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Title: The Ivy Green

By: Marion


"Do you believe in heaven, Uncle Bobby?" asked Ivy, adjusting the bundle of flowers in her hand. It was mid March, and they were walking down a quiet lane in Calvary Cemetery in Queens.

The question surprised Bobby. "I don't know how to answer that," he said after a moment's thought. "I feel like I ought to say something meaningful. But this whole parent thing is still new to me, kidlet."

She laughed and slipped her hand in his. "It was a philosophical opinion question," she said. "Just answer honestly."

"Sometimes I forget how smart you are," he chuckled. She smirked. "I'll try to answer honestly, then."

"Okay," said Ivy.

"I don't know," said Bobby.

She watched him, waiting for him to continue. He smiled when he could tell she was becoming impatient. "Please elaborate," she said.

"Part of me hopes there is a heaven and desperately wants to believe in it," said Bobby. "I was raised Catholic. When I was your age, I believed without question. I want to believe that when we die, we meet up with those who have gone before us and we live on. And truly, part of me believes that."

"And the rest of you?" she asked.

"Well," said Bobby. "Logically, I don't really believe in heaven. I believe we live on in the hearts of those who loved us. And Heaven as a great reward doesn't appeal to me."

"Why's that?" asked Ivy.

"I'd like to think our lives here and now aren't just a test," he said. "That they mean more than that. I think that knowing we have a finite amount of time to live should inspire us to make the best of it. I hope I leave the world better for my having been in it, even if there's nothing waiting for me and no one knows my name."

Ivy considered all of his answer for a few minutes as they continued on. She stopped and smiled up at him. "Good thing I didn't want a straight answer, huh?" she asked.

Bobby laughed and put his arm around her. "Yeah," he said. "Good thing. What are your thoughts?"

"I think it's a mystery," said Ivy. "One where by the time you know the answer it's too late to share it. I really liked what you said about our lives meaning more and leaving the world a better place. I hope I do that, too."

They walked on a few minutes more. "Are we lost?" Bobby asked. "I think we might have walked in a circle."

Ivy looked around. "No," she said. "There it is."

"Do you want to talk to her alone for a minute?" Bobby asked. "I don't mind waiting to pay my respects."

Ivy considered this and nodded. She approached the small gray tombstone and knelt beside it. Bobby stood about twenty feet away. Ivy laid the flowers she was carrying in front of the stone.

"I miss you, Shyné," she said softly, running her fingers over the carved name. "A lot has happened. I live with Bobby now. He takes good care of me. You don't have to worry.

"I have a grandma and papa, too," Ivy continued. "Grandma Annie and Papa Johnny are Alex's parents. She's Bobby's partner. He's in love with her, but he's afraid to tell her that. Adults are really stupid sometimes. She loves him, too. He's afraid to be happy.

"I like living with him. I wish you lived with us too. You are still my best friend and my sister." She waved to Bobby. He came over and joined her beside the grave.

"I'm sorry," he said. "We never got to play that game of checkers. Thank you, for looking out for Ivy."

He and Ivy stood looking at Shyné's grave for a while more in silent meditation. Then Ivy slipped her hand into Bobby's, telling her friend a silent goodbye. They walked back toward the entrance of the cemetery.

"Would you like to go to Central Park?" Bobby asked. "I'd like to show you the spot where my mom used to take your dad and me."

"I'd like that," Ivy said with a smile.


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By the way, I am such a geek that I think it's good luck that this story ended on "Chapter 42" because 42 is the answer to the question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.