-1Bar Fights and Bullets

Chapter 30- Epilogue

June 13th 2014

As 35 year old Dean Winchester sat on the hood of his recently repainted '67 Chevy impala, he found himself thinking once again about the events that had lead him to where he sat today, waiting…. Anticipating what was about to happen.

What he was about to come face to face with… No, not what who.

He could still remember their faces as fresh in his mind as though he had seen them just five minutes ago walking out of the supermarket or strolling down the street…

He could still remember the cold, bitter and unforgiving cold that had over whelmed his body in a matter of a single second. The sounds of his brother's tearful and heart felt pleas ringing through his ears.

But most of all he could still remember the struggle he faced afterwards, the loss of his legs was insignificant compared to everything else he seemed to lose. His self worth, his strength, his pride all of it was stolen from him that night.

A night he rarely thought about, but never wanted to forget.

He needed to be here, needed to face this… the final piece of a long and painful puzzle years in the constructing.

"Penny for your thoughts?" His younger brother's voice invaded his internal conversation with himself as he glanced over to see those same puppy dog hazel orbs looking back at him. Sammy had grown into quite the adult these last seven years and at the age of 31 was only now finally accomplishing the life that his brother had known he deserved all along.

He had a fiancée who looked as though she stepped directly off of a billboard ad, he was only one more year shy of getting his law degree… and he would be welcoming his first child a son… Jonathan Robert Winchester, named after of course two of the most influential men in his life, late next month.

Yeah, Sammy finally had it all, and John was finally going to have the grand child they all knew he had been longing for, for so long now….

They were normal… Well almost.

The hunt had ended three years earlier with the death of the yellow eyed demon and the father-son hunting team disbanded allowing Sam his before mentioned new life and John a well deserved and much needed retirement… Under the assumed name Elroy Magilacuty… At least that's what it was this month.

Not Dean though, just as he had said to his brother many times before, there was always going to be something to hunt, and it was never going to be over… So he kept fighting the good fight figuring that he would sleep better knowing that his loved ones were sleeping better because of him. Because they knew he was out there protecting them, doing his job and keeping them safe as he had always done.

"There not worth a penny Sammy…" He finally answered tearing his eyes away and looking up toward the sky.

"First of all… This Sammy thing is getting kinda old, you do realize I'm 31 now don't you?"

"Yeah well, we'll be in our fifties and you'll still be Sammy to me, so someday you are just going to have to accept it."

"Whatever dude."

"Yeah whatever." The older of the two brothers rolled his neck from side to side in anticipation before casting his eyes downward and picking at the hem of his tell tale brown leather jacket.

"No seriously man what were you thinking about just now?"

"Oh nothing…"

"Are you sure you know this is what you wanna do man?… It's not to late to back out…."

"This is what I need to do…"

"Alright." Sam nodded understandingly and fell silent.

"You know Sammy I uh, I really appreciate you taken time out of your life to come down here and do this with me….I just… you know…"

"You're my brother Dean, I'll always be wherever you need me to."

"Yeah well…Thanks."

Dean popped his knuckles nervously numerous times as the minutes passed by with each one his anxiety seeming to grow more and more…Until finally a good half an hour later:

Two stout and haggard looking older figures rounded the corner exiting the Ohio state penitentiary, faces… men… Dean and Sam both would of recognized anywhere…Would never forget.

Slowly dean rose to his feet and swallowed hard chocking down the lump in his throat, ignoring the cold sweat now bathing his palms as they grew closer and closer….

"Hey." He called out cautiously hearing Sam's feet approach behind him a much appreciated safety net.

The two hillbilly-esque men stopped and turned to face the man who was obviously addressing them, their faces growing white as though they were seeing some sort of ghost, their jaws dropping ever so slightly.

It was a moment Dean took unexplainable and undeniable pleasure in as he stepped a few feet closer closing the space between them.


"Shut up, you don't get the chance to talk, you said all you needed to say with those bullets you lodged in my spine that night…." He cut off the taller of the two quickly his words calm and collected as he continued. "You took something from me, from my family… And you did it without ever batting an eye… You put a fear inside me that I didn't think I was ever going to get past… I don't like fear." The last of that statement was spoken bone chillingly low his breath hot against the hefty man's neck. "And over what a few lousy bucks? How would your familes, your children your wives feel if I did that same thing to you right now huh?

Just reached inside you and ripped out the men you are….

If they had to sit up with you at night when you were so afraid of the images and the memories in your own head that you couldn't sleep? How would they feel if they had to wipe your ass and carry you around like some child? They had to watch you struggle from day to day? They had to bathe and dress you… Do everything for you because in so many ways one heartless and thoughtless act had turned you in a helpless invalid, your soul and body broken turning you into no more than a shadow. A shell."


"I told you to keep your mouth shut."

"Dean." Sam could see the anger rising inside his brother as he stepped up to where Dean had now backed both men against a near by fence his finger thrust into Al's chest eyes burning with anger and rage. He placed a heavy hand of warning on the older man's shoulder. "Come on man… They're not worth it…"

"In a minute Sam." Dean whispered his eyes never leaving his two assailants, "I've waited seven years to look into the eyes of the men who did that to me… And now that I am… Now that I'm standing right here, I want you to take a good look, I want my face to be the first thing you see every morning and the last thing you see every night, embedded in your eye lids as you make love to your wives, as you watch your children grow…living what remains of your pathetic existences… Remember my face, like a nightmare that is yet to happen.

And know that if I can get you now, I can get you any time I want to… and someday… not today… but when you're least expecting it, when you think you've escaped me…. I will be back for you… to repay the same ruthless kindness you thrust upon me and my family…"

There was so much finality, so much cold in his brother's words that Sam felt a shiver run down his own spine and engulf his body, he could only imagine what such a speech was doing to those it was directed toward.

Dean lowered his finger and turned on his heels heading back to the car, keeping his eyes straight ahead… determined never to look over his shoulder again….

He'd done what he came to do….

It was over.

"So um, what now?" Sam asked as he climbed into the passengers seat watching the two frightened figures head off down the side walk through the rearview mirror until they were nothing more than specks in the distance.

"Well…" Dean grinned in the younger man's direction his infamous half grin and wiggled his brows, "I was thinking you don't have to be back in town until the 16th and there's an angry spirit about a hundred miles north of here just waiting for an ass kicking… If you think you're up for it… being all rusty and-"

"I'm not rusty!"

"Come on Sammy! You haven't hunted in-"

"Bring the bitch on." Sam rolled his eyes huffing slightly and crossing his arms over his chest his nostrils flaring… Dean had almost forgotten how easy it was to get him worked up.

"That's my boy!" He reached over patting the now annoyed man's shoulder as he shook his head and laughed before stepping down on the gas and speeding off into the distance.


I thank you, I thank you, I thank you very very much for fallowing this story all the way from beginning to end and I only hope that you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I've written a lot of stories in my days of fan fiction, but none of them were as close to my heart as this one! And my readers, wow you guys are amazing your praise and your eagerness pushed this story all the way through, you made me want to keep writing. It's crazy to think how long the road has been to completion and how much has happened not only in the Sam and Dean fictional world but also in my reality in the time, so yeah I thank you and as always I hope you enjoyed it, let me know your thoughts this time around too!!!!