Alright I was reading a GaryxAsh love story when this came to me... yes I know this story has nothign to do with Gary and Ash being together but let's continue.


It's a mon kinda world, Mon

Chapter 1


Kari stared at the chalk circle that was drawn on the floor. "I don't know about this T.K." She said a little worried. The blonde male just shrugged and began chanting some mumbo jumbo. The other digi-destined glanced at T.K. and Matt started snickering at how stupid his brother was being,

"It's not gonna work you know." Patamon said flying over to land on T.K.'s head. Af ew moments later the Digidestined of hope looked around and sighed when he realized he was still in Ken's kitchen. "Err We'll just have to try again." He said glaring at the floor and beggining his chanting again. T.k. , as it was, was trying to contact Ken's dead brother.

Ken sighed. " Hey come one let's just go to the digital world and do something or something." He said staring at T.K. The blonde shook his head. About five minutes later he decided to stop. He went to step out side of the circle when a blinding light hit him. He could hear the other's gasping in surprise. T.K. looked around but all he could see was light. He groaned and closed his eyes.


Drew stared at the field. Roselia looked around waiting for Ash's Swellow to appear. He called out to Roselia when he saw the bird flying towards her and the rose pokemon jumnped out of the way but not before Ash called out for Swellow to hit him with a metronome. (1) Drew cried out as the metronome came straight for him. The blinding light, which Drew took to be a hyper beam surrounded him and Roselia ,whom had jumped in the way to keep Drew from being hit. The green haired boy closed his eyes against the light.

He opened them slowly when he heard gasps of surprises. He looked around him. Roselia stood next to him in a bit of a daze. Drew's eyes stopped on a pretty young girl with brown hair. "Um?" Was all he could say.

"Oh wow!" said a girl and he felt someone clutch onto his arm. He looked over and came face to face with a purple hair girl whom was a bit taller then him. "Wow. Who knew T.K. could summon hotties!" Drew gently detatched himself from her and flipped his hair. "Where am I?" He asked his tone as snobbish as could be. A girl with stars in her pink hair came up to him. " Well I'm Mimi and your in Japan." She said staring down at him. After the other's introduced themselves Drew noticed the "Pokemon" sitting on the floor. He brought out his pokedex (2) and checked for them. The red device made a soft buzzing noise. He glared at it." Stupid thing must be broke" He stated to no one in praticular and placed it back in his pocket. "So um.." He glanced around the group. " Jou was it?" He asked and the blue haired man nodded. " What kind of pokemon are these?"

Jou gave him a blank look. " These are digimon. " He said pointing to a seal-like creature on the ground next to him. Drew looked at them. "Digimon?" He echoed stupidly. "Yes Digimon" Said the red haired boy.

Drew sighed ."Izzy?" He asked uncertaintly but his smirk returned when the guy nodded. "Tell me about Digimon and is Japan in the hoenn region?" He added.

Izzy gave him a blank stare then began to tell the green haired boy all about digimon.


T.K. opened his eyes. He looked around for Ken's kitchen (sweet could be a tv show. Ken's Kitchen) then gasped in horror. "I blew up Ken's kitchen!!!" A brown haired girl a few pacves away walked over to him.

"Um Ken's kitchen? No nobody has a kitchen around here and um do you know.." She stopped and T.K. notice her glance behind him " where Drew went?" T.K. gave her a puzzled glance.

"Who is Drew?" He asked and then noticed the brown creature curled in the girl's arms. "Sweet what's your digimon's name?" He questioned her.

"Digimon?" She glanced at her pokemon. " Um this is a POKEmon and she's an eevee." He felt patomon fly off his head and hover next to the girl's arms. "Heya I'm patomon."

The girl screamed and fell to the ground. At about this time he notcied three boys had walked up to them. The shortest boy kneeled down and T.K. could see a strong family resemblance. "May? Are you alright?" He asked and helped the girl to her feet.

"Yes Max. I'm fine I jsut didn't expect it to talk." The girl said her face bright red.

"Patomon is a he not an it" T.K. said breaking into the conversation. "What's a pokemon and where am I?" He asked.

"Well I'm Brock and this is Ash." The tallest and probably oldest man said pointing to a shorter black haired guy. This guy had a mouse sitting on his shoulder and the creature said "pika pi" T.K. nodded and waved to them. Then he leaned against a rock and listened to Brock's explanation of pokemon and the Hoenn region.



1. True Swellow does not know metronome but I couldn't think pf anything else.

2. Drew is a co-ordinator so I'm sure he doesn't own a pokedex but still.

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