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Ryen the Mutt (Voiced by Daphne Maxwell Reid

Brisbane, a Coonhound and Bloodhound mix stood outside on the sidewalk and sighed. "Finally, the snow is melting…phew! Well, at least I got through another winter" he said to himself as he went to fetch the newspaper. But before he picked it up the tan colored hound with black spots was alerted by a noise coming from up the street. "Mourning Brisbane" said Krypto as he passed by while riding on Kevin's sled. "Mourning Krypto" Brisbane called out, a few feet away from where Brisbane was Melanie, an Irish setter and Labrador retriever mix. She looked up at the tree branches in one of the nearby trees. "Phew! winter's almost over" she said to herself. She was right, the snow on the branches as well as everywhere else was beginning to melt. "Mourning Melanie" Krypto called out as he passed by her. "Hey Krypto" she called back, "Whoo! Hoo! Streaky that sled idea was totally awesome" said Krypto. "See K-Dog? What did I tell ya?" Streaky replied with a laugh. "Hi Krypto" said a familiar female voice, at hearing this Krypto decided to stop. "Whoa, hey put on the brakes!" he shouted to Streaky, "There are no brakes!" Streaky shouted. The two of them were screaming in fear, "Watch out for the fire..." before Ryen could finish her sentence there was a loud "thud" "Hydrant" she concluded. Krypto and Streaky groaned, Ryen sighed and walked over to the fire hydrant "Are you guys ok?" she asked.

"Yeah we're fine Ryen, what are you doing out here?" Krypto replied. "My human's at work so I got out, via dog door" Ryen explained, "Well, ok um…" Krypto started to say, he secretly had a crush on Ryen ever since they met 8 months ago. "Would you like to go sledding with us?" Streaky asked, "Sure but…" Krypto cut Ryen off "You'll be perfectly safe with us, I mean it's not like I have anything to do today" he said to her. "Yeah I'm free today, I've got nothing to do, ether" Streaky added. "Don't be to sure about that" said a familiar voice. "Oh, Hi Ace" said Krypto, "Krypto, Streaky we need to talk, meet me in the park in 1 hour" said Ace. "Can you make it half?" Krypto asked, "Alright, just don't be late, ok?" Ace replied, Krypto and Streaky nodded in response. "Ok, well I'm out" said Ace before getting on his racer, he was about to drive off but then he noticed Ryen. "Oh and uh…nice seeing you Ryen" he said to her, "Nice seeing you too, Ace…bye" she said to him and with that, Ace drove off down the street on his racer.

"I'm sorry Ryen" said Krypto, who felt bad that he and Streaky couldn't spend a lot of time with her. "Don't worry about it…you're Superdog, it's your job…I understand" Ryen explained. "Well, thank you, hey! Maybe we can all go do something later" Krypto replied. "That sounds great, but my owner might be home by then" Ryen answered. "Oh I don't know about that" said Krypto in a sort slick tone, Ryen laughed at hearing this. "Hey, since we didn't go sledding would you guys like to go around to the tabby cat café? They're handing out some imported rawhide bones to promote their new café in London" Ryen explained. "That sounds interesting" Krypto replied "Eh, you guys go ahead, I'm gonna head home" said Streaky who about to take off. "They have catnip too" Ryen added. "Catnip? Well count me in" Streaky replied, Ryen laughed at Streaky's quick change of heart "C'mon let's go" she said to them.

30 minutes later…

"Well, thanks for the idea of going to the café, Ryen" said Krypto once they got back to the brownstone where Ryen lived. "Yeah, I'm sure those English cats are gonna enjoy that catnip" Streaky added, "I think you mean British cats" Krypto answered. "Whatever" said Streaky, "Well, we gotta get going…see ya, Ryen" Krypto said to her "Yeah, see ya" Streaky added before he and Krypto took off. "Bye guys" Ryen called out to them, she watched Krypto and Streaky as got farther away from her until she could no longer see them. Ryen sighed, "He's such a wonderful dog" she said to herself weather Krypto knew it or not Ryen also had a bit of crush on him but she managed to keep it hidden until she felt good and ready to tell him.

