never dated a boy, she mostly recieved insults about the size of her assests, and when she was complimented, by someone outside of the family, I would guess it was pretty... well exciting I guess would be the word for it.

Jiraiya's New Persona- See first Part. I'm kinda like the god of my fan fictions, I simply changed his mind. Also about him being embarrassed, now that he isn't as perverted he is more like... well a regular kid, though he still is perverted enough to be able to squeeze a girl's butt in private, however carrying a girl bridal-style, in the middle of a populated street, is a pretty embarrassing situation if your not a super pervert anymore. Also he's basically as perverted as a kid his age would be, only LITTLE more perverted.

Everything else is pretty self-explanitory.

Also tell me if you think I'm kinda rushing the relationship.

I have some dates down for events in my story, alrighty then, NEXT UP, CHUNIN EXAM!!!