Title: Letting Go
Author: RamblingRose
Rated: G
Summary: Mickey says goodbye to Rose.
Disclaimer: Doctor Who and all affiliated characters are trademarks of the BBC. No profit is made to the author with use of these trademarked entities. No part of the plot or story, herein, is not to be republished without consent of the author.

He watched her as she walked about trying to see if anyone had seen him. He stayed in the distance, watching as she gave up the search after only a few minutes -- or maybe she thought he didn't want to be found. He followed at a distance as Rose made her way back to the TARDIS. When she reached the blue box, she turned around one last time and scanned the empty Millennium Centre.

Mickey kept himself hidden away from her sight.

There wasn't anything he could do for her anymore at this moment. She had gone off to see the suns and moons and stars in different places in the universe and in different time periods. He wasn't part of her new and exciting world. He was part of the normal and more mundane life.

Her life revolved around the Doctor and the fact he could literally give her the stars. At least he as better than that shithead Jimmy Stone. Mickey could still remember when he had to pick Rose up after that one. And maybe one day he would have to help pick her up again, when the Doctor had finished with her or she had finished with the Doctor, which ever happened first.

Mickey could let her go this time with a clean conscious. He knew the Doctor would never intentionally hurt her the way Jimmy had. The Doctor would never do anything but make Rose feel like the clever girl she was, walk with her through frozen waves on some alien planet a billion light years and five thousand years in the future away.

For a moment, Mickey secretly wish he cold have been the one to take Rose to -- what was it she called it? -- Woman Wept. As much as he had secretly wanted to hear the stories, he hated hearing them because it was always the Doctor taking her, it was always the Doctor holding her hand.

Even when earlier that day, the four of them left the TARDIS to go for lunch… It had been the Doctor's arm she had latched onto. Not his, not Captain Jack Flash… the Doctor's. Mickey had been forced to watch on with Jack while the Doctor and Rose walked eagerly ahead, as if oblivious to the two men trailing behind them.

Mickey wondered if he would have minded as much if it had been Jack's hand Rose took.

He watched as Rose finally gave up scanning the Millennium Centre and retreated inside of the TARDIS. It was where she belonged anyway, Mickey thought ruefully. She deserved iced over planets, up-close views of nebulas… She deserved to dance across space and time.

Mickey took in a slow, deep breath. Even now he could imagine the Doctor asking Rose is she was alright. Wouldn't put it past the ever impressive Time Lord to even offer to help find him, if he was in the right mood for it.

"Goodbye Rose," Mickey whispered as the TARDIS dematerialized.

And it was goodbye in more ways than just watching her leave. He was saying goodbye to the good thing they had once had. It was no use holding onto those thoughts and feelings. Because someday soon, Rose would need a stronger Mickey to pick up the pieces of her broken heart.

Now, he just had to turn himself into the person that would be able to.