At the Park…

"Hey Ace, what's up?" Krypto asked, "Nothing much, I just came here to inform you I've been monitoring the temperatures for the past few weeks" Ace explained. "So? We all know that spring is going to begin soon" Krypto replied, "Exactly, when spring begins…" Streaky cut Ace off "winter ends" he added. "That… and so does snow up in the northern regions" Ace concluded. "And what does that have to do with us?" Krypto asked, "To put it to you briefly, when winter ends the snow melts, when the snow melts it turns into water…and when all that water starts making it's way downstream it causes a problem" said Ace. "What kind of problem? does it mean that the humans have to build a water park? Or..." Ace cut Streaky off "The water causes a problem cause it can cause flash flooding!" he said to Streaky. Ace was used to being around Streaky, but there were times when the cat worked his nerves.

"Oh, I see" said Streaky, "So you see my point?" we've had a lot more snow then we usually do, so…" Ace stopped short "So what?" Streaky asked, Ace sighed he was losing his patience with Streaky but still he managed to keep calm. "We need to keep an eye on how fast the snow is melting" Ace answered. "How?" Streaky replied, "By monitoring the temperatures, the warmer it gets the more snow will melt and as a result, all that water could lead to possible flash flooding, get the picture pussy cat?" said Ace. Streaky gulped nervously, "Yes" he answered in a nervous voice, "So all we have to do is monitor the temperatures everyday? "Krypto asked. "Listen, just leave that to me, I'll notify you if something comes up, and gentleman…" Ace replied. "Yes?" said Krypto "Get that sled to a repair shop" Ace continued, Krypto looked down at the sled and saw what Ace meant. "Sure thing" he said to him. "I'll see you around" said Ace before he drove off on his racer, "Yeah…see ya, Ace" Krypto said in a sort of dull tone before Ace got some distance away.

"Man, is that guy strict or what?" said Streaky, "I heard that!" Ace shouted from a distance. Streaky groaned, "Me and my big mouth" he said to himself.

The Next day…

"Hey Melanie" Brisbane said to her, "Hey Brisbane, wow the snow's really melting fast" she replied. "Sure is, won't be long before its all slush" Brisbane added, "Darn right" said Melanie. Just then, she was alerted by a loud noise from up the street. "You hear something?" she asked Brisbane, "Mourning Brisbane, mourning Melanie" Krypto and Streaky called out simultaneously (at the same time). "Mourning Krypto, mourning Streaky" Brisbane and Melanie replied. "Watch out!" Krypto yelled as they passed by the two dogs. Before they could move the two dogs were "splashed" by water that was in the gutter. "Sorry!" Krypto yelled back to them. Brisbane sighed and shook himself, the water was melted snow and even though the snow had melted the water was just as cold. "That's the one thing I hate about the spring thaw" said Brisbane who sounded pretty annoyed, "Oh, I know, I know…" said Melanie. "Slush" they answered in unison.

Down the street, Krypto and Streaky had come to a stop, "Whoo hoo that was great! Thanks for the ride, guys" said Rosie. "No problem, Rosie" said Krypto, "See ya tomorrow" Rosie replied, when they passed by Melanie and Brisbane Rosie was accidentally crammed between Krypto and Streaky so she could see or hear Brisbane and Melanie at all. "Bye" Krypto and Streaky answered simultaneously, "C'mon Streak, let's go" said Krypto once Rosie was gone. Krypto got off the sled and started to pull it in the direction of their houses. "So are you up for another round of…" Streaky stopped short when he and Krypto heard a voice from down the street "Watch out!" the voice shouted. "Sounds like trouble, c'mon" said Krypto who left the sled in a secure place and took off with Streaky.

15 minutes later…

"This can't be good" said the truck driver who was looking over at a ditch. "Well of course it can't, we need that pipe if we're gonna extend the drainage system near the ski resort" said a construction worker who stood next to the truck driver. "Hey look its Superdog" said the truck driver, "What's he doing?" the construction worker asked, "I think he's getting the pipe for us" said the truck driver. Streaky sat next to the two humans and watched, he knew Krypto could handle the job by himself and didn't need his help. Krypto picked up the pipe and placed it back on the flat bed truck, "Thanks Superdog, it would've cost us a lot to replace that pipe" the truck driver said to him as he rubbed Krypto and Streaky behind their ears. Krypto let out a friendly bark as if to say: "You're welcome" "We'll see ya around" said the construction worker before he closed the door to the cab and the two of them drove off down the road. "What do you suppose that pipe was for?" Streaky asked, "It looked like those pipes we've seen near the lakes and wetlands, they're probably extending the drain system" Krypto explained. Just then the wind started to blow, "Wow! It sure is cold up here" said Streaky, Krypto agreed. Where they were the elevation was higher and was much colder. "It sure is, let's go" Krypto said to Streaky, at that moment the two of them took off.

"K-Dog?" Streaky asked, "Yes?" Krypto replied, "How long do you think it'll be before spring gets here?" Streaky continued. "About another month" said Krypto, "Good, cause I'm freezing" Streaky replied "Me too" said Krypto. Even though Streaky's fur coat as well as Krypto's had gotten thicker in the winter there were times where the cold winter air sometimes caused them to shiver.

Later that day…

"Gosh Streaky was right, it is freezing" Krypto said to himself, he was in the underground area of his doghouse. Even though he was a under ground the entrance of his doghouse was open and it let in a draft from outside. Krypto shuddered when he felt the cold air against his body, but then it he forgot about it for the moment when he heard a familiar voice. "Krypto, Krypto?" the voice called, "Alright Kevin's home!" Krypto said to himself and started barking. "Krypto?" Kevin continued once more, he followed the sound of Krypto's barking until he reached the backyard. "There you are!" said Kevin before he went to hug his dog. "Hey Kevin how was school?" Krypto asked once he got free from Kevin's embrace, "Ok, we had to take a history quiz after lunch today…so how was your day?" Kevin answered. "It was ok, Streaky and I had to help some construction workers today" Krypto explained.

"Really? Cause I heard the drain system is being extended to try to avoid flash flooding since we've gotten more snow then usual this season" Kevin replied. "Gosh, Ace was just telling me yesterday about the possibility of flash flooding" said Krypto. "Well, I've got homework to do, I'll see ya" said Kevin who got up, "Ok" Krypto said to him before he left. "Well at least now I can finish my nap…" Krypto said to himself, just then he heard the wind blowing. "Um…indoors" he concluded and went inside the house.


Krypto had been asleep in the living room for awhile and now he managed to get up. He left out a small sigh followed by a yawn and a stretch. "Phew! I needed that nap" he said to himself before he got a drink of water from his dog dish. He stopped short and looked up "Huh?" he asked and trotted over to the window to look outside. "Hey the sun is going down, and it's only…" he stopped and looked at the clock on the wall "5:00 pm? Wait, that can't be right" he said to himself, he looked over at another clock sitting on a desk. "I knew it! It's only 5:30 pm…the days are getting longer, another sign spring is coming" Krypto concluded. Just then, he heard Kevin whistle for him. "Krypto" Kevin called "Hmm, sounds like Kevin's done with his homework" said Krypto who got up from where he was sitting and went to see Kevin.

30 minutes later…

"So Kevin did you finish all your homework?" his Mom asked "Yes Mom" Kevin answered, "Cleaned your room?" she asked him "Yes" said Kevin, "Feed the dog?" his Mom asked once more "Ye…no wait, I didn't do that" he replied before he went to get a can of dog food. "Krypto" Kevin called from the bottom of the stairs, he then whistled for Krypto to come. Meanwhile upstairs, Krypto was sitting on Kevin's bed looking out the window at the sunset, "Wow, that sunset is really something" said Krypto. He enjoyed looking at the sunset, Earth's sunsets were different from Krypton's but to Krypto both of them seemed to be equally enjoyable. "Krypto" Kevin called once more, "That's Kevin and…" Krypto stopped to sniff the air "Smells like his Mom made roast beef again" Krypto concluded. He licked his chops( the sides of his mouth) and got up. "Here's your bowl, Krypto" said Kevin, "Oh great canned dog food again" Krypto said to himself with a sigh. Like most dogs, Krypto preferred the taste of human food but he only got it on occasion.

"Might as well get it over with" he continued before he started eating. He stopped short when he heard Streaky yowl. He went to the window and looked outside, "Ohh, you won this time Cardinal, but I'll be back just you wait, Cardie…hmph!" said Streaky before he jumped off the wall and into his own backyard. Krypto laughed at the whole scene "Poor cat" he said to himself before he went back to eating the rest of his dog food.


"Did I miss anything?" Krypto asked before he sat on the couch next to Kevin, "Nope it's just about to start" he answered. The two of them had looked forward to watching the movie "Snow Dogs" all week, but it was shortly interrupted. "We interrupt this program to bring you this special report" said the announcer, "Hi, I'm Jim Sharp and we've got some really interesting news for you" he said. "Who turned this on?" Krypto asked "Shh" said Kevin. "You may want to grab your telescope or head to the observatory for next Friday's eclipse" "Eclipse?" said Krypto who was confused. "Beginning one hour after sundown and ending at 3:14 am, again next Friday will be an eclipse...this is Jim Sharp of action news" he continued, "And now back to our presentation" said the announcer. "An eclipse? Cool!" said Kevin "Yeah, really cool I wonder if Streaky heard the news?" Krypto replied "Hey Krypto, get out here!" Streaky yelled. Krypto giggled "I think he did" he said to Kevin. The two of them stepped outside to see Streaky "Hey Streaky" said Krypto, "Hi K-Dog, Hi Kevin" Streaky answered. "Hi Streak" said Kevin, "So did you hear about the news? An eclipse is gonna start an hour after sundown next Friday" Streaky explained.

"Yeah, we know" Krypto replied, "I betcha everyone is gonna be talking about it at school tomorrow" Kevin added. "Kevin close the door, you're letting all the heat out" his Mom shouted. "Sorry Mom, good night Streaky" said Kevin "See ya tomorrow" he answered and waved. "Bye" Kevin and Krypto answered, before they closed the door. "Phew! Glad that's over" said Kevin who realized how cold it was outside. "Yeah, now we can get back to our movie" Krypto added before heading back to the couch.


"Man, that was great" said Krypto as he went into Kevin's room, "Great? That was totally awesome! Sled dogs are cool" said Kevin. The two of them had just finished watching Snow Dogs, "They sure are" Krypto replied, at the moment he thought about Tusky Husky since he was a sled dog breed. "Ya think I could be a sled dog?" Krypto asked, "You? Maybe, with practice but why would I need a sled dog when I have a superdog?" Kevin answered. Krypto almost blushed at hearing this but he didn't, "That's true" Krypto replied with a yawn. "Sounds like you had you're ready for bed" said Kevin, "Don't you know it, being a superdog isn't easy" Krypto added. "Kevin let out a small laugh "I can only imagine" he answered with a yawn. He and Krypto both had a long day and looked forward to getting some rest. He laid down in his bed with Krypto curled up and the end. "Night Krypto" said Kevin, "I'll see ya in the mourning, Kevin" Krypto replied, within a few minutes the two were asleep.

3:00 am…

"Huh?" Krypto said in a drowsy tone, he groaned at what woke him up. "What's that bright light?" he asked himself, he looked up and saw where the light was coming from and gasped "The Dogstars! They're signaling me" said Krypto with a yawn. "But why at 3:00am in the mourning?" he asked himself, "I guess I better go" Krypto concluded with a stretch. "Ok, how to get down from here" he wondered, he looked at the ground below from the window. "Whoa! That's a long drop" he said to himself with a sigh, "Maybe I'll try the stairs" he said quietly. He walked out of the room and down the stairs hoping no one heard him. "Good, no one heard me" he thought but then he looked back at the stairs. "I hope…" thought Krypto, from there he managed to get outside "Alright I made it out" he said to himself, he looked up at the sky the Dogstar's signal was still flickering "Alright, ok! I'm coming" said Krypto before going into his dog house to change.

"Well, this is it, and away I go" he said before taking off. A short time later he reached the Dogstar's ship, "Hey guys" he said to them once he got inside. "Hi Krypto" they replied simultaneously, "So what's the emergency? Is Mechanicat on the loose again? Krypto asked, "No, not today" said Brainy Barker Krypto's eyes bucked. "What?! No emergency? Do you guys realize its 3:00 am in the mourning on earth?" Krypto explained. "Well technically it's only 3:00 am in Metropolis, elsewhere it's…" Tail Terrier stopped short, "Never mind" he concluded after seeing the angry look on Krypto's face. They had forgotten the reason why they signaled him, "So what's the point of me coming up here?" Krypto asked. "Well, we've…I'm sorry Krypto" said Brainy Barker, "Its ok but next time wake me up in a real emergency" he said to her. Just then Brainy Barker remembered why they signaled Krypto to come in the first place. "Will do, but there is one problem" she added, "What is it?" Krypto asked, "Well it's…" before Brainy Barker could finish the dogs were alerted by the sound of electricity crackling. The lights flicked on and off until they shorted out.

"That" Brainy concluded, "Oh great" Krypto said in a sarcastic tone "Hey, who turned out the lights?" Tail Terrier asked. "One of the fuses must've blown…again" said Hotdog, "I say, does anyone have a flashlight?" Bulldog asked "I do, anyone need any light, eh?" said Tusky Husky. Just this he lost his footing and tripped "Whoa!" he cried out, "Oh sorry Mammoth Mutt, I did not see you" he said to her. "It's ok, it's not my fault I was born small" she answered, "That and you're the world's smallest breed of dog" Tail Terrier added with a laugh. It was true, Chihuahuas were the world's smallest dog and were also a popular toy breed. Mammoth Mutt let out a low warning growl, like most Chihuahuas she disliked her size. "S-sorry" Tail Terrier stuttered nervously. "No sweat, it's a hard knock life for us toy breeds" Mammoth Mutt explained. "That's true, wouldn't I qualify as a toy breed?" Hotdog added, "Uh, no Hotdog you're a hound breed" Tusky Husky answered. "Oh, figures" Hotdog answered in a slightly annoyed tone, although Dachshunds were a somewhat popular hound breed, toy breed dogs such as Chihuahuas, Yorkshire terriers and Puggles(Beagle/Pug mix) were farther up on the popularity list.

"I hate to break up your conversation guys, but we need to figure out how to get a new fuse" said Brainy Barker, the ship was still working but the lights still were out. "Isn't there one in the storage room?" Hotdog asked, referring to where the extra fuses were kept. About 20 minutes later when they got to the storage room to their surprise there weren't any extra fuses! "Would ya look at that, we're cleaned out" said Hotdog, "Don't we have an auxiliary fuse?" Tusky Husky asked. "The one that blew was the auxiliary fuse!" said Brainy Barker, "Oh… my bad, eh?" Tusky Husky replied. "No problem I'll look around, wait for me below the cargo hold" said Krypto before he took off. "You heard him, let's move" said Brainy Barker, and with that the dogs all got up and left.

35 minutes later…

Krypto had been flying through out the Dogstar's ship looking for the extra fuses with his X-ray vision. But then he had an idea "Let's see…Kevin's Mom keeps the extra light bulbs in the hall closet at home, so if the extra fuses aren't in the storage room then they must be…" Krypto snapped out of his train of thought when spotted something, "In a closet!" he concluded, once he landed he got the fuse out of a nearby closet "Found it!" he thought and headed for the fuse room. "Well when is that dog gonna get here with that extra fuse?" Tail Terrier asked out loud, "I'm here!" Krypto announced. "You found the extra fuse!" Brainy Barker replied, "Well back home my humans keep extra light bulbs in a closet so I figured…" Brainy Barker cut him off "I get it, I guess we forgot that we moved the extra fuses into the east wing's hall closet when we clean up last month" she explained. "That's true" Tail Terrier added. Once the fuse had been changed the lights came back on, "Well everything looks ok here" said Brainy Barker. "Sure does, bye guys" said Krypto "Bye Krypto" the Dog stars answered simultaneously. A short time later Krypto got back home, thankfully no one noticed he was gone but mainly he was glad to go back to sleep.


Well that's it for chapter one. I'm already in the process of writing chapter two! Sorry if it got a little dull or confusing in some parts of the chapter but I can assure you that chapter two will be a bit better. Also I know Kevin's sister in maed Melanie but I didn't know that at the time I came up my Irsh setter/Labrador mix, just so you know.

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